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HARDCreation has stagnated, here we sit at a stand still where speed = hardcore. What has happened… innovation is lost to the point where anything above 250 BPM with a gutsy 909 kick is considered quality and mixing is color by number. As hardcore techno,  a supposedly creative genre in the ever imposing world of techno, comes to a creative halt, you’re forced to stop and wonder how many clones can be released before people wake up and realize that a super speed grind is not all that new.  We here in the land of the free, home of the brave, have a decidedly closed ideal about what hardcore is- as hardcore is still associated with rave culture… whereas in other corners of the globe hardcore has taken a split from rave shitheads and formed its own scene. The problem with continued immersion in rave culture (we’ll just call it Shit from now on) for hardcore is the audience.  While hard music, whether it be punk rock, Slayer, NWA or Merzbow has always strived to shock and arouse the senses, modern day techno/house strives to lull you, groove you, or trance you.  For some reason, many producers of hard-tech have decided that a 4/4 beat at high speed has different effects, and that repeated screams of “fucking hardcore” are still engaging.

As I sit here paging through the releases we’re receiving, it’s hard to keep a straight head about this shit. Corrosion Of Conformity remixes?  Fucking shit, did some one slip something in my drink?  A heavy load of shit has just floated through this mail slot and I’m not so sure about keeping on with this truck load of absolute crap.  Before I ramble to far… I thought hardcore was supposed to be my escape from this shit.  Guitar samples have become as commonplace in hard tech as 303 lines in the rest of crap ass techno.  When I find myself preferring a nice listen to a David Lee Roth record instead of a hardcore track, I’m sure this shit is in trouble.

It’s a pain in the ass to try and justify any of this talking, but I’ll say this… girlfriends are for the insane and weak, and yes I’m pissed off about most things.  This music bugs me, yet I am addicted- I get sick to my stomach every time I play a gig… it hurts to compromise, and the struggle is all my fault.  Lets just say this, it’s time for a mass dropout. To quote DJ Apollo, “The Underground Doesn’t Stop”, and although a lot of so-called journalists have debated for pages about the meaning of the word Underground, I’ll tell you right now what it is.  Underground is shitting on a turntable and playing a turd at 78 speed.  Underground is West Fucking Allis.  Underground is screaming at the top of your lungs for a few hours. Underground is whipping it out in public and not thinking twice. Underground is living without the worries of what others think of your creations.  Underground is hardcore, and hardcore is a load of shit right about now.  Throw away that 909 and pick up a sledge hammer.

I’ll quit the bitching now, but keep this in mind, if you don’t like the face of hardcore, all you need is a broken broom,  a leaky faucet and a shitty microphone. Take it as you will… here’s some record reviews…

The Haters

Mind The Gap
Vinyl Communications, US

Alright, these guys are a bunch of fucking rotating line-up noise-making queero’s, but the noise they make is a whole lot of ass lovin’ fun.  For this one they amplify a bunch of staple guns and process the sounds of CD’s and records being gunned by the good old staple gun (lemme tell ya ‘bout the relationship I’ve had with my staple gun over the past year… it only takes four staples in the right places to get the head of your cock up to the size of a shotput, and just about the same weight, too…  I’ll tell you, in the time it takes to bake a potato, you can turn a sleeping friends open mouth into a mess of blood, broken teeth and open sore nerve endings, all the while enjoying the pleasurable thought that you can’t tell the difference between the puss leaking out the side of your obnoxiously fat dillpole heat-seeking missile and the cum dripping down the side of you little pal’s eyes… tea bagging was never so much fun.  The Haters breed and we keep on bleeding.  I like the Haters, they do fucked stuff that’s a pleasure to sample from and a hell ride to listen to.  Burn that shit… Oh yeah, I stapled this CD to a wall and it still sounded good afterwards… ya can’t say that about just any old cut of ground beef. <dan>

Merzbow vs. Gore Beyond Necropsy

Rectal Anarchy

High doses of hard ass noise, taking the conventional band set up and fucking it so much that you think it’s all a mix of noise gates and effects, but if you listen carefully to the noise you’ll hear the guitars wailing away.  The thing that really turns me on here are the guttural screams… a new dimension of shit spewage.  All song titles include the phrase ‘rectal anarchy’ and let me tell ya, this is a bunch of ass chaos… and lemme tell you about the ass chaos I’ve dealt with in the past year… maybe not.  A few of these “songs” are sweet little blasts of powernoise and screams that make for a treat to samplers ears.  What can you say? It’s noise, it’s loud, it’s harsh, it whups the monkey’s ass. <DAN>


