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Happy HardkoorHey girls and boys! DJ Phil of the Free Art!! Cru back once again with the Haaappy Haardkoor bits! Respect to all you happy hardcore nutters out there! Keep it up!! It’s all about fun… and ain’t nuthin’ mo funner! Sorry this article wasn’t around last issue (boooo!!). Hopefully it’s a little more different than the article I wrote for bEAN megazine….

Firstly, respect to all the crews supporting and pushing the happy hardcore vibe (and giving me a chance to spin!)- Bigger & Bolder crew out in LA (really, I had fun… so when is the next event???), Zak and company in the Milwow!!kee area (and a big haaallo to the 2 cuties in the limo, Laura & Jessi), and Arland, Kate & company (don’t give up the ship). A special thanks goes out two Matt Positive here in Chicago. Positive Thursday this past July 3rd gave me new hope for the happy hardcore scene. It’s sad to say that Positive Thursdays no longer happen, but Matt has a radio show on Sundays from 9:30pm-12 am which features DJs strutting their stuff live on the air (both big name & up-n-comers). It’s 89.5fm- WHPK, the University of Chicago. Sorry, it’s only heard on the southside of Chicago.

Okay, enough about parties…how ‘bout some toons and stuff. Really tho’ how many of you actually pay attention to rekkid reviews and stuff? Let me know. I’ll try to describe the toons as best as I can for all you non-DJ types. As for you DJs and muzak freaks… here ya go wit the toons….(I’m doing a lot more UK material this time around.)

Cloudy Day


This is the anthem!! If you liked DJ Paul Elstak’s classic, Rainbow in the Sky, you’ll love this one. Vocals by the hardcore diva herself, Donna Grassie- and let me tell you, she kicks ass in this toon. Extremely catchy! You’ll be humming this for days. I’ve played this at a few events, and this toon gets the crowd going wild. All the happy hardcore jocks need this one! Dropped this hottie at an event called Impact… the kids went butt nutty!!! Out now on Next Generation Records.

Dream Surprise

Fade & Bananaman

Omigosh!! This is the shit!! It starts of with a breakbeat, works it’s way into kick drums and then…POW!!! The vocals come crashing down and it’s all hands in the air after that. The vocals are from a girl name is Abby. She’s nuthin’ but pure class. Smooth!! Definitely the toon for the ladies (as well as the guys…) It’s domestic too!! It’s out on hiGHBoom Records outta California. It’s out on Maverick rekkids in the UK. Look for this one!!

I Can Live Without You/ Phantasm (Remix)

Vinylgroover & Hiedi

I really like this 12”. It’s stompy and uplifting at the same time. The vocals on both cuts give me goosebumps (really!). No sampled chipmunk vocals here… it’s all “live” vocals and boy are they yummy!! You’ll be humming this one!! This release is on Hectic Records. It gets a thumbs up.


Force & Styles feat. Jenna

More musical excellence from the dynamic duo, Force & Styles featuring one of hardcore’s fierce ruling divas, Jenna. I like this one because it’s sounds so… happy. It’s a definite hands in the air kinda toon. Two mixes to choose from, the vocal and instrumental (which has the harder kicks). I won’t say too much about this toon except that it rocks and I’ll be dropping it most likely in all my sets. Top tune from the top producers, Force & Styles. Out on F & S’s UK Dance Label.

Crowd Control / Ride on the Rhythm

Hixxy and Sunset on Pure Adrenaline

Two classic hardcore toons remixed for todays happy hardcore nutters. Top toons all around. Very bouncy with nice rushy bits. Nu vocals on both toons for the sing along crew! Hands up for theses two cuts!!


New Essential Platinum

This is one of those toons you either love or hate. However, if you start off hating this toon, you’ll soon learn to like it because it is quite catchy. It’s bouncy and has a lot of stomp to it. Plus there’s whistles innit! It’s a good start for New Essential…

Pure Space

Supreme & UFO
Fusion Records

Pure space is a trancy little number which is like a ride in a rocketship. There’s the lift off, then the cruising speed and build up, then it goes into orbit where the toon floats higher and higher. Then: Zoooom!! Hands in the air for the rush on this toon. It’s a pretty toon…

Cheddar remixes vol. 3 & 4


DJ Unknown & DJ Sy redo a James Bond theme song & Ben E. King’s Stand by Me. Trust me.. it works! Can you say cheese? This toon is waaay cheesy, but oh so fun… as happy hardcore should be! Money well spent if you get this one. This one is a for all you happy hardcore DJs.

