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Mixtape Reviews

DJ Tron

Fucking Silver Box

With the explanation on the inside, I can say I can more than identify with Tron. This is an acid tape, not a hardcore tape, and I’m not talking severe hard acid, this is Plastikman acid, Hardfloor acid, etc. On the inside cover Tron talks about his trials with hardcore, and the need for a break. ‘Fucking Silver Box’ is the result of the break. The funny thing is, I remember a tape called ‘Acid Splatter’ from the days of yesteryear… all acid tracks, old school style, and the tracks here are from the same time frame. It’s a nice surprise to hear old acid tracks that have fallen through the cracks on a well mixed compilation… this is the shit that came out when acid was still interesting and you didn’t need $800 pants to dance your ass off to some groovy tunes. I can’t say I’d be happy if Tron made a full switch, and I definitely don’t think he will, but this is still a nice smooth ride back into the land of good acid, and isn’t that a place we’d all like to go?

Al Dente (Milwaukee, WI)

Live @ 4:20 Portland, OR 1996

Breakin’ it down like the ghetto hound he is, Al Dente drops a booty blowin’ mix of only the finest in hard house and ghetto jams. Hard kicks work the hell out of even the boominest system while staccatoed vocal snippets jump in and out. The groove seldom breaks here, and even when the noise breaks into lone kick and snare patterns, the simple pound makes you jump along in anticipation for the next crazy sample. For a live mix, this thing shines. Nice solid mixes, perfect drop-outs and a track selection of solid pounders, ‘Live @’ is surely one to grab.

DJ Novacain (Los Angeles, CA)

Speedcore in one of the tightest mixed packages I’ve heard yet. Granted, the track selection doesn’t vary much, but who could complain when all of the shit is Bloody Fist with a nice session of Bezerker records at the end? Nicely placed slap mixing, good scratches, it’s all here baby. Keep an eye out for this one, he’ll be on your ass giving you real hardcore before you know it.

Ron D Core vs. Demigod (Los Angeles, CA)

West coast Hardcore munchers Ron D. Core and Demigod together on this one, both offering completely different styles of ‘hardcore’ techno tracks. Mr. Core starts the A-side the right way, laying down 160-90 BPM Ruffbeat hardcore records full of ruff-gangsta samples, cusswords, breaks, clean 909 instrumentation, 303s, and scratching and slap mixing. The choice of tracks are harder than I’ve heard him do in the past, and mixing and composition flow show why he packs ‘em in at hardcore shows in LA.

Demigod, on the other hand, seems to think that old Rotterdam, 120-50 BPM hardcore is the fashionable norm. Comparatively slower and therefore, in my thinking, not as exciting. It’s like listening to cheesy synth house, honestly. It’s embarrassing when you’ve got to listen to this side in the company of peers and they make fun of you, like you play with Barbie dolls or something. Track to track mixing of old songs wank-wank. Get it for the Ron D. Core side and get it for the Demigod side for one of those nights you lock yourself in your room, take acid, and pretend its a Dutch rave in 1992.

Cracked Out Carl (Columbus, OH)

Any DJ who’s a real DJ understands the importance of having RANGE, and many DJs show this range by having vinyl from everything from Beethoven to disco, to shitty old soundtrack albums, to read-along story vinyl, METAL.. yeah you get the point. Many of you audiophiles out there may do so out of laughs, nostalgia, for starting or ending mix tapes or sets, or fattening your pitiful stack of wax. Relics from the Golden Age of the LP. Not my mofo Carl. Carl knows the art of electronic music is to let the humanity and ego go (ideally) and step back and laugh and have a good time in the name of some neo-Dadaist art form. Mixing and beatmatching ‘You’re One in a Million’ and ‘Let Me Hit That Ass’ together is as ingenious as any “bomb ass DJ” trick you’re gonna see or hear. Jungle, techno, trip-snot and house take the role of wallpaper in this mix, leaving you WANTING to hear what completely nutty shit Carl is gonna pull out of the past- both in the musical and nostalgic sense. I shed myself to age six when I heard the Smurfs sing-along tune of ‘Try Whistling a Happy Song’ mixed with a breakbeat in the back. I couldn’t help but to bob my head in rhythm and sing a Smurfin’ song.

