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DJ Disciple

House Disciples
Maxi Records, US

From one of New York’s finest garage labels comes a fantastic mix courtesy of New York veteran DJ Disciple. This disc showcases eleven fine moments of the Maxi back catalogue including Shay Jones’ ultra-soulful “Only You,” Danny Tenaglia’s “Harmonica Track,” and the lovely “Helpless” by Mood II Swing’s Urbanized moniker (remixed by the ever prolific Masters at Work). This disc isn’t what one would categorize as ground breaking or intellectual…just a well mixed collection of fantastic vocal house music with mucho dancefloor appeal! Check it. <brad>

Fantastic Plastic Machine

The Fantastic Plastic Machine
Emperor Norton Records, US

From the Pizzicato Five’s label comes a mixed bag of lounge-cheese-triphop-techno produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka. For the most part, this is the same old lounge techno that seems to appear on every electronica compilation this side of Guam. However, two stand out cuts make this nearly worth tracking down…first off, a cover of the classic cheeky Joe Jackson anthem “Steppin Out” with vocals by the Gentle People and a horn laden jungle cut known as “Philter (In Viaggio Attraverso L’Australia).” The rest of the album is marginal…but these cuts are brilliant! <brad>

Big Muff

Music from the Aural Exciter
Snapt Records/Maxi, US

What is it about New York house labels that makes them inept at packaging? I’ve yet to see a good looking CD from any NYC house label of any reputation. Back to the design boards, boys and girls. Nonetheless, this is the full length from the outfit which brought us the sublime cover of the Rogers & Hart standard, “My Funny Valentine.” Twelve cuts of mostly downtempo deep house and break-y material. Stand outs include the deep and vocal “Feel What You Know,” funky “Theme from Big Muff” and aptly titled “Soul Town.” A respectable effort with a few low points and more than it’s share of high ones. <brad>

Various Artists

Le Punk Funk: Best Of House Music Volume 9
Smile Communications, US

Volume Nine of the occasionally impressive Best of House Music series is, as you may have guessed, a collection of new French house music. The tracks on this compilation are fantastic…Erik Rug
Daphreephunkateers, Dirty Jesus), Etienne De Crecy and company (Alex Gopher, Motorbass, Minos), Playin’ 4 the City, I-Cube and more. However, these tracks should have been mastered in full rather than mixed together…because, unfortunately, the mixing is atrocious. It’s no wonder that whoever mixed this didn’t put their name in the liner notes. Great tunes, horrible mixing. <brad>

Various Artists

Megasoft Office 97
Chipie Records, US

From the title, one can assume that America is a bit behind schedule on this album’s release”]typical, huh? Nonetheless, this is an excellent collection of downtempo cuts courtesy of the ever impressive F Communications stable. Deep organs, smooth drum programming, chill atmosphere…perfect sunrise chill music. From the deep Scottish beats of Aqua Bassino to the wonderful ‘NYC Dharma” from A Reminiscent Drive
check out the remixes on the twelve-inch of this one”]brilliant!), the finest elements of organic music meet the most sublime of electronics. Essential listening! <brad>

Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination

I Was Young & Needed the Money
Ninja Tune, UK

Following in the tradition of Squarepusher, Boards of Canada, Amon Tobin, and Luke Vibert comes an amazing stint into the realms of frantic rhythm. What sets this one apart from much of the current drill n’ bass material is that this has a certain amount of intelligence involved”]it’s not just insane for the sake of being so. Samba & Bossa Nova keys lock horns with seriously abused breaks for a most exciting result. If you’ve enjoyed recent Ninja Stuff, this album will satisfy your desires for more delightfully painful music. Good. <brad>

Various Artists

White Noise Volume Two
City Of Angels, US

Enter Big-Beat Electronica marketed to shopping mall customers compilation number five hundred. All the elements are here to sell a few thousand units- hip packaging, recognizable names like Fat Boy Slim, big thunder crashing breakbeats and screeching 303’s. The unfortunate reality is that anyone with a few month’s exposure to the music industry could put together a compilation like this in their sleep. It’s high time to start challenging people again, rather than shitting out another Chemical Brothers/Crystal Method style collection. Music = Average… Concept = Shite. <brad>

Various Artists

Ninja Cuts: Funkungfusion
Ninja Tune, UK

Two CD’s of the finest experimental downtempo music known to man. All of the important Ninja cats are here…Coldcut, The Herbaliser, Amon Tobin, Chocolate Weasel, Kid Koala, Funki Porcini, and more. If you’ve been buying the singles and albums, you’ll probably have most of this stuff. However, if you are looking for an introduction to one of the most ground breaking labels around, pick this one up! <brad>

Various Artists

Paris Is Sleeping – Respect is Burning
Caroline, US

From the best club night in France comes one of the best unmixed house collections of 1998. To showcase the biggest tracks from the night, they have assembled some of the creme de Paris and beyond. French mainstays such as Dimitri from Paris, Etienne de Crecy, Bob Sinclair, and Motorbass appear here as well as english deepsters DIY, Chicago’s Paul Johnson, and others. Highlights include the soulful vocal uproar “Testify” from Urban Blues Project, Francois K’s mix of the sultry french vocal cut “Tout Est Bleu,” and the club’s theme track “Respect” from Adeva. An excellent compilation for those who missed the originals…every track is fantastic. <brad>

