Issue 18

Originally published Oct. 1, 1997

Letters to Massive

hey, what's up party people!

DJ B Madison, WI

I would like to recommend some books.  They all are related to the scene and have helped me evolve- damn good books:... Read More »

DJ Hyperactive

Chicago- recognized globally as the birthplace of House music, but making it’s mark within the Techno scene with the likes of DJ Skull, Robert Armani, Mike Dearborn, and the... Read More »

Simply Jeff!

If you’ve ever had the chance to attend a slamming party in Orange County, California, there’s a good chance your hosts for the evening were from Dr. Freecloud’s Mixing... Read More »


He slices. He dices. He chops shit up. If Photek were a blender, he’d be a Cuisinart. Not only because his music is sleek and streamlined, fully functional with... Read More »

Matthew Collin

With acid house knee deep in it’s tenth anniversary, it is only appropriate that someone seriously document the music, the movement; the people and the culture.

Enter Matthew Collin.  As... Read More »

DJ Slip

Through the various distinctions of elektro since his heavily music-laden youth, the 28 year old DJ Slip seemed to nestle into his experiMENTAL sound- exemplified by his new full-length. ... Read More »

Faze Action

During the early months of 1996, a track of mammoth proportions slid it’s way onto the dancefloors of places like London’s Blue Note.  A perfect  early morning epic disco... Read More »

Will Web

Known for his honesty and funky beats Will Web has been with such labels as Direct Beat and Drop Bass, finally finding a home with Astralwerks Records out of... Read More »

Omar Santana

From Dutch hardcore labels to American pop music, Omar Santana always seems to pop up in the darnedest places.  While other artists hide behind different monikers out of fear... Read More »

Laidback Luke

We’re on the expressway.  I check the time on the car’s clock.  Three.  I check it again; just to make sure I have it right.  I scan the rear... Read More »


Chicago has seen many generations of innovative music.  In regards to house, three exponential periods come to mind.   Check one, the later period of Sal Soul- record... Read More »

Amon Tobin – Better Living Through Cujo

London’s acclaimed Ninja Tune label is no secret to anyone with a penchant for sounds a bit left of center.  Like a soup kitchen providing nourishment to the needy, ... Read More »

Scott Brown

Hallo all!! DJ Phil here again. Here’s one of my first interviews (sort of).  Not too many people realize that Scotland is Rockin’ and this Scottish lad, Scott Brown, is... Read More »

Bryan G of V Recordings

Bryan G has been part of the Jungle scene since its beginning. Co-founder of V and Philly Blunt Records, he helped launch the careers of high-octane producers such as... Read More »

Terre Thaemlitz

Terre Thaemlitz, a widely recognized creator of electronic music often labeled as “ambient” music, seems to be continually creating new projects. After his widely popular releases Tranquilizer and Soil, Terre... Read More »

Mixtape Reviews

DJ Tron

Fucking Silver Box

With the explanation on the inside, I can say I can more than identify with Tron. This is an acid tape, not a hardcore tape,... Read More »

Music Reviews



Night Crawlers State Of Mind, US

The title A-side track is a slice of rather standard hard acid trance that doesn’t do much.  Flip for the B-side’s first track- the... Read More »

The Voice of Reason

To Begin…

House music’s points of interest as of late- the Glasgow Underground label run by Kevin McKay and Andy Carrick of Muzique Tropique has been dropping a series of... Read More »

Psychedelics! Astral Voyages! and YOU!

If you don’t get it, it may be more than you care to know.  If you do get it, and want to be amused, read on. **You’ve Been... Read More »

The Apex Mixer by Intimidation

Most of you high-minded ‘DJ’ types out there have probably heard of Intimidation through their highly successful ‘Blue’ series of mixers.  Along with the ‘Don’ series, these mixers helped... Read More »


Hello, my name is Alan Smithee.  Some of you may know me as the director of fine films such as Gunhed and Blood Sucking Pharaohs In Pittsburgh, but loyal... Read More »

Jungle Massive


The Shadow/Distorted Dreams Moving Shadow

Congratulations Moving Shadow on your 100th release.  Not many labels make it past 20.  Respect!  An unbelievable release that has shaken the scene down to... Read More »


Hey girls and boys! DJ Phil of the Free Art!! Cru back once again with the Haaappy Haardkoor bits! Respect to all you happy hardcore nutters out there! Keep it up!!... Read More »


Creation has stagnated, here we sit at a stand still where speed = hardcore. What has happened… innovation is lost to the point where anything above 250 BPM with... Read More »

Massive’s Naughty Bits

The overwhelming response we received for last issue’s ‘Naughty Bits’ impressed us so much (see our letter section), that we just knew it had to be done again.  Or... Read More »

Captain’s Analog

KORG MS-50 Awhile back I told the tale of the Korg MS-10, the pint sized wonder box I picked up for $75.  It is no secret that the MS-10... Read More »

Tribal Gathering

In a grassy field in the middle of god-knows-where, all sorts gathered for a day of carni rides and DJs.  So much to hear, see, and schmooze, yet so... Read More »

Atlanta Massive

Laid back in the cool air seems to be the way these days, as summer is officially here in the Hotlanta.  I’m sitting in some lovely AC. and listening... Read More »

Mid-Atlantic Massive

Wussup brothers and sisters, just figured I’d drop you a line and let you know how shit’s been popping back east.  Brian Karp’s recent migration to the A-T-L, has... Read More »

London Underground

So whassup with London?  Well as far as the Techno scene goes it is heading back down under, underground that is.  It went crazy for a few years and... Read More »

World Wide Fishead

The web is a weird place.  Most of you are probably aware of the plethora of porno sites (if not try:, but you may not be aware that... Read More »