Alan Anthony (Milwaukee, WI)

Biscuits and Gravy

Eons ago, upon this great land, the funkmeisters and the keepers of the soul went into hiding in the heavens. But before they left, they buried into the earth true funk and soul- with horns, organs, saxophones, bass guitars and sexy singers. Luckily for our blessed generation, archeologists from the Museum of House dug them out from the earth, cleaned ‘em up a bit, and reconstructed them with 909s and samplers and let the sounds of their forefathers ring with sound of the 90s, without adding the harsh glare of today… leaving the nitty to still get with the gritty. Artists such as Daft Punk, Purveyors of the Funk, and Gene Farris have all helped with this endeavor. Jazzy House, Funk House, whatever, it truly is the respectable cross between house and real funk/jazz, without getting cheesy like disco. ‘Biscuits and Gravy’ serves up the soul food for the masses and Mr. Alan Anthony spins a tour de’grace set on this tape. Work them all together as not to upset the Gods of Funk. If you at all respect this music, have a beer and listen to this tape. It’s perfect.

Hypnotic 23 and Roland Casper (Los Angeles, CA + Germany)

Project 3: Tweak-a-Droid

Third in a series (project 3 doncha know) put out by these two techno entertainment gentlemen offers up only more of their preferences of what the hell you should be dancing to and this tape is the goods. More in the theme of minimal techno and German House compared to their past hard acid mix tapes, Roland starts it off with a live club gig in Cologne at PyschoThrill. Acid house and techno tightly mixed in and out of each other perfectly- you can’t go wrong. Hypnotic 23 takes up the other side with a much more together mix than I’ve heard him on other tapes and picks it up with some excellent tracks, from 808 electro dingers like Aux 88 to house by Lester Fitzpatric and Skipper John Traxx to Cari Lekebusch and Jeff Mills techno. Getting more together with his mixing and composition, not to mention an outstanding track selection, he’s up to par with his spinning partner-in-crime. Not a dry eye in the house for this one.

Marcus Watson (Chicago, IL)


Deep, Discotheque House that just does not quit from Illinois. No breaks, no acid, no gimmicks except for the music itself, UnderRated is the most “Chicago House” tape I’ve heard- and if you have never had the pleasure of hearing music like this while at a Chicago party, this is it. And it’s all been laid down here for all you with great care. Fast but matched mixes sew together the tracks, and like I said, it don’t slow down, honey. This is the first tape from Mr. Watson we’ve gotten here, and we’re ecstatic about the whole fucking thing.

Tony Gamboa (Los Angeles, CA)

Techno- The Art of Music

This two tape set put together by LA resident Tony Gamboa shows off two styles of electronic dance music he’s mastered in mixing. The first tape is aptly worded “Hardtrance in It’s Most Beautiful Form” and that’s no lie. Rumbling acid lines, 160 BPM kick drums, and tight, fast breakbeats stew together with help from Tony’s quick mixing. Tony is quick to point out on “303 vs. 909″ – the second tape, that he can also get down with the sound from Motown as well. I can’t say I’ve heard a lot of straight techno tapes from LA, so it’s good to see that the Left coast knows what’s up. Going into hard acid and techno, Tony gets some great stompers in. The only complaint is the sound quality bites a bit. You gotta turn it up loud to drown out the hiss of the recording. Bottom line though, is that you get two tapes of dueling styles that you can’t go wrong with.

DJ Mike Valentine (Texas)

Sex on Drugs

The title of this tape is appropriate, considering the type of tracks here. Mr. Valentine’s a Saint with some love to give- starting with some rather deep and funky soulful House and moving it to acid and breakbeat numbers on the first side. The second side starts from scratch, with a more acidic ring to it all, even going back to an old Phuture track and then picking up the pace with more modern breaky, but none-the-less acid house tracks. Sex on Drugs is well mixed and composed and an admittably addictive tape- thanks to the fact that hardly any acid mixtapes make it my way. Texas seems to be a camp of acid and technophiles and this fits the ranks nicely.

