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Letters to Massive

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Jason Wabiszewski
Milwaukee, WI

Massive, Last night I went to the East Troy, WI rave party Helter Skelter.  I’ve got to say, this fucker was nuts.  This is what raving is supposed to fuckin’ be.  Ten minutes after I got there, motherfuckas were taking 2×4’s and beating the fuck out of a shitty boat that was set up in a tent intended to provide fun.  The ravers then proceeded to take same fuckin’ boat out of the tent it was in and toss the bitch into the fire.  The ravers then also threw other various decorations and debris in the fire.  Motherfuckas were walking through this fire.  I also saw two fights and naked bitches at this rave.  This is what the whole scene is about.  Motherfuckin’ anarchy, and ear ringin’ bass.  Hardcore industrial shit for life.

(Helter Skelter was the … Read More »

I’m Mr. DJ Tommie Sunshine & You’re Not

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Where to begin?  If you don’t know who I am, you will soon enough.  If you do, then howdy.  Hope you’ve been as great as I have!  So Matt has given me a monthly spot from now on to let you into the world of SUNSHINE.  What that all entails, you will soon find out.  Let’s get ready to rumble!

First of all, I would like to talk to you about how fabulous it is to be a traveling DJ.  I love airports.  The people you meet in an airport bar are the most wonderful/frightening people in the entire human race.  What’s really scary is after talking to them for half an hour you find out you’re exactly like them.  Airport newsstands are great because after you can’t waste any more time in the bar, you can view “girl-on-girl action” in … Read More »

CMJ ’98

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Does Techno need College Radio?
New York is often described as the hippest place in America, the city that is most known for setting the pace for the rest of the world in fashion, style, and entertainment.  Along the same lines, American college radio is traditionally the proving grounds for musical innovation in the United States.  College radio greatly determines what will be the next big thing in commercial radio and what the trend will be in top forty charts.  After all, U2 became pop icons because of college radio play.

Ideally, then, the annual New York City-based College Music Journal Conference should have been the culmination of two great entities–New York and college radio–the creme de la creme of cutting-edge music.  But, after spending a week at this massive conference in the first week of November, one has to wonder what … Read More »

Squarepusher – How To Be A Young Miles

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It is a far cry to say that Miles Davis has been reincarnated into a 23-year old Brit, but that’s exactly what people are saying.  We can all learn a lesson from this one…

Lesson #1: Dare to experiment and watch their heads spin.  Everyone’s picking up on the buzz created by Tom Jenkinson’s mastermind alter ego, Squarepusher.  He’s onto something here and that something is to be infinitely different.  Mix beats, horns, and chords.

Lesson #2: Switch styles so fast that they can’t pin you down, and *blam*, they’ll buy your records and call you, yes, MILES.

Lesson #3: Declare yourself a jazzhead.  Study the musical approach of self-declared jazz aficionado Carl Craig.  Squarepusher caught the groove, listen and learn, the good old one-two jazz bar crunch woos a whole new audience of listeners.  Convert them with jazz.

Truth be told, from the sounds … Read More »

The Advent

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They weave in and out of each other’s way, effortlessly, with the comfort of familiarity — and many hours of practice.  The stage might as well not be there, because Colin looks like he’d rather be dancing in the midst of the crowd, while Cisco keenly bobs his head to the pulsing tweaks he is orchestrating.  The energy that the Advent gives off during a live show is undeniably infectious.  At first the crowd does not remember how to move to such a strong, aggressive beat, but after watching the performers, they catch on, and they are dancing at Motor, Detroit.  The Advent brings “live act” a proper definition, and after one hour, the crowd has been sucked in to the energy flux.  But that’s what these veteran performers say they have come for – to make idle watchers dance.  … Read More »


