Issue 20

Originally published August 01, 1998.

Letters to Massive

Whaz up!

Peter John Randolph, MA

I’m an old school raver from NYC.  I grew up listening to disco, old school hip hop and breaks.  I was by 4 Front Records... Read More »

Plastikman: Richie Hawtin

The first time I heard a Richie Hawtin record is a moment which stands with me to this day.  Flipping through the record bins of a decidedly non-techno shop... Read More »

media. minus. man.

A Profile of Minus Records Subtracting from what originally was a handful of successful labels to create a construct of music and ideas for a single man, John... Read More »

Jay Denham

Ask him what his favorite city is and he’ll tell you Kalamazoo. It’s a city in Michigan located halfway between Detroit and Chicago and the music it has given... Read More »

Detroit: A Massive Reader Guide

Man, this could have been so great. Right now I am the King of the World.  Mr. DiCaprio and his sinking ship don’t have anything on me.  I... Read More »

Terrence Parker

Terrence Parker does not mention his success when you first question him about his music. Instead, the 30 year old producer, dj and remixer will talk about his beliefs... Read More »

Detroit’s New School

Five bios on up-and-coming Detroit artists

LeCar : Live PA Style : Electro “On the quietest days Detroit sounds like road noise, sparrows, thundering bass beats, one-person arguments and construction equipment.... Read More »

National Sound Corporation: Ron Murphy

Ask any techno enthusiast who is responsible for making the Detroit’s techno sound heard throughout the world and they’ll probably give you names like Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Richie... Read More »

Consumed & Sector 616

CONSUMED 5.9.98.  The freak from Ontario did it again.

“Consumed” was held in a Masonic lodge in Pontiac, MI.  3+ floors, 5+ rooms, cloth, plastic, fog and a whole bunch of... Read More »

B.L.I.M / Emotif Recordings

Following the success of East London’s Sound of the Underground in the early nineties, the label established the Emotif imprint to specialize in more experimental drum & bass.  Although... Read More »

New Identity Recordings

New Identity:  DJ SS Interview In the early months of 1996 the veteran Leicester-based Formation Records launched a second subsidiary with a compilation entitled “Jazz & Bass Session”. Two years... Read More »

Origin Unknown

Hornchurch’s Ram Records has managed to remain one step ahead of it’s contemporaries since it’s inception in 1992. Their seminal “Valley Of The Shadows,” though over four years old,... Read More »

Kenny Ken

At the moment, Kenny Ken is one of the most respected DJ/producers to emerge from the thriving UK drum & bass scene.  He plays at some of the biggest... Read More »

Sample City

It’s wicked when you’re watching a movie or listening to some old 80’s record and you hear something that has been lifted for the drum & bass track of... Read More »

Jungle Massive

More music reviews. Read More »

Creative Source

Pioneering the new jazz, the label Creative Source has blueprinted a style of its own. From the gentle rolling heights of Carlito’s “Heaven” through to the latest material from... Read More »

Music Reviews

More music reviews. Read More »

Atomic Babies

Nestled under the Brooklyn Bridge is the Atomic Babies.  Here, their studio and the offices of BML (Brooklyn Music Limited) are located.  These East Coast lads are starting to... Read More »

Mix Connection Multimedia

contaminated muzik - moody - feelin groovy - international house recordings Read More »

The Voice of Reason

essays from house music's front lines Read More »

Parotic Music

The latest member of the techno label community isn’t coming out of Detroit… or Cologne… or Stockholm… or London.  Tucked deep inside Madison, Wisconsin, the Parotic Music label has... Read More »

Untitled Luke

Opened in 1990, Untitled is a unique clothing store located on the north side of Chicago.  Owned and operated by Luke Cho, a 32 year old with a degree... Read More »

Tim Baker: Elephanthaus and Real Estate

Tracks can be a dime a dozen, but in an effort to stretch beyond the average, Tim Baker introduces two new record labels to the industry.  Originally from Detroit,... Read More »

Dave Clarke

Since Dave’s legendary “Red” series- a series of three tracks released between 1994/95, producer/DJ Dave Clarke has been considered one of the most influential artists in the British techno... Read More »

Mixtape Reviews

More Mixtape reviews. Read More »

The Partycore Advocate

Hey there hard-up, hardcore Massive readers this is DJ Xtreme coming at you with no nonsense partycore reviews straight outta California- the current capital for hardcore beatz (at least... Read More »

Dead Voices On Air

Some days are good and some days are really good… and some days your tape recorder doesn’t work and you’re left with nothing but the hastily written notes that... Read More »