Vinyl Communications, US

Merzbow back with more heavy trash noise slurring forth from the land of the wibberly wobberlys.  Randomness is key on this adventure and the sonic noise of this release is almost calming- not a lot of freaked out jumps or switching, but instead a lot of squiggly tweaks and of course the trade mark white-powertool type-noise.  Know it, love it, lick it… it’s your noise. <dan>

Dissecting Table

Human Breeding
Release, US

Eeeeba Skeeba and a bucket of liver lips!  Hard ass noise death chants that smooth into chaos tech shit and spiral down into a mix of power rock drums and a spackling of dark ambiance.  And that’s only the half of it.  If good old Phil from Pantera were a Japanese dude without a band and a bunch of electro gear, he’d be screaming bloody murder the same way Ichiro Tsuji does here.  This is the shit to kill innocent people to, as well as wash the dishes, pull some weeds, beat on hookers and drive to the mall with… and trust me, it’s been Doormouse tested with all these methods and so many more.  I like this… a lot <dan>

Russian Bastard

3 Past 7 In Moscow
Russian Roulette, Ger

Russian Roulette only has three releases out so far, but this brother label of Brutal Chud is quickly becoming a favorite. This twelve inch, by the Unknown Russian bastard (Noize Creator?) is a great follow up to the last release by Near Death Experience. In the same style, the 909 gets broken up into amazing drum patterns leaving you to decide whether these tracks should be mixed at 130 or 260. For me, this is a great break from the monotony of 4/4 speedcore with the beats coming off a lot harder than any 300 BPM track could. Pummeling breakbeats, not sampled but programmed, are thrown under noisescapes fit for the devil himself. hearing this on a good loud system is reminiscent of a bad acid trip, slow and harsh. Double copies highly recommended. 9.5/10 <dan>

DJ Tron

The Threshold of Tolerance
UHF, Aus

Fourth release for Sydney’s hardest sees Chicago’s own Tron drop four tracks of his straight ahead speedcore. Highly mixable and thick with drum programming, Tron’s style is quickly recognizably and it’s easy to see why so many labels have been putting his stuff out. No real decipherable or repetitive vox samples come into the mix, making it that much darker and universal, cause, hey, any one can understand the meaning of a scream, but not every one can read Pakistani. Catch my drift? Anyway, the sound of pain is thick in all of these tracks, and although I can’t say they deviate too far from what I heard on the “Fuckin’ Deathcore” EP on Brutal Chud, this is still a good release that all of you hardheads are sure to be hearing in the near future. 8/10 <dan>

Resident Evil


A cool double 7″ thing that looks a lot like old punk 7″s. Photo copied paper sleeve inside plastic, etc. The music is pressed a bit low for the DJ, but as far as listening goes, this is quality shit in the Kotzaak vein. Dark synths and poingy hard 909 kicks rock the shit out, and I’m left a little pissed due to the pressing. This is one of those things that you’d love to play, but sometimes just can’t. Definitely worth it for the collector, but if you’re some lame ass that only buys hardcore to spin and not to listen, a second thought would be in line. 7/10 <dan>


Farkhulse Fist
Widerstand, Ger

This is one of labels that isn’t very recognized by a lot of the hardcore scene because there usually isn’t a 909 wailing on to high happy hell, but for those who know, a new release on this label is well worth the wait. This time around, the six tracks sound like something from a neo horror movie. You can feel the darkness all around. Down tempo breakbeats meet with oppressive drones a bit reminiscent of white noise. This shit is trip hop for the suicidal, goth for the unretarded (good luck finding one of them), jungle for those with more than half a brain. Get this, take 40 hits of bad acid, get your hands on a few good razor blades and turn the lights out. 10/10 <dan>

Christoph De Babylon

Seven Up
DHR, Ger

Now this is what I’m sayin’!  Hard breakbeats get mangled up and thrown into a stew of nasty dark synth lines… think Panacea sped up a bit.  The A-side holds a real long track with drones that never leave, as well as two white noise bits.  I prefer the B side, with a moody chopped to hell Amen salad followed by a robotic Alex Van Halen whipping you into shape with the drum kit before dropping creepy synths on ya.  The third here is a bubbly funk shit sandwich, followed by more droning in the last track.  An excellent piece of wax. 9/10 <dan>