Synergy Vs Nick Nice (Milwaukee/Madison, WI)

The Masterplan Volume 3- live mixes

Mixed live at the club Matisse (Milwaukee) by two of the Midwest’s most devoted veterans, Masterplan is a perfect tape for those who have been jaded by the overwhelming amount of crap coming out on vinyl lately. No cheesy breakdowns, no big drum rolls, no overused clichés… just non-stop chilled groove. Synergy gets things going on side one, blending into tracks like Just a Mood (Studio Blue) and Keep Holdin’ On (Downtown Loop). The sense of flow and structure displayed on the tape as a whole is obvious, and anyone who likes good house music will appreciate when Synergy drops ‘Why You Wanna Play On Me’ by Jump Cutz. Nick’s side has a bit more energy, but still has a spaced-out disco funk sound. Again, the mixes are good, taking you through cuts from Ruffneck (MAW), Hacienda, and Faze Action. If you look for labels like Guidance, Other, and Nuphonic, this one’s for you. The future of house music.. definitely one for the your head while driving to or from a party, or whatever it is these crazy kids do nowadays.

DJs Slant and Javate (Washington, DC)

Spectrum: A Musical Project

Side A is a mellow, jazzy jungle mix by DJ Slant (2 Tuff, DC) in his usual softer style. It includes songs by artists such as Peshay (Jazz Lick), the EZ Rollers (Unknown) and Appaloosa w/ DJ Dream (Chord Data). It includes mellow “elevator music,” a sexy saxophone and some keyboard music along with the hard basslines and breakbeats that this style of jungle is known for. A very good showcase of Slant’s skillz, the end includes a sample of a guy talking about being an artist in the 90’s and the bullshit that they have to go through. The B-side is completely opposite the first, with Filtered DJ Javate (The Dirty Crew, DC) spinning his usual hard house. This side has a good driving beat with a variety of samples. Definitely one to make you wanna get up and dance, this side includes tracks by Charley Huckaby (Dance) The Dub Duo (Funkyfuturefreaks) and Chugger (Thank You). If you like DC’s style, this mixtape is definitely one to check out. Both these DJs have a weekly residence in DC and would be worth watching if you were ever in town. Slant is a resident at Represent on Mondays at Tracks, and Javate is a resident at Filtered on Wednesdays at Club Red.

Mark Lancaster (Minneapolis, MN)

Return to the Yellow House

“Let’s do an acid side, and then throw down an ambient set on the other, call each one respectively 3:03 and 4:20, and the kids will love it!” thought mastermind capitalist Mark Lancaster. 45 minutes of round trip acid music from the tracky Detroit style to trance to some hard stompy rave acid. The mixing goes down smooth, on both sides for that matter. Speaking of which, the ambient side is a rare treat from the land of mixtapes, and it takes some guts. One interesting note: this tape was mixed on one Gemini, one 1200, and an ancient mixer with a broken fader… and shit, you’d never know it.

Justin Johnson and Skwidboy

The Shit Your Mom Warned You About

First of all, don’t talk about my mama. Second of all, my mom warned me about the dangers of Satan and Polish people, she never mentioned nothing about acid house breaks. So I called my mom and said, “Yo ma, wuzzup?” She said, “Oh Johnny, acid music makes my body move, doncha know. Unlike a lot of breaky acid music, this here tape is really infectious. It’s not so dang offensively wack, it lets in some good 4/4 so you don’t go nuts, and lays down some real funk, not so 303ey (how’s that for a word?). Like that one track that sounds like the old show with the guy from Airplane! and Mission: Impossible!”
Good ol’ Mom- always looking out for me. Both of these guys spin the same stuff, however Skwidboy isn’t so high-strung and acid house as Justin Johnson, preferring the funk and sampled instruments. Very together mixing and highly recommended instead all that commercial break shit.

