Letters to Massive

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hey, what's up party people!

Madison, WI

I would like to recommend some books.  They all are related to the scene and have helped me evolve- damn good books: “Cyberia” by Douglas Rushkoff.  Changed my life more than acid has.  Covers rave culture, deadhead culture, smart drugs, aliens, designer reality, other dance culture, psychedelics, and the ‘Attractor” story (featured in “Free Bass Collective”).  Douglas Rushkoff also has a brand spanky new novel called ” The Ecstasy Club” which I haven’t read yet.  “Ecstasy – Dance, Trance, and Transformation” by Nicholas Saunders is very informative if E is your thing.  Covers law, risk, history, herbal ecstasy, personal experience, other dance drugs, and twenty or so pages dedicated to dance music and rave/club culture.  Photos of large LA & San Fran parties and a 25,000 person England party.  Also pictured are 18 E varieties with names and MDMA% which is sure to get you rollers drooling.  Maybe you want to learn more about smart drugs?  “Mind Food & Smart Pills” is the best I’ve seen.  Covers everything from cognitive enhancers to Vasopressin.  Everything here is either legal in the US or can be ordered overseas (legally).  Author Ross Pelton, R.Ph., Ph.D. knows his shit.  Another, almost as good one is “Smart Drugs & Nutrients” which has some nifty graphs and charts.  If you are into mind machines and other brain (trance) tools, check out “Mega Brain Power” by Michael Hutchison.  It talks about how light and sound (music) effects and can benefit us.  Includes a section about “brain nutrients and smart pills”.  “Flashbacks”, an autobiography by Timothy Leary (who else) talks about his personal experiences with psychedelics, cultural history, ecstasy politics, cultural evolution, and political evolution.  To keep this shorter, I’ll end with just names of some good shit: “Media Virus” by Douglas Rushkoff, “Playing the Future” by Douglas Rushkoff, “Cannibis Spirituality”, and “The Quickening” by Art Bell.  Books related to the scene are few, but there are good books!  I listed only a few.  Anyway, Thank you DJ Rackme & Dan Doormouse for supporting HARDCORE and giving accurate reviews.  Stay Hard

you may already know this and you may not even care

Jeff Davis

Yesterday driving from paris to amsterdam, I passed a huge yellow and blue “massive” factory just off of the autoroute around utrecht, holland. it was a huge fucking sign and a bit of a trip.  i would have taken a picture and scanned it but i didn’t have a camera with me.  if you’re interested and you have any contacts in holland, let me know and i’ll give you the exact location.  or next time i’m back, i’ll attempt to take a pic.

to my dearest Massive

Anna Phillips
West Allis, WI

All I gotta say is… FUKKIN’ DOORMOUSE!!!  I just came home from Massive Tuesday @ The Globe and I’ve determined that Mr. Dan Doormouse is my hero!  Seriously!  I mean, going from evil sounding hard house to acid to jungle to hardcore to jungle again…. and then saying a big fuck you to everyone who was sitting… this guy has balls!  And I enjoyed every minute of it!  He spins what he wants and it all kicks ass.  (I should mention that I also threw an eastside party on June 27th and Mr. Doormouse and the Massive Cru rolled in about 3 am or so and he threw down on the turntables even though no one was around, except for about 5 people and none were dancing.  WHATTA GUY!!!)  His skills are beyond compare, and he seems like a very nice guy.  MAD PROPS TO DOORMOUSE!!!

massive's naughty bits

Colin Arason
Winnepeg, Canada

I just wanted to say that I found the article very informative… and I now have a new set of role models… monsieurs Peter North and Ron Jeremy… anyone can learn to spin records but how many of us can truly hope to become a ‘geyser of sperm’ (a la mr. North)… as for my admiration for Ron Jeremy this stems from a different article (in PEACE magazine from Canada) where he is asked how many women he has slept with… after stating that he has made 1300 films he says that he has slept with 1301 women… that there was one women who actually cared about him (although he never could figure out why) and for the rest he was merely a paycheque…and just a general question to be thrown out in the air here…  are people in the porn industry *really* that much more exploited than the rest of us??