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Drive, you do it, your true to it, it steers you through that very maze that encapsulates and challenges your existence, the pressure builds but it keeps you pushing.  “I worked at a café from 6pm to 1:30am, then I’d go work at a restaurant until 5am, and four days a week I would intern at an advertising agency,” admitted the soft spoken Sunshine when asked about the early day’s of San Francisco’s now legendary funkdafied harbingers of good vibes, Dubtribe.  Rising from the many years of love, sweat and tears, the now husband-wife duo of Sunshine and Moonbeam took the highway to the great divide, reaching a point many stick-to-your-guns artists only hope for, a full on contract. For Dubtribe, years of dedication and love for house music and it’s culture culminated with the security that Jive recordings offered … Read More »

A DJ’s Basic Equipment

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A DJ’s Basic Equipment consists of two turntables, a mixer and headphones.  Very few places that sell DJ equipment carry more than a handful of different brands, so it can be difficult to get accurate information about which brands are better than others, and almost impossible to find out why one model is better than another-especially when the salesperson that you are talking to is, at best, a guitarist.  Would a guitarist buy a guitar from a DJ?  Then why would you buy your DJ gear from a guitarist?

Some DJs in Madison Wisconsin started Audio Depot to solve these problems.  Everyone that works at Audio Depot is a DJ.  Audio Depot buys one of just about everything and tests it out so that you don’t make expensive mistakes buying crappy gear.  Audio Depot has over 50 different mixers on display, … Read More »

Raver Fiction with Starlight & Astrodiva

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Once upon a time, Starlight (real name Mary) and Astrodiva (real name Jenny) decided go to a rave.  Not just any rave, but a BIG rave, with very special DJs there.  The 18 x 30 flyer practically screamed Come to me! with its flashy color scheme, large font, and catchy name:  Roc da Phunk-E Beatz 2.  The designer of the flyer had been very clever, putting references (both subtle and less-than-subtle) to various drugs throughout the text and images.  The DJs included:  ghetto house superstar DJ Freakdat, whose Kill Dat Bitch Who Wont Suck Mah Dick was a nationwide anthem; trance master DJ Aura, who had freaked crowds from LA to NYC with his trippy sounds of acid breaks and Goa trance; and Ruffkid, a jump-up jungle drunkard of a DJ who was known for playing every tune released on … Read More »

The Enigmatic Cinema Enema

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Last time around was a primer.  Throwing out a lot of names in the hopes that a few of you would do your homework and check some of them out.  This time we’re narrowing things down and looking for a message buried in the offal on the floor.

The psychedelic experience is often credited with opening doorways in the mind, but to imply that this is the only path to those doors is foolhardy indeed.  On their album “Scatology,” Coil have the following to say…

“Panic is about the deliberate nurturing of states of mind usually regarded as dangerous and insane.  Using fear as a key, as a spur, as a catalyst to crystallize and inspire.  It is about performing surgery on yourself – psychic surgery – in order to restore the whole being…”

There’s nothing quite like a good shot of gut … Read More »

Heather Heart & Sonic Groove

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In a small, crowded café next to 41 Carmine Street in Manhattan, I had the opportunity to sit down with Heather Heart and discuss the theory and stages behind her own evolution and the label, Sonic Groove.  To the right of me sat DJ Bone – who was in town for a gig, and across from him sat a young, talented artist, who at 20, had just moved from Detroit to New York.  If this wasn’t a representation of the “waves” of music, I don’t know what is.

I never get nervous for interviews, and it wasn’t until this one with Heather that I did.  Who can blame me?  In nine years Heather has become a well-respected DJ and producer.  She also is part of the Sonic Groove label and record store in Manhattan.  Small and petite, with a accent to … Read More »

Mixtape Reviews

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Kid Entropy

Lebanese Timing

The renaissance man with the master plan comes through with this gem.  Mixing it up between real minimal tech stuff and afrofunk, there’s some tracks you will probably never hear in your lifetime on here.  Including SUV, Krust, Ray Keith, Ed Rush & Optical, and more, there’s something here to get your head bobbing and your feet moving.  The mixing is top notch, the tracks are fresh, funky, and not overplayed.  And I bet most of you thought he was just an MC!  Hah!  Grab this one, released through Untranslatable.  Wicked job.