Madkid (Minneapolis, MN)

Midwest Architect

This mixtape features some non-stop tech-steppin’ tracks mixed together in a pretty good effort by Madkid. Although I could go without some of the vocal samples thrown in the mix at the beginning of both sides, the dark tracks that appear throughout this tape will make you want to jump up! This is a good tape for those unable to get their hands on the drum n’ bass their souls desire. The tapes are available through Flatscience, and to make it easy they maintain a web presence.

Nick Nice (Madison, WI)


Madison’s house music ambassador finally kicks out a new solo tape of perfect summer music which has as much validity in your car as it does at your house party. For those who have heard Nick play over the past year, this tape reflects those sets; the finest in deep, mental, jazz laden house music. Music which relies on the groove and the feeling rather than the obvious. This tapes comes with the highest recommendation! Fantastic mixing, better programming, and a musical selection you can’t touch. Keep it coming!!

Michael Stanton (San Luis Rey, CA)

Visions Michael Stanton prefers to stay below the surface, and keep it underground. Visions contains beautiful trance. After a listen or two, you would agree. Right around 150 BPM, Stanton takes us along with him allowing us to see his visions. The trance is European style, and the energy is intense throughout. You’ll take a dip here and there, but not too deep. The mixing is right on man. New tracks take over right when any pro would expect, giving each side an abstract storybook type of feel. It’s a very professional looking tape and a complete track listing included!

Paul Tahlier (Green Bay, WI)

Strange Coincidence

The Order of the Trance is well represented here. Both sides of Paul Tahlier’s latest creation will start you off right around house tempo. Track selection on side one tends to be of the more minimal variety, but groovy nonetheless. What stands out in my head from side one is the obvious tribal element and, of course, the super smooth mixing strategy incorporated by a master blender. Breaks mixed with 4/4 offers a nice directional change to enhance the groove. Side 2 has more of a trance element going on, massaging your brain with deep thought packing data. The first time I played this tape I was fortunate enough to be lounging with friends, sipping on cocktails and playing chess. This tape went quite well with these activities- a very classy tape indeed. Unique style and great mixing. This tape kicks ass man.

DJ Cisko (Minneapolis, MN)

Diving Deeper DJ Cisko of Subliminal Productions lays down his progressive trance selections in a very pleasing way. The music is uplifting, melodic, cascade laden, and quite exquisitely arranged. Many tracks also have a slight house element giving you just one more thing to ponder as you dive deeper with Cisko. When I hear trance mixtapes, more often than not it seems the mixing leaves something to be desired. This tape, however, allows me to indulge for once- to listen from beginning to end letting my thoughts wander as Cisko flows like a mofo. The track composition gave me good positive energy and an optimistic feeling. A personal favorite from Way Out West, Sasha, and Blue Skies- just to name a few. If you’re a trance enthusiast, this tape’s definitely for you.

Thomas Michael (Los Angeles, CA)

Supernova Great for all occasions, Thomas Michael’s latest effort will definitely take you there. Where’s there? Well, that could be any number of places. The trance compiled on this tape is some of the best produced trance I’ve ever been lucky enough to absorb. It is progressive, sometimes acidic, and once you hit play you’ll be guided into a dreamlike state as the trance takes you on a joyride through your imagination. As far as the mixing goes, beats are very well matched throughout and the flow from track to track for the most part is good. I did notice a few tracks that seemed either hard to mix in or out of, depending upon when they were used, but respect goes to Thomas Michael for using those tracks the way he did.

Ivan (Los Angeles, CA)


Are you a laid back kind of human? Or perhaps you’re traveling somewhere in your automobile and you’re not in the least bit in a hurry. Well if so, LA’s Ivan possesses that sound which you’ve been yearning for. The house on this particular tape is of the mellow and easy on the ear variety. With the exception of one or two tracks, you won’t really encounter too much singing, so be prepared for more instrumental house. There are pianos, organs, disco breakdowns, jazz elements, and Caribbean sounds emitting a full house spectrum. The mixing is brilliant. Every song leads so well into the next you couldn’t help but assume they were meant to be played together.