Biomechanik Vol. 2

Level 2, France

All of the tracks here are off of the “Biomechanik” mix by Manu Le Malin.  A-side starts off with ‘Oldskoolin’ by Lenny Dee, and it’s actually not half bad… followed by Delta 9’s ‘Cyborgasm’… an alright track but I still yearn for the heshmetal days of ‘Deep 13’.  DOA gives us ‘DOTS’ which is actually one of the best tracks I’ve heard from DOA lately… warped.  DJ Pure gives the final A-sider with ‘Overload’… a nice white noise filler.  B-side is again my pick. Deadly Buda does some weird shit with theme music and a simple hip hop beat on ‘Hip Hop Gangsters’… and Nasenbluten fucks shit up rap sample style on ‘Fuck The Politics’.  Freak finishes things off in trademark fashion with a swell beater of a track ‘Hammerhouse’.  A good collection worth the single price. 8/10 <daN>

DJ SpeedyQ's

Psychic Shock EP
Dead End, France

The A-side here is a down tempo pounder and a long ass one at that… guess what… I prefer the B side.  Two tracks of quicker pounding hardcore.  The first is crunchy distorted Frenchcore while the second twiddles me nickel just fine with tweaky sounds and a head fuck vibe. 8/10 <DaN>


Brachhial Gewalt
Special Forces, Austria

An excellent 12″ of fucked industrial hardcore.  5 tracks of sludge beats that sound appropriate at 33 or 45, and I really can’t tell where the speed is supposed to be.  The label side opens with Brain Dead’.  At both 45 and 33, this one’s a slammer, and to be honest, I’ve been using this one twice in sets. From here on out it only gets crazier, with a lot of excellent noise layers and kicks that get muddier as the 12″ rolls on.  Not for you sissycore lovers. 10/10 <daN>

Corrosion Of Conformity

Rotten Remixes
Industrial Strength, US

Christ, what a load of fucking cunt.  I stuck this up my ass, shat it out, ran over it with my car, left it in the sun for a week, cooked it with corn and collard greens, took it shopping with me, pissed on it about 400 times (it got stuck in the toilet after the ass incident) and it still sounded, as the title suggests, like a rotten stinking chunk of shit.  Refund please?  Oh, wait, I didn’t pay for this… I’ll sue then, I think the pain and suffering I endured from listening to this thing caused the seizures I’ve been getting lately… but it could have been that whole Gianni Verscratchie incident. fuckshitnotadamnthing/10 <dandrew Cunnanmouse>

Christ Of Noise

Hard By Nature
Provision, France

A bit more straight than most French stuff, but somewhat interesting, none the less.  Two of the tracks are pretty good, while the third is over-clichéd and the fourth just a load of shit.  The two that count, ‘Intruders are Coming’ and ‘R@nd Brain’ are straight ahead voxless grinders that are slow enough to keep you going but fast enough to keep you spazzed out while retaining a nice volume of noise. 7/10 <dan>

Kill All Happy Sukkaz

Brutal Chud, Ger

An awesome compilation with tracks that pretty much give you the ground work for a lot of the more straight forward hardcore coming out. Nasenbluten, DJ Tron, Freak, Black Blood, S37, Hammer Bros, Noize Creator, Bezerker and a slew of others offer up true gems. The Nasenpussies drop a great intro ripped straight from Negativland and ram a powerful little ditty up your nice little rectum. Freak noises us out with his crunch tweak shit, and it’s all good. The one that really impressed me here was the track by Choose. Fucking jackhammer tumbling percussion like some of his stuff as P Server on Fischkopf, but almost in a tribal way. Do Not Miss This. 9/10 <dan>

Animal Intelligence

Testicular Terrorism
UHF, Aus

Sydney’s finest and off shoot of Rage Reset comes back with a solid third release. This is the direction I like to see speed core headed. Sludgey kick drums and anti rave propaganda get shrouded by fucked synths. The opening track “The Object of Rave” is a prime example of these tactics with a great sample of a news caster stating “…she died from taking the drug ecstasy…”. Following is a strange dark break track with samples from ‘The Crow”. I could have used a bit less of the vox sample, but the darkness makes up for it fairly well. The label side gives it up with a Freak styled speed track. Muddy kicks that are powerful, in your face and mean as hell. A definite Amiga quality shines through. The second track is reminiscent of some American gabber with a harder Aussie edge in the percussion. The final track brings back the ecstasy tirade with more vox samples, the difference here being a slowed down tempo, with dark keys dropping the atmosphere. A solid release from UHF, a label quickly becoming a force to reckon with. 8.5/10 <dan>


