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THE UNDERGROUND IS...Yes, you might in fact be surprised to hear that copyright is dead, a moot issue.  Over-powering paranoia caused it to be born and now the over-powering impracticality and the vagueness of ownership caused it to die.

You can’t possibly be expected to write to a record label, a movie production house, or whatever medium creation source there exists in order to ask for permission so that you can dub a few songs or a movie to tape.  And if you are expected to do so, why bother?  Right, none of us do.

What might not be as evident is how those words stating that “Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws” makes evident the fearful paranoia that companies have over financial territory.  Everybody seems to be a fucking gangster these days, and companies are no less the bandits.

Why stop with just the small print on the back of your favorite booty house 4xCD compilation?  Why not investigate and rape the innards of the CD as well?  The implication sent out by companies that what you just bought is still in fact theirs strikes me as arrogant and laughable.  Sample the fuck out of it and put out your own music, dub it for all your friends and leave extra copies lying around on the streets for free, it’s your badge of capitalism!

The fact that we approach “other people’s” music the way we do when we go into a store and buy a CD or record shows how much we’ve been taught that you should respect someone else’s property.  We use words like “they” and “them” and “that label” in reference to “record label” to describe what is in FACT YOUR NEW AUDIO.  Yes, it is 100% yours – rip the plastic casing off and tear out the back inlet with the small print, throw out the booklet, sample it with your sampler or your tape deck or play it for free in small closets and other clubs under the guise of MusicalSupportLocale.  Once you have it sampled or raped, do as you please, jam it into your own track, put FX on it until it’s even more distant from it’s original source.  What you do with it is not as important as the fact that you do something with it besides listening to it.

How curious we might look to scavengers in 2000 years, reading about how we used to buy circular discs with audio implanted on it, only to use them as directed – take out of case, place in listening tool, press play, sit back, when finished, press eject, place back in case, retreat back to real life.

That’s not to say that education can’t be had by listening.

My issue is that we treat bought-audio (in the form of CD/record/tape/etc) as if it exists in a world separate from our normal lives.  We still regard it as alien and coming from a source and middle-hands and short-hands and long-hands we could never be aware of. once it’s in your hands or on your computer or your favorite sampling device, it’s you.

There are simply too many exponents and factors based around owning something that exists only to the senses.  There’s no way to control the small-time thief like me from walking into a CD store and dubbing all the music I care to off the listening booths with my portable tape-deck and a 1/4” cable.

Yes, this is a call to arms.  The beautiful part is that there is nothing for us minutemen to take back, it’s already in your coveted and well cared for music collection.  What is lacking is the realization on your part that you are in fact free and welcome to do with it as you please.

The war will never be had on the dancefloors or in your listening lounge.  Full-on kung-fu action occurs only when you use the audio you have, regardless of it’s source, without fear, consideration, thought, care, and respect in regards to copyright, for your own dangerous needs.  Fear no more!  PLEASE!