DJ Double D (Calgary, Alberta)

Therapy III

Some industrial electronic tracks of the hardcore demon-ination tied together on one of the best mixed, non-pussy tapes I’ve heard in a long time. Playing a hardcore fan’s playlist, the first side starts it off with some borderline trance hardcore but picks it up so by the time the first side is done, you want blood. Up the BPMs, and before you know it, you are numb to any emotions. Labels represented include some IS, a little Ruffneck, and a dash of Bloody Fist. This is the shit that gets you speeding tickets. Be Careful.

Matt Nee (Chicago, IL)

Pure Techno

This tape rocks- excellent mixing, stomping underground warehouse techno, crisp recording and no frills, just a no-lying good ass tape. Paying respects to some of best in the whole world of hard acid, tracky Detroit jive. Playing both today’s current hits to golden oldies, Matt Nee definitely knows his shit. Matt takes a personal time-out on each track, knitting it together for a tighter feel. Highly recommended if it should come your way.

Snuggles and Slak (Chicago, IL)

Silk Cut IV

Doubling up on the turntables, taking turns with the moods and tracks, this is the finest in jungle mixtapes. Funky, with all the funny bass noises and electronic beeps, the percussion changes in and out from uptempo and head bobbing selections to dark and seductive music that complement a together and tight mixed tape. This shit will make you go in and out of conscienceless, but the beats and the arrangement of the tracks keep you in the rhythm. A must hear on headphones for the full effect of the mix.

DJ Dubuhlicious (Huntington, WV)

Broken Science

“Dubuhlicious?”, I thought. Sometimes, it’s impossible for me to get past bad DJ names, but this tape corrected my ass. UK jazz-influenced jungle spun by the best DJ from West Virginia I’ve ever heard. The Mighty Appalachians are not a good enough barrier for preventing DJ Dubuhlicious from getting some groovy jungle and trip-hop from labels like Mo’ Wax, Metalheadz, Moving Shadow, SubBase and other serious selections. Mixed straight- UK style, he has got some talent when it comes to putting the shit together.


Optimal Configuration Project (Milwaukee, WI)

Just As Cells Cluster

Experimental and electronic-heavy ambient in the guise of sci-fi based noise coming to you live. Incredibly influencing, this one of the most captivating ambient presentations on tape I’ve listened to. Dark and stuffy, it relaxes itself with some surprising irrelevant samples that pop up- including the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark:
“Bureaucrats, they don’t know what they got there!” says Indy.
“But I know what I got here,” says Marion.
What?!! My gosh, I like it. And made in Milwaukee as well, so buy it because with Pabst closing down, my guys will be out of a day job.

Nasenbluten + Mark Newlands (Newcastle, Australia)

Live in New Castle

YOU WANT ME TO PUMP THIS BITCH?!!! Can you fucking dig it!!! Live Amiga-spewed chunks of goddamned hardcore and hard _CHOPCH -CHO- PP-CHOP_ jungle smash together with Mark Newlands’ “freaking bullshit” scratching like teenage drunk drivers hitting an ammo dump! Yep. Nasenfeltchers take control of shit immediately, laying down some tracks from ‘Not as good as 100%” as well as other tracks which ring my penis into action such as ‘Alcoholic’ and some new shit you ain’t heard yet, as well as fucking HERB ALPERT!! Live as Iwo Jima and recorded in June of last year, you can hear the drunken criminals in ol’ Newcastle crying cheers in the background of the 8-bit hiss between the beats, power surge crackles, and their shitty computers hurting to compose all the samples into bliss for your pitiful ears. Nasenbloats don’t give a fuck and possibly how could you? Cheap music recorded cheaply. I don’t have to review this anymore, you know its good.

