Issue 19

Originally published May 01, 1997.

Letters to Massive

No Moshing

Roni Z Houston, TX

I was reading some of your letters in issue 18 and it makes me pity the stoopid ravers that do stoopid drugs that make them... Read More »

DJ Bone

He’s proud of his intelligence and self-esteem because without those two in the music industry, you might as well bend over and let yourself get fucked where it counts. ... Read More »

Jon Williams

Although San Francisco has built it’s reputation on the disco-fried deep house of such camps as Dubtribe, and Wicked Crew, a new era seems to be taking shape.  Producers... Read More »

Glasgow Underground

Glasgow, Scotland. The epicenter of 1997’s deep house renaissance.  Jazz, techno, house, and soul.  One label has had it’s finger on the pulse of each of these styles,... Read More »

New York Massive

It’s a beautiful 60 ‘winter’ degrees outside, and it’s hard to believe I’m in Brooklyn!

Sitting behind my computer I’m dropping verse to this page with the laid back styles... Read More »


Southern Ontario has long been known as the source of some of North America’s most influential techno and house.  The proximity and separation from Detroit allowed people to travel... Read More »

Orlando Voorn aka Nighttripper

Dutch Innovator Orlando Voorn started his musical life out in 1979 at the age of 11 when he took up playing the drums.  He hammered away- driving his parents... Read More »

Weird Dreams Records

Electro is the happening sound in Germany and France.  It’s presence is not unnoticed in the US, with the Detroit scene as their first American developmental influence.  Artists such... Read More »

Love from Beyond

Valentine’s Day 1998 Detroit

Arrive at midnight.  I’m stressing because I know the kind of crowd that’s going to be at the door and the horrible reputation for advanced people... Read More »

Shake It!

December 20, 1997 Cincinnati, OH

All you promoters out there, break out your pens and notepads, I’ve discovered the perfect ingredients for a tasty, filling party that won’t blow your pocketbook... Read More »


(This interview follows the review for Shake It!)

After the party was over and done, and the motion lotion had settled, I caught up with Kimyon, the mastermind of ‘Shake... Read More »

Ron Jeremy

(This interview follows the review for Shake It!)

Riding in a car alongside a man whose measurement of note is a double-digit figure might be a blow to some, easily... Read More »

Cari Lekebusch & Alexi Delano

(This interview follows the review for Shake It!)

Three years ago I chanced upon an album that was to altogether change my perception of techno music.  It opened my mind... Read More »

Even Furthur 1998: The Long Strange Trip Ahead

As the first days of 1998 began to pass, something odd passed over me- the New Years marked the official beginning for myself to begin anticipating this year’s Even... Read More »

Abe Duque – Kirlian

We met this man in New York: bottles flying, chairs broken over people’s backs, it was quite a bar fight!!! No, just kidding, but it wouldn’t be far from... Read More »

DanceMania Records

Roy Barney, owner of DanceMania records, runs the Chicago label out of the distribution company his family built – Barney’s. From the start of DanceMania in the middle of... Read More »

Music Reviews


The Quest Submerge, US

Four words describe this 2 CD set: funky ass experimental shit. Both CD’s provide tracks that are funky and hard, moving your mind in a... Read More »

The Voice of Reason

essays from house music’s front lines

Welcome to Nineteen Ninety Eight! It’s March. The time when the labels stop putting out tracks and go on vacation. The time when the... Read More »

Abstract Beating Systems

At times the productions of music can be a team effort; like some creators at present: Masters At Work, Daft Punk, Crystal Method, and the all time historic and... Read More »

World Wide Fishead

There are some times when you want to put a face to the ‘voice’ that scrolls words across your screen, and there are times when you’d like a ‘voice’... Read More »

Monster Mash Up: Hong Kong

To a few people, Hong Kong’s biggest problem isn’t the Bird Flu, Tung Chee-hwa, or Tung Chee-hwa’s handling of the Bird Flu.  The crisis plaguing this small dot of... Read More »