Dylan Drazen

I am Focused
New York

This one looks to be the 15th tape from this techno madman, as the tape is labeled “DD15.”  Hard slam-bangin’ techno of the four-four variety on the seriously driving tip.  The audio quality is tops, the mixing is dead on … Read More »

Jungle Massive

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The Partycore Advocate

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Welcome back hardcore fans, it’s finally time for the second edition of the Advocate. I want to start off by saying thanks to everyone who voiced their support and positive vibes for this column and the music we all love so much. The last few of months have been slow ones, with a lot less wax seeing it’s way into store bins than normal after finishing one of the last New Years before the approaching millennium. For a while now in Holland there’s been a temporary move to what’s being called the “new sound” of slower BPMs. It has not exactly gone over well with some DJs in Europe and the US (myself included) who don’t want to change the speed and energy of their sets. People have been looking to UK and German … Read More »

Captain’s Analog

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Over the last 2 issues we have taken a turn for the technical and, although I am not sorry, I feel we should come back to the world of the music makers.  There are still many things in a producer’s arsenal that we haven’t even thought to discuss yet.  The one that jumped into my mind this time is not a synthesizer or a processor.  Actually, it is not a specific piece at all.  It is a type of machine that everyone should have and know how to use, but I think is generally a tool of the big boys- the compressor.

A compressor is a dynamics processor.  That means that it doesn’t make sounds or add to them, it processes the dynamics of them.  Dynamics are the louds and the quiets.  A compressor actually narrows the gap or … Read More »

World Wide Fishead

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Welcome back to the World Wide Fishead… this thrilling episode is all about eye candy and the fucked up places you can find that make absolutely no sense whatsoever…  First stop is a lovely place called Superbad.  Lots of fun to be had here.  Click on anything and explore to your hearts delight.  Just don’t expect it to be logical.  There’s all kinds of weird things to find here, like the page with The Beef Brief where every occurrence of the word MEAT links to a different page.  Bizarre.

Next stop is Bulls Eye Art which loads you up with surreal shockwave adventures.  Enter the Demonic Cave and prepare yourself for the gripping spectacle of leaping demons, stalactites and other obstacles… or enter the weird world of The Woodcutter… or perhaps you’d prefer to check out something naughty.  Half Empty has … Read More »


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Continued Praise of Thee Holy Beverage
Wash those woes away and belly up to the bar & loosen up those summer muscles.  Winter might show up, so you need some extra layers to protect yourself.  I started yabbling about why drinking beer is a good time last winter and the point still stands.  Save your cigarette dollars and buy beer instead, save your drug money and buy beer instead.  It’s cheaper and you don’t feel funny, still, two days later.

1998 brought on some fun and worthy mung rag contestants.  Most of which came from Kalamazoo, Michigan and some demented folk gathering themselves under The Bell.  I’ve written about them a few other times and have to write about them again.  They have been a staple in my drinking ways and more often than not, they leave me wanting more when I’ve … Read More »


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Question: How long does it take to write a freakin’ happy hardcore article for Massive?  Too long!  Damn!! Before I continue I’d like to make mention that happy hardcore in the UK seems to be going in different directions. Some Producers are making epic-trance sort of toons (Quest and some new Force & Styles), some are going more toward the breakbeat/drum and bass side (Demo and Jon Doe) while others are sticking to the “traditional” happy hardcore.  From what I’ve read, the ravers in the UK are slow to these changes.  Some just aren’t catching on. Luckily here in the US it’s all pretty much new to most ravers so anything happy hardcore is just plain happy hardcore.  In that aspect I’m glad to be a Happy hardcore DJ in the US.  It’s always exciting to see people go … Read More »

Happycore Reviews

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DJ Ham

The New Style/Your Love
Next Generation 18 (UK)

DJ Ham flying solo on this outing bringing a wicked piece of wax.  The New Style samples the classic Beastie Boys vocal, and does a punchy “drop” number into a floaty vocal bit.  The breakdown has a nice bouncy breakbeat with some electro-ish sounds.  Fun, stompy number that doesn’t get to cheddar, but bounces in that new sound way we all love.  Your Love is my pick for the best side, as it bounces real nice with some nice breakbeat samples dropped in- having that older, funkier flow that Ham used to have back in his Knite Force days.  Pure hand-raising business done up in a nice, clean package.  Float it at the front of your crate and watch as the crowds go nuts. 10/10 <muppetfucker>