Bunker Seven (Toronto)

Wayne R. Hamilton from Canada guts the kill for a tape drawing out the manifesto that is “butcherhouse music.” Unforgiving fuckers of sample and noise hell, Bunker Seven makes up for what it lacks in budget by making music not ready for human taste until the year 3254 AD, when all of humanity will be enslaved robot creatures with microphones for ears and distortion pedals for mouths. This is techno, believe it or not, it’s just too weird for you. Noise flushes your senses most of the tape, save for bits of news(?) footage or something. Borderline hardcore, but not too fast, 160-170 BPMs tops. Apocalyptic and dystopian in tone, if you think your life sucks- this will help you in solidifying that thought.

Dan Doormouse (Milwaukee, WI)

Fuckin’ Doormouse

The creations of Massive’s Doormouse have graced the grooves of Digital Hut vinyl, and the anti-grooves of dancefloors worldwide, with his full-on Gabber assault. This live laydown mix of his own material represents the tracks you have yet to hear, the tracks ‘not fit’ for Digital Hut, or some straight noise that will never truly find a home. Accomplished as a DJ, it is no wonder that the tracks here mix just as nicely, with a Track-Noise-Track set-up- allowing the Computer to load it’s next pawn before it lays a new assault on you. A full-on 18 minute noise solo greets you on one side, but don’t fear, to those of you who have yet to respect this kind of anti-ambient, the noise Dan spews forth is entertaining while discomforting- a spoonful of poison with a couple lumps of sugar. The rest of this tape is quality Gabber sounds that will hopefully find their way to vinyl one day, as the dancefloor riot potential is beyond the Richter scale… with the exception of a highly entertaining and erotic Booty House track at the end of one side that will have you rewinding and wishing the Southside Chicago boys could be as white for a day. This tape is well worth the cash or sexual favors you’ll have to dole out for it.

Mix CD’s

Carl Cox

Future Alliance of Technology and Teknology 2
(Moonshine, US)

Worldwide Ultimatum Records owner and all out nice guy Carl Cox comes to your ears via this mix CD, sending signals ranging from house to techno in a virtual can’t -miss selection of tracks. Mr. Cox even has the courtesy to give full publishing credits to the artists who he chose for this mix, as to say “Hey, these guys made what you are hearing, remember that!” And also by doing this, the underground producers and labels get their due credit and exposure from a high profile label like Moonshine, as well as being mixed by a well-known DJ who can throw down. Spun ABSOLUTELY live (no digital edits here) on two turntables, the 2 CD selection doesn’t do justice to Mr. Cox’s preoccupation of playing in clubs- it emulates it perfectly. Up and down in tempo, but always bumping, any DJ capable of spinning a good techno set will certainly agree with the artists here. Freaky Chakra vs. Single Cell Orchestra, Josh Wink and Underworld are presented here, but so are artists like Sound Enforcer, DJ Skull, Cajmere, Death in Vegas, Purveyors of the Funk, and Fat Boy Slim are examples of the range here. Mr. Cox shows what’s up with two of his own hits- the Dave Angel Remix of ‘Siberian Snowstorm’ and the Islam Black Drum mix of ‘Tribal Jedi.’ Considering we here at Massive Review Command got this too late for last issue and what’s new in electronic dance music changes .0000003 times slower than the speed of light, these tracks may seem, God forbid, “old” and “played out.” It’s cool to see a label like Moonshine putting out DJs with good taste and skill in techno and house. <johnny>

Christopher Lawrence

(Fragrant, US)

Off of the new trance label Fragrant, ‘Rise’ lays it down digitally, giving perfect mixes of electronic blurps and reverberated machine noises with riding synths going boom-boom-boom-boom, and of course gaps for the builds in the vein of real trance to prog house sounding tracks. Christopher Lawrence shows he also knows where it’s at concerning trance label choices that curiously have a Scottish accent. In fact, ten of the twelve tracks are from the British Isles, five from DeNiro off of Hook Records. A conspiracy?! No, I bet Mr. Lawrence gets a lot of records from Hook because A.) It’s one of the universe’s finest trance labels and B.) he has some brand new releases off of Hook.