Eschaton 001
Eschaton, 001

A high quality 7″ pressed on rockin’ white vinyl. The artist side is a thumping mid tempo 4/4 industrial tweak track that is a bit reminiscent of old mid-west hard acid shit. The noise builds along with the energy and this track turns into a full on head banger with strange ear grating drop outs. The flip is a bass heavy romp into the world of experimental breakbeat jungle slop. This would make a fine addition to the box of any jungle (or not so jungle) DJ with an open enough mind, although that doesn’t seem to be so common now a days. To hear this track on a loud system is to bathe in bass, try it, you’ll like it. 9/10 <dan>

Jessy James & Lucifer Squad

Lucifer, New Zealand

Another 7″, and I’m actually starting to like these as it seems the less money at stake, the more people are willing to put their ass on the line, as far as experimenting musically. The A side holds the speedcore mix which mixes well at 200 and 400 bpm, but my pick here is the industrial mix with its deep throbbing kick drum, bellowing sirens and harsh noise background. 8/10 <dan>


Fist 12
Bloody Fist, Aus

More Amiga sludge butt monkey ass grinding from these two fine young brothers out of Newcastle. Info side drops more and more and more Chuck D samples over some 909 beats. Imagine that. Next up is straight up speedcore Amiga grind that BF has gotten known for. Delta 9 samples ( “…you die you muthafucka…”) straight outta the shit horror flick Shocker and bludgeoning tempo’s that would be boring as shit if it weren’t done by the masters, and it is. The final track on dis here side starts as a nice little house number that gets run into a raging wall of double tempo speed with old school chaos synths. I like this sheet, main. Flip this bitch for two breakcore numbers, the first being on the more harsh side while the middle track is almost a straight up jungle track, while still retaining the Bloody Sifter “I made this with my toaster and a slice of raisin bread” vibe. The final track here is the killer. Hardcore hip hop and hardcore techno once again go at it for a full twelve rounds. After seeing Mark N. cut up doubles of this track, I’m a bit ashamed to play it, but I guess I’ll have to. Yep/10 <daN>


Dark Domestic Temper
Killing Rate, Denmark

The second release for Lasse Steen’s aka Choose label. I wasn’t who it was by the title, but after one listen it was clear that good old Lasse was up to evil analog terror. The first track on the info side gives up one of those kicks reminiscent of his P. Server material.  Just about the hardest drums around and no amount of chaos is spared. Always dark and always mental these are (at least to me) prime peak hour floor material. The way this stuff gets inside your brain is amazing…The synths sound like Randy Rhoads on 48 ponds of coke run through 78 echo and distortion units, fuck it man, limited to 500 copies. If you don’t buy this, you’ve got to be mentally incapacitated or just some chunk of rave scum with a anal ecstasy suppository up your ass, wait, that’s 95% of our readers. 10/10 <dan> Contact fax: 45-42-91-3925

BSE DJ team

Rinderwahn EP
Hardplastic, Ger

More goodies from the Soundbase Distribution pool. This is the first Hard Plastic release I’ve gotten, although I’ve heard the fourth and it was pretty good. The info side here opens with a storming track of evil grating textures followed by a crazy track of ricocheting kick drums and jumpy noise playing off of the percussion with ferocity that seems to be lacking in most speed shit coming out now. The flip side brings the tempo down a bit with more excellent programming and finishes things off with a fucked track titled “Zorba’s Dance”…a surfy Greek rock shit bagger that gets distorted to hell over the course of three minutes, a sheer joy to listen to. 9/10 <dan>

Reverse Records 001

Reverse, France

Those wacky French. Red wine, bad hygiene, good food, whatever. The hardcore coming out of France right now gives me a big fat woody, and this release is no exception. The good thing about this stuff is that it is always pushing forward and finding new sounds, not that it’s always good, but you can only progress through trial and error. What we’ve got here are six sound experiments that are effective t varying degree’s, although all of ’em have a little something that is pleasing. From industrial speedcore to Spiral Tribe sounds to straight up noise to tripped out fast shit, the styles here are all interesting and you can bet your ass I’ll be playing this one. 8/10 <dan>

Techno Animal

Chrome, Ger

Six tracks this time around and much more playable than his previous outing for Chrome (One Day In The Woods, Chrome 1).  I still think the Sidewinder material is better, but that’s just me.  Side1 is Myth/Illogical in three parts and side2 is Fistfunk, Toxicity and the rather interesting Needle.  Needle, with the sounds of records being sped up and slowed down, comes across as something that could have been released as a Sidewinder track.   For those who’ve heard the first Techno Animal on Chrome this one *is* much better, more defined bass kicks and the like.  This still carries a laid back groove though, so if all you’ve heard is Panacea or Dark Chrome then you should have a listen first. <fish>

Hammer Bros.

