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Shooting Star
Next Generation

Bang, the lads who brought us the classic Cloudy Daze return with yet another storming anthem. You’ll love it or hate it, but this nutter gives this track a definite thumbs up. Classic vocal lines, bangy stompy bass and a sweet piano line, you can’t go wrong. Stay away from the flipside Euro mix however, since its wanky like some C&C Music Factory mix at 170+. <noahphex>


Like a Prayer/I Am the Creator
World of Obsession

Madonna vocals in a happy hardcore track?? Hell ya!  And it’s a fine slab of Velveeta that lightens any crowd’s faces. Flip that puppy and put more smiles out there.  Creator, more on the trancier tip, has the classic “Jack’s House” samples, which, alongside the hardcore sounds of Vinylgroover, will make you bounce with the crowd. <noahphex>

Robbie Long and Devastate

24 Track/I Wanna Rock Right Now
Next Generation

Next Generation, yet again, rips out a terrific 12″. Robbie Long and the D Man bring back the nice stompy hard sound that NG is known for, along with some hip-hop samples you’re sure to recognize. Top-notch production is the word here and tracks that will get the crowds bumping along to the beat.  Can’t go wrong here! <noahphex>

DHSS Yellow


This wicked 12″ crosses some barriers that happy hardcore has needed to get crossed.  The label side brings us a Sting sample immeshed into a trancecore type tune.  Sound different?  It is.  It’s “Walking on the Moon” meets trance.  Very different and sounds really cool.  The flipside is a running old school flavored track that brings back the breakbeat in hardcore and kicks everyones ass around the floor.  Although this is the first DHSS I’ve picked up in the series I’m definitely going to go back and get the the other first 4. <noahphex>

Sy and Demo

Vital Elements

Who coulda and who woulda thunk that someone would bring us a speed garage breakdown in a happy hardcore track??  Well if anyone was to do it, it’d be Sy and Demo.  Always two blokes to try and push the boundaries of the style, they bring out something fresh with Sensation.  Starting out as a smooth vocally happycore track with airy strings, it bangs into a nice slowed-down garage style breakdown that always throws people for a loop, but comes off quite well.  It kicks back in and away you stomp!  Hopefully we can get more stuff like this produced out there.  The flipside is also a quality track along the drum n’ bass lines with a super b-line and a wonderful “deeper” vocal alongside a harpsichord riff.  Vital Elements is a label to watch for sure! <noahphex>

DJ Demo and Audio Assault

Magic Touch/Must Be Love
Vital Elements

Demo, Kingsize and Eternity come together for yet another fine release on VE.  “Must Be Love” is the standout here, almost sounding like a 90’s version of old school.  A nice subtle stomp under a wicked breakbeat accompanies a groovy vocal.  This one went on my latest mixtape, as the jungle breakdown chews up the speakers with it bass teeth. The flipside is a more melancholy stompy-kick-stab number that is quality but not standout.  A definite buy, though, for sure. <noahphex>


DJ Majestik

Bar Closes at 11pm
Yorkshire, UK

Straight out of the UK, Majestik brings us the finest in happy hardcore and trancecore.  Side A, the Double Brandy mix, is straight up kickass happy hardcore well mixed.  Many fine anthems you’re sure to recognize and some scratching just so ya know he’s got more skills than your average Joe.  The flipside, the Sober Mix, is beautiful, flowing trancecore.  It stays away from being too repetitive, too trancey and less hardcore, and as a whole, is my favorite side of the tape.  Majestik’s tape deserves to float around in everyone’s tape deck. Be sure to contact him for one. 

DJ Intensity

Phoenix, Az

Ahhh. a tape I couldn’t wait to get my hands on! Intensity, for those who do not know, is one of the Southwest’s dons of happy hardcore.  He was dropping happycore anthems back in the day, and now has returned with a fury.  His tape is well mixed; clean and chock full of the latest thrilling tracks out there.  He runs through Shooting Star, Sensation, Insomniak and other more technoey happycore tracks. Cheesy at parts, but a tape that will rock your tapedeck for days. Still in mine- making me bounce, you need to get one yourself. Contact Intensity at: intensity@hardcorps.org or give him a ring at 602-389-6871 and beg him for a copy or check him playing out in Arizona.

Compilation/MIX CD:

Dreamscape Volume 2: The Vision

Vibes/Top Buzz/Mickey Finn & MC GQ
ESP Promotions, UK

I have long been awaiting the arrival of this CD set, as the first one served up top notch tracks mixed by supremely talented DJs of the likes of Sy, Slipmatt, and Randall.  Hoping that this one would live up to those expectations must have been too much, because Vol. 2 pales in comparison.  Vibes dishes out the cheesiest of cheesy happy hardcore.  Although, that is what he is known for in the UK, if you can handle spoonfuls of Velveeta one after another then you may love this.  Tracks that sample “Sweet Dreams” from the Eurythmics, and “Died in Your Arms” are what you can expect to hear here.  The mixing is clean and done well, but nothing special is at work here.  Only for the lovers of really cheesy happy hardcore.  Disc 2 brings us the famous old schooler Top Buzz from “Living in Darkness” fame.  I wonder at times if he attempts to be experimental in his old school mix or if he’s just too buggered to try and make his tricks sound good.  Tons of classic anthems on this disc ranging from “We Are Hardcore” from the House Crew to “Terminator” from Metalheadz (yes that’s Goldie!), and the classic “Mentasm” from Joey Beltram.  The mixing, however, is dodgy at parts and makes you wonder if they couldn’t of gotten someone else to do the CD.  The complete standout of the set, however, is Mickey Finn alongside the man like GQ.  Amazing mix of jump up jungle with supreme MC’ing that compliments the tracks wholly.  You’ll recognize a lot of the tracks on here if you been to any jungle events in the past 6 months.  On the whole, if you like a mixture of happy hardcore, old school and jungle, the Dreamscape CD sets are very good.  This one may not be completely up to par, but for those who can take the cheese, you’ll enjoy it. <noahphex>