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As my good friend Angel Alanis and I drive up Cedar Street, on our left and right are views of a friendly neighborhood.  One house stands out, though, with mass amounts of cars packed in the driveway and out front.  We’ve found the place:  the home of Bad Boy Bill and friends.

Walking in, we’re greeted by familiar faces in a working environment that still has a sense though that it is a home.  The mastermind himself meets us at the door going the opposite direction, on his way to the airport, on his way to his set at the Love Parade.  He was leaving behind his close-knit staff of friends to make sure the day’s work ended in success.

Based in Chicago, Mix Connection Multimedia (MCM) was created in May of 1995 by Michael Ryden and Bad Boy Bill.  By now most are familiar with the history of the planetary, around-the-clock, hard-at-work Chicago DJ Bad Boy Bill, but the sounds one can hear emanating from his skills on any given night of the week don’t stop there.  With his company he has guaranteed that people will be shaking their asses at home, in the car, and to other DJs mixing the music MCM releases.  With the idea to release fully licensed mix compilations the company caters to music buyers with the infamous “Bangin’ the Box” series mixed and produced by Bad Boy Bill.  With the success of that came “The Chicago House Experience” by Chicago artist CZR; other DJ mix projects are sure to follow.

In addition to mix compilations the company continues its musical push with the revamped International House Records (IHR)- originally launched in the late 80s by Bad Boy Bill and Chicago producer/DJ Mike “Hit Man” Wilson.  Started in the effort to reflect the developing sound of Chicago house, to date the label continues to do just that, featuring artists like CZR, Tyree Cooper, Fast Eddie, Rick Garcia, Abstract Beating System, DJ Funk, and Paul Johnson.

Maintaining the signature sound of IHR, just last year MCM introduced to the industry three new record labels: Contaminated Muzik, Feelin’ Groovy, and Moody Recordings.  These labels express a more diverse sound.  Working towards the essence of new music, Contaminated brings on a progressive house, techno, and even a breakbeat/drum n’ bass feel.  At present, Contaminated features artists Angel Alanis, Gene Hunt, DJ Skitzo (aka Lester Fitzpatrick), DJ Jes, K Alexi, and soon others from the old and new generations of house music.

Moody Recordings challenges listeners to get musically lifted with deep vocal and underground house.  Paving the path for this were both CZR and Daryl Pandy with the labels first release, Do You Want My Love. Chicago producer/DJ Paul Johnson, with the recent success of It’s A Boogie Thang on IHR, has just signed with MCM, and will be releasing projects on Moody Recordings as early as this fall.  Other recent releases come from artists Jordan Fields, the anticipated DJ Rhythm, and Audio Soul Project.

Since its start nearly three years ago Mix Connection has continued to gain the respect and attention of many.  Not everyone knows what happens behind closed doors and who’s always responsible for what, but as the saying goes, a single man can only move buckets of water while a group of individuals can drain a river!  Backed by experience, hard work and dedication Mix Connection Multimedia moves onward with success and pleasant rhythms.