Let Me Play/Funky Ass Beats
Blatant Beats … Read More »


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The only difference between myself and a madman is that I’m not mad -Salvador Dali
Some nights I wake up and wonder just what the fuck I’m doing.  I think about whether hardcore techno is meant to be escapist fun or some sort of catalytic art.  I think about whether or not I’m grasping at straws by trying to associate this music with some sort of art.  Am I going insane, or just having doubts as I try to walk as close to the brink as I dare?

Is it pointless to try and validate everything by researching similar trends that have appeared in the past and thinking about what they accomplished and then trying to decide if all this is really worth the stress?  Some nights it’s easy… I just tell myself I’m being a pretentious wank and go back to … Read More »

Somatic Responses

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John and Paul Healy, collectively known throughout the world as Somatic Responses, are native residents of a small industrial mining community snugly located in the southwest region of Wales. Amongst the 20,000 inhabitants of the city of Ammanford, a sometimes-overbearing intimacy exists, where everyone knows everyone else, and where traditional Welsh lifestyle is still the common trend. The city’s location alone lends to this rustic ambiance, as it rests in the middle of a rolling, quiet valley, suggesting a sort of refusal to compete in the technological race. This is all quite an interesting backdrop indeed, when considering it has been the environment in which the Somatic Responses have consistently produced some of the world’s most abrasive and original electronic music for the past 8 years. As John Healy states, “Our lives are completely external to this environment and lifestyle… … Read More »

The Techno Massive – Techno Reviews

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Massive’s techno section. 1999 is shaping up to be a great year for techno.  There’s lots of news here to digest in case you still have any money left from the holidays to do more record-hunting in the new year…

The US is taking the lead with a barrage of strong releases out in beginning of this year.  California especially has become a hotbed for everything from deep house to hard and funky techno. Kit Clayton’s Cytrax imprint out of San Francisco will start the year off with a release from DJ Sutekh. This will be followed by the next two releases on Delay, the harder Cytrax sub-label. Delay 02 will feature Clayton and Jasper with an Oliver Ho remix, and the third release will be a solo EP from California newcomer DJ Hyperactive.

Also out … Read More »

Justin Berkovi – Predicaments

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There must be something in the water along the southern coast of the UK.  This area, centered in Brighton, has produced some of the world’s most forward-thinking techno musicians; Cristian Vogel, No Future, Ibrahim Alfa, Subhead, and Nick Spice to name a few.  One of the latest techno producers from this region to come into the spotlight is Justin Berkovi.  His name may not be familiar with everyone, but he has been writing interesting techno for the past 3 years or so. And now after his recent signing with DJAX-UP Beats and the launch of his own label Predicaments, Justin looks to be a very busy man.

Berkovi’s musical influences are no surprise. He cites Mantronix as his biggest influence because of the humour and the fresh ideas. Old hip-hop (Big Daddy Kane, Ice T, Kool Moe Dee etc.) and early … Read More »

Deconstructing Damon (Wild)

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It’s sometime after 6 in the morning outside Cleveland, where Shortarm’s post-Thanksgiving techno shindig “Continuum” has been taking place.  Damon Wild and I are in our respective alternative realities as we try to attempt to be coherent during the interview; my mind isn’t quite right with the world after an 8-hour drive to the party, and Wild is slated to spin after Joel Mull–around 7:30am.  “I’m really tired; I’m trying to wake up… I haven’t played this early in a long time, but I’m gonna just try to make it through this one, honestly [laughs]… DJing does take mental thoughts, and when you’re just tired it’s hard to get into it.  But I’m gonna try to psych myself up.  Plus, I heard there was technical problems… that’s just kinda like, you gotta do what you can do.”

It was a pretty … Read More »