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A Profile of Minus Records Subtracting from what originally was a handful of successful labels to create a construct of music and ideas for a single man, John Acquaviva and Richie Hawtin have put umbrella label Plus 8 Records along with all associated sublabels into submission for the time being.  This has afforded John time to devote energy to his DJing and family full-time; while Richie has been freed to work on his latest project, Minus.

Named after a Jeff Mills track that is a favorite of Hawtin’s, he explains, “Minus can nearly be seen as a continuing Richie Hawtin artist project.  Through Minus I can try to present a number of new ideas…”, indicating albums or parties such as Consumed.  “The idea is to be able to release a number of records or develop projects under different names, but they’re all by the same person and be looked at as a whole as Minus.”

Transferring roles from musician and promoter to something greater, a “technology artist”, seems to be what he’s after.  “Maybe how technology crosses with art in general, whether it’s music and art, or technology and sculpture, just things which are creative and by combining all of those things, hopefully to come up with something brand new.”

All of the previously Intellinet-distributed sublabels such as Intangible or Building Blocks should be considered inactive.  Labels such as Acacia have left Intellinet and are now run independently.  Kikoman has plans to bring his label, Deep Fried, up and running by himself, as well.  Intellinet, as it was a distribution channel for the labels, doesn’t exist any more and web ordering for the time being is still being handled through  Plus 8, Probe and Definitive releases will be continued to be stocked indefinitely.  Titles from other labels may or may not be available.  Phone, fax, email or check

“It also comes down to the idea that Plus 8 started out as a label to help get our ideas out to the world.  From Our Minds To Yours… our ideas/minds were the artists.  John and I, Speedy J, Kenny Larkin, Dan Bell, Fred Giannelli, etc.  But a lot of what we set out to accomplish originally has come to be.  Most of those artists have got to a point of success that they are happy with, and the job of Plus 8 has nearly become obsolete… for those artists anyway.”

Stating that it was time for Plus 8 to slow down and develop a new directive, he adds, “I don’t want to explain things too much… time affords everyone to finally come to their own conclusions and understandings.”