issue 17 fans


what can i say?  massive seventeen is the mutha fukkin shiznit!  the cover art alone should tip anyone off to that.  but open the thang up and what have you got?  hellafied science droppin of the junglists across the nation (a personal fave of mine, seeing as how i’ve become a junglist at heart recently), much needed info on whats happening in the porn scene as of late (thanks do dan doormouse!), and the usual lot of infectiouns techno and rave knowledge youve become known to bring us via your zine. meeting (sort of) matt “mot” massive,, dan doormouse (with his drunken public radio blaring self), and johnsin (the dark tech step gawd of little furthur), was a nice treat. thanks…

nick nice

Daniel Smith

I liked what nick nice had to say about “dj a minute” and people’s short attention span.  he’s right, no one lets the music progress or gives the dj proper time to do anything, or compose.  After 3 1/2 years of doing a techno radio show for 3 hours straight, and then only spinning 30 or 45 mintues at parties, maybe an hour, it just left me lacking, and leaving a feeling of non-completion.  I’m down with his interview…

issue 17 fans


I just got my subscriber’s copy of Massive magazine, issue 17.  Props to the Massive crew on their first glossy, full-color cover. Now that I am doing my own ‘zine, I can appreciate what a milestone that is!  It’s beautiful guys! Gotta love that Stormtrooper fuckin it up on the decks, hovering high above the worshipping crowd. Got all the details, down to the special Massive lammie hangin’ off his neck.  This mag has been my inspiration in developing High-R Frequencies. Can’t wait for issue 18! (Ed. The response on Kevy Kev’s phenomonal cover has been widespread.  If you thought that it rocked as well, you can show your appreciation by sending a quality brewed alcoholic beverage to the Massive PO Box- attn: Kevy Kev, along with any comments you’d like to pass on to him.  Hell, send a few beers, we’ll be more than happy to enjoy a few over here on Kevin’s behalf.)


Katie R.
Oak Creek, WI

My name is Katie and I hail from the Milwaukee rave scene.  I am writing to you because I feel you can help me with a problem, along with anyone else that reads this.  Imagine looking around a party, you will see a lot.  Of course you will see the lights, the smoke, and the people up on the speakers.  But just imagine taking one look around again, you’ll see one person dancing trippy and cool, you’ll see another raver chilling against the wall, you’ll see another just feeling the music pump their body, but what you most likely will not see is the unity in which we supposedly all stand for.  Noone is just all together, knowing everyone else.  There are little cliques.  Hey, don’t get me wrong, I attempt to do my part by striking up conversations, handing out suckers or stickers, and still everyone remains segregated.  I’m not saying one blow pop and BOOM everybody’s chatting, but why is there very little conversing?  I don’t understand.  Anyone can see that this is happening.  Am I the only one with my eyes open and sober?  What can we do?  I love the Milwaukee scene for all that it is worth and more, but lets face it, raves are getting more and more mainstream (ahh, MTV?) and if we can’t stick together on the dancefloor, how are we going to stick together when the day we stomp all over the media?  We have to do something, and fast.  So next weekend when you pack up your Jansport and head out to a rave, consider my thoughts and words and let them remain in your hand, head, and heart all night until dawn and all the time.  Love to all ravers, Massive, and PLUR events