If you can smell LA right now or are into trance at all, then you’ve probably heard of the blue-haired trance guru Christopher Lawrence and what he can do. Owner of Elemental Records in Los Angeles, Christopher Lawrence has worked with such diversified artists as Kevin Haskins of Bauhaus/Love+Rockets fame on the ‘Daedelus Project’ and has been doing the DJ thing since ‘91 while getting the trance thing in this country some respect. Mad props to Christopher Lawrence on doing trance right. <johnny>

DJ Feelgood

These Are The Breakz, Vol. 1
(Modern Music Recordings, US)

Baltimore’s own DJ Feelgood has finally released his first ever full-length CD, and yes, it is just as good as his mixtapes and isn’t a whole bunch of commercialized bullshit. Feelgood is the best all-around DJ on the east coast, spinning everything from the house he is so famous for to Jungle (rumor has it that he sometimes throws down a little bit of trance as well). The CD definitely has a house feel to it and starts off with Nigel Richards’ ‘More Funky Shit,’ a very spacey song with a hard driving beat. It serves as a good intro and leads right into ‘In D’Faze’ by DJ Who, a hard Housey tune with a good beat, funky drum lines, and a few interesting samples. Killer cymbals, too. The next track by Dobray has a really cool siren sample, and some more spacey stuff. A little bit later on, the CD moves into a little more housey tunes with DJ Icey’s ‘Come Into My House.’ Micro & Vicious Vic’s ‘Electric’ featuring Leslie is another well-known house tune done in typical Feelgood style, with the infamous “I’m electric” sample and a really cool whistle in the background throughout the track. “All This Time” gives way to DJ Feelgood & Dave Trance’s ‘In My Heart,’ with the “ecstasy” sample, an all-time party anthem. ‘Come Back (Don’t Call It a Comeback)’ is next with its hard-hitting beats and cool samples. ‘3-2-1’ proves to be an interesting track with samples from the X-Files and Rob Bass! The last track, ‘The Breaks,’ tops off this outstanding selection. This CD is very well done, with 13 tracks to make you move your ass on the dance floor, all mixed Feelgood style. <sharon p>

Left Coast Chronicles

(Beach Recordings, US)

DJ Abstract takes the first disc of this fine two disc jungle melange and does a fine job with the more tame breaks, flowing nicely through tracks from the likes of Trace, Ed Rush, Adam F, and so on. Precisely mixed and well programmed, this disc is a nice smooth mix that will keep heads satisfied. The second disc is mixed down by both Noel and UFO. Noel takes the first chunk and drops a nice mix of jumpy tight beats that flow nice and smooth. The real treat here is UFO’s mix of every style of jungle around. Where most jungle DJs seem to be pigeon-holing themselves to holy hell, UFO plays a full spectrum of rough beats. Although the drums stay good and hard throughout, there are let ups that let you kick back a bit before the man in command gets completely ballistic on the wax. I’ve never heard so many ear pleasing tempo swirls and spastic breaks in my life. <dan>

DJ Jon Kelly

(Moonshine, US)

A well mixed CD from the up and coming Jon Kelly. This one kinda starts out slow but it takes you through the sounds of breakbeat with hard acid breaks to club sounding stuff and then the funky west coast breaks. Beat junkies alike will definitely have to like the ‘I, I know’ track from Rollin Gear and ‘Scientific’ from Drably Fond. This is probably Moonshine’s best breakbeat CD out and it is definitely worth giving it a listen. <chase>


Quango Sport
(Island Records, US)

This release compiles some of the smoothest offerings by some of best artists in the breakbeat scene today. Totaling ten tracks, this CD features Adam F, Roni Size, Kid Loops, Aqua Sky, Alex Reece, Tricky, Doc Scott and a few others. Alex Reece shows up more than once, each time making this continuous mix more exciting. Adam F’s ‘Circles’ is world renowned now and is simply a masterpiece in combining many influences into a drum and bass track. This CD, and its tracks that were chosen by Jason Bentley, is a great addition to or beginning of any electronic drum and bass collection. <bill>