Supreme, Stompy & UFO

Stay With Me/ Ticking of the Clock
Hectic records

Good vocals on both cuts. One of the cuts is a cover of an old Heart Toon. (Don’t ask me which one!!) Very good

Dougal & Eruption

Surrender/I’m Gonna Get You (Force & Styles remixes)
United Dance

Surrender seems to be the cut used by many happycore DJs. Do not ignore the other side. Both toons are wikkid!

Demo vs Coco & Static’s Volume 4

Cool As It Gets

Two tracks of bouncy happy hardcore. Catchy as hell melodies. Not much else to say except that its a pretty decent 12”. Good.

Sy & Demo’s Devotion


Another vocally anthem. You’ll love the part where the song turns into a drum & bass toon. Nice vocals… I can’t tell you who does it… cuz I got a promo copy of it. It’s a keeper!

Show Me the Way

Brisk & Trixxy
Slammin’ Vinyl

Pure bouncy hardcore fun with sparse vocals and pure bounciness. Cool!! Check the flipside too!!


World of Obsession

A remake of the Cindy Lauper toon. Sounds stoopid?? Hell no!! It’s extra good- with lyrics you can sing to!!! It’s an anthem and a half! Dropped this one at a party called Impact… the kids went bonkers…

Toy Town

Hixxy & Sharkey

Yeah, it came out a while back… but you can’t keep a good toon down! Bouncy hardcore fun.. no vocals, but who needs them for this one?!

Thanks to a young lady out there named Marlien, I’m now a fan of German pop sensation Blumchen. Her music is happy and very bouncy. I have two of her albums, Herzfrequenz (Heartbeat) and Verliebt (In Love) which are all in German. She also records under the name Blossom which is the English translation for Blumchen and she has an album called Heartbeat (the English version of Herzfrequenz). Her toons all have a trancy feel to them and most of the are travelling at least 160 bpms (faster than most pop toons). Some of her toons go about 180 bpm and still maintain the happy bouncy vibe. As a vocalist, she kicks much dooky booty! She sounds like a… girl (after all…she is pretty young). Her voice goes with the music. I dunno what else to say about Blumchen… except she’s the BOMB!! (all that and she’s a cutie!!) Really girls & boys, if you wanna experience a totally different style of happy hardcore… search for these import CD’s. You won’t be disappointed. Both albums are on Edel rekords, Germany…(hope that helps) I want her stuff on vinyl!!

Thanx to all involved, Massive,Inc., bEANsters (ghettoasses!!), Matt Positive & Crew, the Bigger & Bolder crew, Mindcontroller, Inyoung, Rick@Indepth, Chris “Anabolic Frolic”@Nokturnal, D’cypol, Baron Toler, DJ Noaphex & Ed, Ray- Gay Porn star of “Babes in Thighland”, Melissa “Y U B nawty!!”, “I’m just a” Sammy, the good fellas at Mushgroove- Frankie, Greg, Richie, Matt & the rest o’ the stomp patrol, Shaftman, Delta 9, Casper, Snuggles, Joe the Samoan guy, the guys I met from Minneapolis, Mouse, Laura, Dan Efex, Malien V., Brotha James O, Biker Rodney, Mr. Fibbs, Mark” Dissident Anger” Almaria, Freddie, Steve & the ABS (I wanna gig!!), Dennis @ Source, Chico & Newtype, Chris B, John B.I.D, Kate who went to Florida, M-girl, Agie & Alex (she’s with me), Gabbagirl & co., Moonshine rekkids for sending me that Keoki CD (it suxx, but I kept the picture of Keoki and it’s hanging in my cubicle at work) and most of all you the Happy Hardcore fan/reader!! Keep it hardcore!! Suckabitch!! A special “Thanks for being all that and then some” to my girlie girl- Andi… the sailor girl. Good luck in the Navy..keep in touch, Luv ya!! UNTIL NEXT TIME…