Police Story
Digital Hut, US

The brothers are at it again.  Lots of insane samples that I can’t understand.  People talking faster than humanly possible, beats clipping along at a similar pace.  More jokes about DJ Paul (can we ever have enough)… at least I think they’re jokes.  I don’t understand Japanese.  One side of the record closes with a long sample from some movie or another… nice scream near the end of that.  Serves as a good intro/outro/segue or just something to freak out your neighbors with when you’d like a visit from the cops.  Yum. <fish>

Merzbow Plays Smegma Plays Merzbow

Tim Kerr, US

One side is Merzbow doing Smegma tracks and the other side is Smegma doing Merzbow tracks.  You’re a better man than me if you can figure out which side is which without looking at the record.  Speaking of which, it’s a picture disc… Merzbow + picture disc = good… This record seems to catch Merzbow in a mellow mood as it’s not the same sort of harsh-tronics that he’s sometimes prone to do.  His side is delicious all the same.  Smegma provide some of the weirdest sounding stuff I’ve heard them do and overall I think I like their side better… They’ve even got better pictures on their side.  Look real close at the letters. <fish>

Joey Jupiter/Doormouse

Body Partz
Digital Hut

Now you could all say I’m saying nice things about this record just ’cause it’s by Doormouse… but I didn’t get a promo, so he’s damn lucky it’s good.  In typical Digital Hut style there are no track titles anywhere so figure it out for yourselves.  The Jupiter side opens with some crazy track that begins with a straight tone and descends into a bit of speedcore mayhem, the second track is a low-tempo acid track that breaks down into something that sounds like a horn… First track sounds amazing if you drop two copies together and get them phased…. mindfuck flange noises.  Doormouse side is slick and slippery… If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all the kickdrum distortion that *isn’t* on Fischkopf records, here it is.  The first track is about as raw as an extended no-lube handjob.  The second track is from his tape, so maybe you’ve heard it before… great track, but I can’t understand why it’s got a fucking FADE OUT!!  Oh well.  Won’t stop me from playing it. <fish>

Corrosion Of Conformity

Rotten Remixes
Industrial Stench, USA

Rotten??  Yes, it is… like that time that you were walking home from school and all the hesh kids whipped bad eggs at you in the lane by the cemetery… and no matter how hard you tried you never could quite get the stink out… OK, maybe that only happened to me… but I bought a bunch of records the same day as this and it cost me $35 to get  them dry cleaned to get the stench of this putrid record off them… -1/10 <fish>

Lasse Steen

Agent Orange, Germany

Hardest thing I’ve heard from the man behind Choose and P. Server.  The track to check out is the one on the scorpion side, and remember kids… it *is* 45rpm… blistering fast, mind-raping, acid nightmares for anyone who thinks that all the available sounds have been squeezed out of those little silver boxes…  8/10 <fish>


Dead Girl
Dead Girl, Aus

Imagine you went back to the ’70s and gave everybody loads of crystal meth, hired an MC to scream obnoxious things at the crowd and proceeded to play an entire set of Disco 33s at 78rpm… Sounds like fun??  It’s not really possible to go back to the 70’s and shag all those girls in funky pants, but you can buy this record and play it at parties and watch the candy crews dance until their little booties start to sweat their way out of those baggy pants… and nipples start poking through baby tees… and… Elvis the pelvis had a brother named Enis, he was a big hit at parties. 9/10 <fish>


The Brutal Chud stable also has a few new 12″ers in the works.  Black Blood offers up a slow (in tempo) record of pounding PCP style core, while Russian Bastard drops a new one on the Russian Roulette imprint. Let me tell ya, I’m drooling for this one.  Somatic Response style death breaks that wail at 120 BPM or so, beating on you twice as hard as anything twice as fast.

