Issue 16

Originally published Jan. 1, 1997

Letters to Massive


Mystic Bill House Preservation Society

I was pretty appalled at some of the things mentioned in last issue’s interview with Laurent Garnier. First, he stated what a horrible experience he... Read More »

Dan DC

The Dan DC long strange trip… I am 21 years old, and I was born in a hotel room. My parents were college students and they tried to kill me... Read More »

DJ Tron

DJ Tron, this is your goddamned life: First off, my real name is Jeff Besler and I am 23 years old. I am originally from Chicago Heights, IL, and I... Read More »

Crispin J Glover

You’ve been a pretty busy guy lately… dropping a very substantial number of records this year. How are you feeling about this year’s accomplishments? Which record of yours has... Read More »

Orbit Records

A general complaint among the techno fiends is that there is a lack of new, experimental tracks coming out on a consistent basis. New and experimental twists on the... Read More »

Tresor: Holy Ghost & Scan 7

Since the late 1980’s some of the finest Techno has emerged from Germany – a country divided by it’s own history. Emotion, struggle, conquer, and unification is the saga... Read More »

Terrence Parker

When the grand history of Motor City dance music is written, Terrence Parker should get his own chapter. From his humble beginnings as TP and Younger Than Park to... Read More »

DJ Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the few examples of a DJ whose skills not only meet, but exceed any hype that has been given to him. Throughout his relatively... Read More »

Speedy J

First off, when did you first get involved in electronic music and when did you begin making music?

I have been interested in all music for as long as I... Read More »

Mixtape Reviews

This issue I’m set on doing things a bit different with these mixtape reviews. Instead of boring us all with a paragraph on each tape, I’m going to shrink... Read More »

Jungle Massive

All massive, flex it… here we are.. 1997, and where do I start. Jungle has had quite a year, and so has the magazine. I have moved from the... Read More »

DJ Zinc

Whats your name, where do you live, and why do you think we are interviewing you?

Zinc, east london, because I dj and make tunes.

How long ago did you start... Read More »

Music Reviews

HARDCORE ECP featuring the slaughter of acid

RB 16 Riot Beats, Ger

Five tracks of of breakbeat mayhem from the man… Alec Empire. Three tracks of the terror breaks style with... Read More »

New York Massive

the story continues. Empire Mt. Vernon, NY sometime in the fall of 1994

trouble with my focus. Tunnel vision of thought that seemed to bring my every thought to... Read More »

London Underground

This issue is dedicated to all US promoters. This issue of parties being shut down by the authorities is getting out of hand. It seems that no matter what... Read More »


Hallo out there in readerland! DJ Phil here with the bouncy/ happy cheezecore/ hardcore. Not too fast, not too slow… just pumping beats ta move ya feet! ‘appy New... Read More »


Back at yo honkey ass muthafookair. This time around I’ve only got three labels to update you on, as those hardheads around the world seem to be a bit... Read More »

Scene Report: Hong Kong

On the horizon of Hong Kong’s 1997 handover to China, this densely populated island has seen its share of laissez-faire way of life. Along with it the ability to... Read More »

Captain’s Analog

Well folks, it?s the beginning of the year, so we are going to take a different approach this time. I?d like to introduce you to a friend of mine.... Read More »