Dear Massive

Milwaukee, WI

I’m not really sure how much good will come out of this letter, or even if anyone will read it, but I feel that if it at least opens one persons eyes I will have done my job.  I feel that there are MANY ongoing problems with this so called scene that we are in.  I’m not here to preach about them, but I feel that I have to address one of them.  I want to start off by saying that I am indeed no saint, and I have had many drug problems, because I was either too weak, or all I wanted was to have a good time.  Right now I see many people going downhill, very fast.  It scares me to see the people I consider my friends and family ruining their lives the way that they are.  I don’t care if it’s crystal, ice, crank, or glass, but it’s taking over a lot of peoples lives.  Meth is a VERY dangerous drug.  I know this because I had a huge problem with it.  If anyone says that it is not addictive, they are fools, plain and simple.  Just come to Milwaukee and see for yourself, although I’m sure you wouldn’t have to do that, since I’ve seen the problems in every state I’ve been to.  I’m not saying that every person who does meth is addicted to it, but I do want to warn everyone who is either thinking about trying it, or if they’ve only done it a few times.  Please BE CAREFUL!!!  Now to all those tweakers, do me a favor, even though you may think you do not have a problem and who knows, maybe you don’t, but for a minute humor me.  Go look in the mirror at yourself, how much do you weigh, how big are the circles under your eyes, have you eaten more than vitamins in the last couple days?  Seriously people, I’m not asking you to quit partying all together, cause I know it’s fun.  But in all honesty, I don’t want to hear about people overdosing and dying.  Do you?  I care about you all, even those of you I have not yet met.  All I am asking is for you to take care of yourselves.  There is no reason to stay up for a week or even two,  tweaking.  If you need or want it in that much quantity, all you have to do is take a fucking break, it’ll still be there in a week.  STOP abusing your bodies!!!  And just remember if you don’t want to do it for yourself do it for your friends and family.  Thanks Massive Crew, I needed to get this off my chest.


Ben Gutkowski
Madison, WI

I’m just writing a letter to you mags to bitch about some shit, and to let everyone who reads this know what I think.  I’ve been partying for awhile since about ‘93 or ‘94 or some shit like that.  At first I thought that the shit was cool but lately i think that the parties are starting to get really bunk.  I especially think that Chicago fucking sucks.  Everyone always talks about Underground Chicago this and that, and Underground Milwaukee being the shit cities for underground parties.  The fact is that I haven’t seen anything that has to do with an underground party in any of these cities.  Actually Chicago has the worst parties I’ve ever been to.  There’s always mad cops all over the place and you have to pay out of your fucking ass just to get in the bitch.  Milwaukee isn’t bad for parties but there just as bad for paying out of your ass too.  What I’m trying to say is what happened to the fucking underground.  Why are motherfuckers trying to bank off of everything.  It pisses me off.  Shit, some of the best parties I’ve been to have been underground like a motherfuck.  I’m talking about the Mad Town Foos.  I’m talking about the warehouse loud system illin listening to the loud tunes standing around chief in my reefer not worrying about paying out of your ass worrying about cops creeping and taking your shit parties that were kicking off in the 9666.  Man it was cold outside but it didn’t matter because the shit was kicking off inside.  A friend of mine had a fucking warehouse with electricity.  We moved his truck out of the way and hooked up the tunes.  Had mad people come with their records and just bump some shit all night.  Man that shit rocked.  No one had to pay, everyone had a good time.  But I’m pissed, I don’t like being pissed.  When I get released I’m gonna fuck shit up.  If I got to pay more than ten bucks for any party when I get released I’m gonna fuck shit up.  I’m warning all you promoters.  I’m a fucking terrorist motherfucker.  The SP pissed me off and their still paying.  Now your pissing me off with your stupid ass house mixes, bunk porno movies, stupid lights that aren’t cool unless your tripping your face off.  I’m just saying fuck you to the money hungery greedy ass punk motherfucking promoters.  Oh yeah, if I get searched one more time by some stupid fuck security guard I’m knocking his ass out.  i’m in jail right now and when I get out that only person that I want to get as close to me like some of them security bitches is my girlfriend.  So fuck you. (Ed. Wow.  This guy is 105% PURE PUNK ROCK.)


