Issue 17

Originally published May 1, 1997

Letters to Massive

Hello Massive!

Claire Howell Sun Prairie, WI

First off, let me say that I definitely enjoy reading your magazine. I just wanted to drop a note asking all promoters out... Read More »

The Drunken Scribe

Greetings! Salutations!  May knowledge and good, cunning linguist peace be upon you, the reader of underground vibrations that indicate the imminent and eminent eschatological manifestations of ionospheric concurrence.  I’d... Read More »

Daft Punk


…Or that’s at least what Thomas Bangalter, one half of Paris’ Daft Punk, the most recent darlins (no pun intended; ask... Read More »

Carl Craig

You just released More Songs About Food.. and it hasn’t been too long since you released The Secret Tapes of Dr. Eich (under the alias Paperclip People).  This is... Read More »

Nick Nice

Nick Nice    …one of the midwestern United States’ most prolific and respect worthy DJs, one of the scene’s originals… one man with a box of records and a... Read More »


House music isn’t meant to make the mind move, but rather the body.  Its purpose isn’t to make the imagination soar like traditional Detroit Techno, but purely to create... Read More »

Roland Casper

Cologne – Mid Eighties.  The Hip-Hop, Electro dance culture is going through a change.  The energy of dance music is beginning to emanate from the gay clubs, as it... Read More »

Charles Uzzell-Edwards / Fax USA

Charles Uzzell-Edwards has been playing ambient music at chill rooms across the galaxy for the last five years. Three years ago he hooked up with Fax Records in Frankfurt... Read More »

Trouble on Vinyl: Future Forces

Hidden amongst gas stations, billboards and superhighways in south London’s Vauxhall, is Trouble on Vinyl studios. It is here that the important business of Tekken playing, herbal medicine, top-notch... Read More »

Taylor Deupree

For most of the 1990’s, Taylor Deupree has been creating electronic music. His first release was on Instinct Records as Human Mesh Dance (Hyaline), and ever since he has... Read More »

Casper and Timestretch

Massive: All right. First of all, why don’t you guys give us a little background on yourselves – when and where you started DJing and how you hooked up.

Julian... Read More »


Before anything is said… Anybody out there remember Free Art!!? How about “the Official Free Art!! Chick Babe of the Moment”?? Well, the bitch is no longer that and... Read More »

Massive’s Naughty Bits

And now a pubic service announcement brought to you by your friends here at Massive….

So, what do ya want to know about porn?? Well, ya gotta admit… it’s interesting.... Read More »

Total Output

If you were lucky enough to be in Milwaukee, WI, USA this New Years Eve you got to bear witness to the bludgeoning hardcore mindfuck that is Total Output... Read More »

Wilhelm K.

Wilhelm K stepped into the midwest rave scene a couple of years ago, and has since been an instrumental part in the Indiana scene. The first time I met... Read More »


First, the name… The name came from a character in Return of The Jedi. I wanted a name that I could use for my housier stuff, that still sounded rugged.... Read More »

What’s Up in Stockholm?

In the crates of techno DJs worldwide you find records from several key cities including Chicago, Frankfurt, London, and Detroit. Few people, when asked where the best records come... Read More »

Mixtape Reviews

Kyle T.

Portland, Oregon

This tape was given to me by my old friend Kyle while I was in Oregon in January. Kyle and I where pretty well connected for... Read More »

Jungle Massive


Silver White Label

A cool follow up to round out the color series, Silver is definitely slick and melancholy at the start, with a reverberating noise like alien landing... Read More »

Outcast Clan

Why did you get the label started? Sean: The label was started about five years ago because working for other people and making them rich is normal in the UK.... Read More »

Laurent Ho

Laurent Ho owns and operates one of the premiere French hardcore labels known as Epiteth. Always on the cutting edge with industrial noise grinding techno, one of the things... Read More »


Here comes the hard ass noise bangin gabber ass sludge style. Take your synth lines and shove ‘em up your ass, take that clean kick drum and run like... Read More »

UK Trance Movement

From the spiraling, tweaked out goa sounds of Tip to the building, acidic slides and accents of Stay Up Forever, trance music is on the move. What was once... Read More »

Music Reviews

Vinyl Reviews


Death In Vegas

Rekkit Concrete, UK

Two twelve inches from the outfit of Richard Fearless and company- see review of full length for more description. This is one of the... Read More »

New York & Atlanta Massive

It’s an early 7:30am… and damned if I am ready or not, I lock the trunk and hit the open road. I grab a dozen bagels at Bagel Boys,... Read More »

Captain’s Analog

OK people here we are again. Tech heads are always talking about their analog synths. Oscillator this, filter that. Well, what about effects? One of the most important elements... Read More »

Breakbeat: The end all 2 end all…

Gather round peeps and check the knowledge as Dj Kevy Kev, the father time of techno jocks drops the science on the origins of that funkiest of techno stlyeez... Read More »

London Underground

Welcome to another fun packed update. I better start off by letting anybody who wanted to enter the Keith Fielder ‘Pitch Controller One’ Mix CD compilation competition, that the... Read More »

Label Profile: Ninja Tune

When one thinks of music which pushes the envelope, a few names come to mind. Photek, Squarepusher, and Leo Young have consistently been nudging the sonic boundary for the... Read More »

Label Profile: Concrete

It is the ultimate symbol of urban sprawl; the essential element to the metropolitan era we’ve created for ourselves. Concrete. Something hard- something solid… something you can touch and... Read More »