DJ Trons’ label, Blood & Guts, comes out with its third release.  Done by none other than Noize Creator, this is headbangin’ core for the hesher in all of us.  I’d say more but I just moved and unfortunately this one is trapped in a box somewhere and the deadline is now.  Sorry.  Definitely worth the dough.

Look out for the new Skreem magazine in your sorry excuse for a city soon. Interviews with Deadly Buda, a bunch of Austrians and, um, shit I don’t know, but this is by far my favorite hardcore ‘zine out there.  Chocked full of no nonsense information and record reviews.


Gimp Master Collar Bone-a-phone
Squarepusher- Big Loada (Warp, UK)
EboMan- Sample Madness2 (XL, UK)
Christoph De Babylon- Seven Up (DHR, Ger)
Davros- I’ll Kill You (Unknown, US)
Unibomber- Church Of Christ (MATC, US)
Johnny Cash- Mean As Hell (Columbia, US)
Johnny Cash- Live at San Quentin (Columbia, US)
Johnny Cash- Live at Fulsom Prison (Columbia, US()
Johnny Cash- Golden Hits (Columbia, US)
All El Duce material ever recorded… fuck the Mentors, I’m talkin’ solo.
Eiterherd- Brachial Gewalt (Special Forces, Austria)
Fuckin’ Doormouse 2 (Cassette)

tastes like chicken / northern hardcorps
Bodyparts ep. – Doormouse v. Jupiter (Digital Hut – USA)
Fresh Flesh ep. – Cannibal DJ (Blood’n’guts – USA)
Still More Fukt Muzik ep. – Memetik (Bloody Fist – Australia)
10ps Blocks ep. – Ingler (Epiteth – France)
Shadow Boxing ep. – Nasty Habits (31 – UK)
Specimen ep. – Warfare (Gyration – UK)
Rectal Anarchy – Merzbow & Gore Beyond Necropsy (ZSF Produkt – Japan)
Piscean Nutsac ep. – Bastard God (Integrity – Canada)
AO7 7″- Lasse Steen (Agent Orange – Germany)
Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life lp. (Arista)

Walter One – MOK78
Violent Aggression – King of the Hill EP
DJ Gizmo – Straight from the Hague
Inferno Bros. – Slaves to the Rave (Neophyte Mix)
DJ Tron – Hardcore Traxxx Vol 1
D.O.A – D.O.T.S
DJ Tron – Threshold of Tolerance EP
Omar Santana Mind Ripper
Skinny Puppy – ALL
DJ Tact/DJ Tron – In Full Effect EP

Syntax distro/D.I.S.
Eraserhead/Mouse-Anticore 1-2 (Anticore, France)
Praxis/Micropoint/Invisible SP-Stormcore (Stormcore, UK)
Shitspitter-Crapshoot 13 (Crapshoot, UK)
SpeedyQ’s/DJ Radium-Dead End 4-5 (Dead End, France)
Gwal/Eiterherd-Wierstand 1-3 (Widerstand, Ger)
Zodiac/Noize Creator-Russian Roulette 1/3 (Russian Roulette, Germany)
Super Power-Things To Come 3 (TTC, US)
Dj Pure and Jackal-Subversion1 (Subversion, UK)
Senical-Killing Rate 2 (Killing Rate, Ger)
Slaves Of Our Devil Master-Sodom 3/666 (Sodom, France)
DJ Freak-Epiteth 10 (Epiteth, France)
Ho Exe/Elektroplasma/ADC-Uncivilized World 1-3 (UW, France)
Somatic Responses-UFO 5 (UFO, France)
Centuria-Zero Tolerance 7 (ZT, UK)
Jackal-Praxis 24 (Praxis, UK)
Undertakers/BWK-Zyklon B 1-2 (Zyklon B, Germany)

Eric L.
Gimme yer sister  Los Angeles
DJ Jappo-Bring It Fine (???, Italy)
Masters Of CerEmony- Hardcore To Da Bone RMX (Forze, Ger)
DJ Heaven- 3-1-2-3-4 (Skullduggery, ???)
Bass Phase-Don’t Ask Me (Hardplastik, ???)
DJ Promo-Kill Da Noise (ID&T)
Sigma 909-House Of Pain (Knor)
Public Domain-Fuckin’ Bitch (Labianca, ???)
Bald Terror-Drum Machine RMX (Rotterdam)
Omar Santana-How It Sounds (H2O)
Dj Isaac (Dwarf)