Paul Schold
Miller Place, NY

Mad props to your magazine.  I’ve got a little something I want to say to the rest of the world.  For years I was into the non – techno New York hardkore scene, I found hardkore techno about a year ago.  It is my savior.  Anyway, I suffered some persecution from my ex-New York hardkore buddies.  They tried to dis me for changing the style of musik I listened to.  They tried to put me down by calling me a sucker.  I never talked shit about any scene I wasn’t familiar with.  I want to say, anyone just getting into electronic musik, if you like the musik, fuck everybody that tries to put you down- if they don’t accept you for who you are they ain’t real friends.  I don’t care if you used to listen to REO Speedwagon.  Go with what you like.  And to all the kids that say ravers are a bunch of half ass faggot pussies, half you fukers wouldn’t survive 30 seconds in the pit at a hardkore rave.  I can’t express it enough, don’t be afraid to like different musik.  You will be accepted no matter what scene you came from.  I hope this letter gave someone some insight.  I unfortunatly had to experience all this myself.  I wish someone would have published a letter like this when I was going through that shit. (Ed. Not to disagree with Paul here, but we think that most ravers ARE half ass faggot pussies.  Bring on THE PIT.)


Erin Mattson
St. Paul, MN

What a fucking bunch of hypocrites you are.  How can you even pretend to be behind PLUR when you destroy all its principals?  I was enraged by Issue 17 & the ‘Public Service Announcement.’  Perhaps it should have been ‘Dick Service Announcement’ for Boys who don’t care about PLUR and no respect for women!  There can be no PEACE in the scene when you bash half the human population.  There can be no LOVE in your heart when you hate women so horribly (and don’t say you love them because if you did you would respect them).  There can be no UNITY in our lives when we treat each other as pieces of meat.  There will be no RESPECT on the scene when there is no respect for the female participants, and for each other in general.  I feel sick when I think of the young impressionable men reading the article and thinking that it’s cool.  You are SO FUCKING WRONG!  Maybe you should change your name to MASSIVE MISOGYNY (look it up, burnout!) AND HATE.  I hope you know that you have really fucked yourselves over.  Consider yourselves lucky if any female human with an ounce of self-respect ever picks up an issue of your crappy magazine again.  You have totally betrayed women, Raver girls, and the scene.  I’m sure a lot of boys will be looking forward to the pro-black slavery article next time.  The editors at Massive would be JUST THAT STUPID!  Perhaps you were right and my endeavor is pointless.  Perhaps I will always be judged by my tit size and not my mind or otherwise loving heart.  Just don’t be surprised when girls backlash and start treating boys as pieces of meat on the meat rack.  I hope that never happens.  We need to rethink what we represent:  PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, RESPECT.  Without that, our scene will fall.


Matt Massive

The above tripe represents the views and ramblings of exactly the kind of people we hope never pick up Massive:  little PC twits so caught up in their impossible utopian visions that they don’t ever stop to realize the contradictions in their own beliefs and lifestyles.  Ever crusading for that wondrous future without discrimination and inequality, where the views of all are uncensored and beautiful…  all the while trying to stomp out any aspect or belief that contradicts their own.  Talk about hypocrisy- it seems the Unity they speak of is only on their own terms- the Unity of thin-skinned little raver twats who demand their own identity while dressing, acting, and thinking like the rest of their amorphous kin.

Erin Mattson calls us hypocrites for betraying the PLUR mythos that we never once claimed to believe in in the first place.  Did she bother to notice, only pages before, where Jon Al Dente equated P.L.U.R with S.H.I.T?  What PLUR really should stand for is ‘People Lost in Unachievable Realities.’  You may call us negative for such beliefs, but why should we have any hope for humanity in the first place?  People should be treated with respect and love on an individual basis- we’re not prepared to go out and hug a world that proves to us daily to be unworthy of all that Ms. Mattson demands.

She views any mention of pornography in our magazine as a travesty towards Rave’s great cause (what was it again, by the way?), or as evidence that we hate women.  Do only men watch porn?  Do only men who hate women watch porn?  We also mentioned midgets, men of porn, and Howard Stern in the same article.  We don’t know any midgets, but we don’t have any ill feelings towards Howard Stern; and we definitely don’t hate men, because, well, some of the Massive staff are men.  Some of the Massive staff are women, too.  Do we hate them?  Do they hate themselves, and thusly feel compelled to contribute to Massive out of the animosity they have towards themselves and their fellow women?  I doubt it.  So where was the point?  Did she actually read the article, or just fire off this letter immediately upon seeing it in print?  We venture it’s the latter.