Grab a shovel and start digging… the Timewriter’s brand of house is the deepest and most intelligent to grace record boxes since Larry Heard’s heyday.  Brad Massive spoke with... Read More »


So… here I sit, having spent the summer driving around the country trying to find the hardcore and figure out just what the hell it really is. After much searching... Read More »

Natural Born Sucker

Hailing from Montreal, Natural Born Sucker are the first crew from “Da Great White Nort” to release a record on Drop Bass Network (The Fix EP, DBN 054).  Their... Read More »

C8.COM’s Stevvi

Beginning more or less as an online forum for John Entox’s Skreem Magazine, (New Hampshire) stevvi, a resident of Essex suburbia, England, has built his brainchild website C8 into... Read More »

The Hardcore Situation

The adjective “Hardcore” generally refers to something’s most basic fundamental elements, its original reason for being, its natural state in relation to existence.  Oxford’s American Dictionary’s first definition for... Read More »


Greetings from the Free Art!! think tank.  DJ Phil here, hoping that all who went to Furthur had a wicked time.  I don’t know how it went cuz I... Read More »

Happycore Reviews



Shooting Star Next Generation

Bang, the lads who brought us the classic Cloudy Daze return with yet another storming anthem. You’ll love it or hate it, but this nutter gives... Read More »

Paulina Taylor: The Queen of Cheese

Continuing our two-part interview with California’s most influential Happy Hardcore scenesters, we bring you an interview with Paulina Taylor, the self-titled “Queen of Cheese.”  Although it may be a... Read More »

Peacefully Fighting the Hate Machine

Via one of the three-too many mailing list that I subscribe to, I received what seemed to be an invitation to take part in protesting the infamous yearly Ann... Read More »

Captain’s Analog

The Baby 10:  Part II Hello again. I have had my biggest response ever with the last issue’s article.  I made an effort to make the schematic as simple as... Read More »

World Wide Fishead

It’s a tangled web we weave…  This issue marks the third installment of ‘World Wide Fishead.’  I had no idea this was going to turn into a regular feature... Read More »

Raver on the Run

Hello kids.  I was asked by Matt Massive to write a column for you on the fun and adventures I have had over the last year.  You see, I... Read More »

Optique Vid Tek

If you’ve attended any large-scale Chicagoland raves you’ve most likely seen the work of OVT. Behind-the-scenes engineers, they spend hours photographing, animating, and tweaking video footage to ensure that... Read More »

Paul Birken

Growing up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, working ”a lot of fast food jobs” in his early teens and using the money to buy the musical gear he thought... Read More »


What most techno connoisseurs know about Tony Child, aka Surgeon, of Birmingham (not Alabama) can be parsed into the following three statements: his discography spans from his eponymous 1995... Read More »

Boards of Canada

In the course of less than a year Scotland’s Boards of Canada has three remixes, a debut album, a track on Warp’s celebrated 100th release and a new album... Read More »

The Gentle People

The Gentle People have a unique sound that blends ambient soundscapes with lounge influenced easy-listening melodies.  While the‑American press has not caught on yet they do have quite a... Read More »

The Techno-Industrial Complex

Tape my head and mike my brain, stick that needle in my vein. -Pynchon

In 1868 Christopher Latham Sholes of Milwaukee, WI invented a typewriter that could be mass-produced and... Read More »

Women Behind the Decks

Track talk:  the hobby of trading facts about artists, bands or labels. Regardless of musical genre, this sports-like mentality is dominated by one gender, and, generally, it’s not the... Read More »


The past few months have been a delicious quest towards trying to attain a better liquid diet.  A wonderful selection of seasonals, along with a smattering of newly discovered... Read More »

Official Massive Posse: Crispin Hellion Glover

A few issues back, within a review for yet another of his releases, we declared Superstar DJ Keoki an official member of the Massive Posse for the day.  While... Read More »

The Enigmatic Cinema Enema

I’ve come to accept that most of what I like is due to bad, albeit discriminating, taste.  People often don’t understand this.  It would seem that as natural for... Read More »

Massive’s Naughty Bits

Here I sit, wondering what new ground to cover.  Having been out of the pornography game for close to a year now has made it difficult for me to... Read More »

Paper Recordings

Brad Massive talks shop with Peter Jenkinson and Elliot Eastwick of Manchester’s finest house label – Paper Recordings.

First off, describe Paper Recordings in one sentence. A rapier like sonic stream of... Read More »


Yes, you might in fact be surprised to hear that copyright is dead, a moot issue.  Over-powering paranoia caused it to be born and now the over-powering impracticality and... Read More »