Burning Man

“During an extended Labor Day weekend we will construct a temporary city upon the shore of a vanished lake. Serviced by streets, lighted walkways, its own daily newspaper, and... Read More »

Heavy Drinking and Ephemarality

Fucking hell, it’s 1998.  I remember being new school back in ‘94!  Time, that linear thing -not the experiencing of it, just the calendar part- has a way of... Read More »

The Kids are Alright

I had a very extraordinary experience recently I’d like to share.  I went to see The Crystal Method perform live at a normal concert venue in St. Louis.  Initially,... Read More »

Happycore Reviews

Destiny/99 Red Balloons (rmx)

Jimmy J JJ3

The long awaited remix of the happy version of 99 Red Balloons is finally out and it does not disappoint.  With a lush, vocal... Read More »

H3: Happy Hardcore Hit-Squad

Where do you go if you want to see the most blossoming happy hardcore scene in the United States?  Go west young man, go west.  Los Angeles, home to... Read More »


Wassup boys & girls!  DJ Phil Free Art here with all that which is on the bouncy/happy hardcore tip!  First of all respect to the magazine like the Massive... Read More »


The innovation bug has finally sunk its teeth into the world of hardcore.  Although an astounding amount of crap is being shoveled in, it seems as though the amount... Read More »

Vices: Onanism!

In ancient something or other culture young boys were made to stop the evils of self pleasure by attaching cages with spikes on the inside to their limp member... Read More »

Massive’s Naughty Bits


Hey you techno porn loving freaks, DJ Tron is back for more insight into the wonderful world of filmed fornication.  First, I’ve got to... Read More »


ITS INTOXICATING SIREN SONG TO SATAN! Winter is here and so are it’s beers; so sit back, relax, get cozy and don’t go outside (much, it’s cold!)  And to think... Read More »

Vices: Conspiracy Theory!

DISENCHANTED YOUTH WITH NOTHING TO BELIEVE! “You’re a funny guy, Sulley.  I like you.  That’s why I’m going to kill you last.” -Arnold Schwartzenegger, ‘Commando’

The Millennium approaches, and the hysteria grows. ... Read More »


One listen to ‘J-walkin,’ Blame’s contribution to Earth Volume 2, and it’s clear that Blame is pushing boundaries with his music. Subtly electronic, the track walks a fine line... Read More »

Roni Size – Reprazent

Hailed by Spin as “England’s messiah of drum’n’bass,” Roni Size is the latest heir to the throne of drum n’ bass superstardom. Following the likes of Goldie, Alex Reece... Read More »

DJ Snuggles’ Mixtape Corner

Method One

Midnight Sounds Independent

This one comes from Philadelphia DJ Method One, and it’s one of the smoothest tapes I’ve gotten all year. All your favorite jazzy and mellow numbers... Read More »

Rob Playford

To hear Rob Playford talk about meeting Armand Van Helden at this past year’s Winter Music Conference seems quite absurd. After all, Van Helden may be the world renowned... Read More »

MC Rage

Your beginnings, how does one become an MC? Back in ’89, while I was in school, me and my friends were just rappin’ and writing lyrics on the back of... Read More »

DJ Zinc

DJ ZINC became obsessed with music in 1988 at 16 years of age, at the time that Centreforce Radio was the largest pirate radio station in London, with DJs... Read More »

Technical Itch aka Decoder

Technical Itch aka Decoder’s sound is rich, complex, deep. They shy away from overt melodies, and instead combine bare elements of musical texture and rhythm into a thick and... Read More »

John B

It’s 4:30 am in Atlanta and I’m sitting backstage at a rave in a Shriner’s Auditorium that looks like an Islamic mosque. John B and I are wolfing down... Read More »

Jungle Massive

Technical Itch

Hidden Sound Moving Shadow

The first thing I have to say about this record is that the sleeve design is original bizness. I definitely got a kick out of... Read More »

Captain’s Analog

Build the Baby 10 Analog Sequencer

Hello analog geeks, and prepare yourselves for the next step. My personal belief is that with the increased demand for analog machines, in the... Read More »