Does Erin Mattson really think she is changing the world, with her Neo-Victorian way of thinking?  Sure, you can call the male staff of Massive ‘old-fashioned’ for viewing women with sexual fervor, but we stand with about 5 BILLION other people in our views towards the opposite sex.  We can only picture Ms. Mattson as a student of a convent, pristine in her virginity, pure in never raising an eye toward another human in wanting of their companionship.  To her, any open indication of sexuality represents hatred for entire groups of people.  She equates a woman’s self respect to how prude and unaccepting they are of others beliefs.  She sees the human abomination of slavery equivalent to the everyday reality of sexuality.  Just where are you really making a difference, Erin?  Your beliefs and opinions may vary slightly, but they fall right in step with the intolerance that has pervaded this country for 200+ years!

So, if this is PLUR, or the Rave scene as a whole, we want nothing of it.  We regret ever getting involved in such a fascist movement- desolate of humanity, reality, sexuality, free thought, and humor.  Massive remains a magazine tracking the many twists and turns of the techno phenomenon, and if, in doing so, we happen to step into the People’s Republic of Raveyland, we apologize…

(also, thank you, Erin, for including that neat word, ‘Misogyny’, in your letter.  If it weren’t for you, us ‘burnouts’ would have never known what it meant.  Now we have a word for you to look up:  Dipshit.)

Matt Massive


Doris Woo

Ms. Mattson: As a female writer for Massive, I was extremely offended by your letter for its many false sweeping generalizations of the magazine and its staff.  Not only did you clearly not read the article in question in its entirety, but perhaps you missed the a very pertinent last statement on that same page: “Remember:  Protect yourself.  Don’t use force to get what you want.  Have respect & responsibility when she says, “NO!!” …she means it.”  I don’t want to base my platform solely on that quote alone, so let’s continue…

How is it that, in your words, we “fucked ourselves over?” It seems like this is the first time you’ve ever picked up an issue of this magazine, or you would’ve long noticed the magazine’s angle, which should never be taken seriously in the first place.  When I’m in a serious mood, I read Scientific American, not Massive.  The article that you speak of is pretty mild language, at that, which was a nice change of pace for someone who isn’t too fond of porn flicks in the first place.  Yes, I agree that at times there have been questionable depictions of females that have raised a few eyebrows, including mine.  I’ll let you in on how I handle these situations.

First, I don’t let a petty drama like this get to me because if I get into a tiff about every little thing I don’t agree with in this world (and there are many), I would never get anything done.  You might argue that sexist depictions of women just make it that much harder for us to attain equality between the sexes.  I’ve never been one to be held back from opportunities because I am a female.  On the other hand, I don’t use my gender as a token to get to places in life.  You want to fight sexism?  If there’s any clichéd buzzword that I have adopted from the scene as my own, it’s DIY: Do It Yourself.  Step up to the ring with your skills, not petty mudslinging, and show them you’re more than T&A, as you think this is how others judge you.  Don’t fight fire with fire; that never resolves the long-term goal of respect.  Besides, I would like to think women are more mature than that.

Second, it is one thing to criticize our content because it goes against your moral grain, but you, Erin, seemed to have pulled this uncalled-for tirade out of a bloody photograph and maybe a few words that followed out of goodness-knows-where.  Sexist, we?  Perhaps just a tad, but then who, male or female isn’t?  Many females are as guilty for making blanket statements like, “all men are pigs and scum” as men are for saying “all women are bitches and hos.”  If you find the latter mentioned in the magazine, I’d like to know.  Racist? I doubt that we’re that uneducated.   You’d be surprised how much we “burnouts,” as you affectionately call us, know on the very subjects of which you speak.

If you are going to be a subscriber of PLUR and the owner of a loving heart that you claim to be, do yourself a favor and practice what you preach; do your homework and perhaps be a little more diplomatic the next time you decide to police the injustices of the world.  _True_ champions of peace, love, unity, and respect never got to where they are today with a mouth like yours.

Doris Woo