Various Artists

Novamute Kompilation
Novamute, US

From the best source for consistently bangin’ proper techno comes this two disc set. All of the Novamute flagship artists are here: Richie Hawtin’s ‘Plastikman’ project, Darren Price, Luke Slater, Steve Stoll’s ‘Blunted Boy Wonder’ guise, Joey Beltram, Speedy J, and Emmanuel Top as well as the lesser known acts like 3 Phase, Fawn, Aftrax, and Space Djz. Best cuts include Price’s Detroit doused “Airspace,” Stoll’s hard-as-nails “Circuit Sex,” and the experimental techno of Richie Hawtin’s “Sickness.” A must have for techno fans who didn’t get these on vinyl or those seeking an introduction to reputable techno. Good.<brad>


Caiprinha Music, US

The ever eclectic and envelope ripping Caipirinha has returned with a full length of electro funk known as Unidentified Musical Objects. The brain child of Kahn, Jammin Unit, and Adel Dior is certainly a departure from established notions of techno music. Combine a general distaste for formulaic music with a bit of analog wizardry and sampling bastardization…the result is this album. Most interesting tracks include the quirky “Gutter Juice Ghetto Blaster,” the aptly titled “Inner City Low Life,” and the brooding thick synth pads of “Avus 80.” Not always appealing to the ‘pretty’ side of music…but then again, who needs another uplifting dancefloor anthem this week. Also check out the “Deutscher Funk” collection from the same label for more post-techno sonic esoteria. <brad>

Smith & Mighty

DJ Kicks
Studio K7, US

From the Bristol drum-n-dub duo known as Rob Smith and Ray Mighty comes this spliff soaked mixed collection of rough breaks, large bass lines, and real deal ragga styling. Through seamless mixing, the disc flows from infectious dub to deep hip-hop with a side order of bangin drum-n-bass. With tracks from More Rockers, Krust, Flynn & Flora, Cup of Tea Records, Jaz Klash, etc…the quality is second to none This one will be the soundtrack to the next Massive Posse barbecue! <brad>

Various Artists

Big Beat Conspiracy
Pagan Records, UK

Well, it’s another damn big beat compilation. This one at least hits the mark by having selected some very good cuts…Underworld’s “Rez,” the Chemicals remix of The Charlatans “Nine Acre Dust,” the always impressive Jedi Knights’ “Catch the Break,” as well as Richard Fearless & Company’s mix of Saint Ettiene’s “People Get Ready.” This beats the average compilation of similar style…and since Pagan have a special place in my heart due to their almost always amazing releases, I’ll let this one slide. <brad>

Various Artists

Dot Records, Sweden

This should be hunted down at all costs for the concept alone. The idea of this collection is that one person creates a track; it is then remixed by another artist, and then another artist remixes the remix, and then another artist remixes that remix of the remix… and so on. This two CD or quad vinyl collection took over a year to complete, and the results are stunning. With artists like Ian O’Brien, Endemic Void, Funki Porcini, Jimpster, Kirk Degiorgio’s As One project, and Bedouin Ascent
just to name a few) making appearances, there is enough creative genius here to kill a small horse. As the liner notes describe, “Endlessnessism could be described as the musical equivalent of chinese whispers or an olympic relay race.” The final remix will be the starting point for Endlessnessism 2. Score another point for the damn Swedes. <brad>

Various Artists

Three Minute Blunts Volume Two
Studio K7, US

Terrence Parker’s Three Minute Blunts compilations serve as a rare showcase into the mostly unheard world of Detroit hip hop and downtempo. Most of these cuts are either produced by TP himself, from sessions he engineered, or licensed from his Intangible imprint. From the now classic “88 Phat Ivory Keys” to the Native Sons “Here Come Da Drums,” this is a great representation of a style of music Detroit is rarely noted for. Keep It Coming. <brad>

Various Artists

JBO: A Perspective
Junior Boys Own/V2, UK

From one of the best labels of the past ten years comes two CDs of perhaps the best music to emerge from the United Kingdom during the same time. Junior Boys Own began in 1992 as the brainchild of Terry Farley and Steven Hall and has introduced the world to some of the most important dance tracks of the 1990’s: X-Press2’s “London X-Press,” The Dust Brother’s “Chemical Beats,” Underworld’s “Rez,” as well as artists like Outrage, Swag, Ballistic Brothers, and Black Science Orchestra. Anyway, this has the finest elements of British Dance music represented…including New Order, Primal Scream, One Dove, Saint Etienne, Mr. Fingers
not english… but), Underworld, etc. Highly recommended for those seeking a sublime history lesson in the beautiful progression of dance culture…from 1988’s acid explosion to today. <brad>

Jaz Klash

Thru the Haze
World Domination, US

From Bristol drum’n’bass producers More Rockers & The Angel comes an excellent album of deep, jazz influenced cuts. From the sub-bass and trumpet licks of “Off the Edge” to the Jacky Terrason sampling on “The Finale,” this is an album of extremely danceable yet home listenable jazz’n’bass. And…for some ruff points, check Suv’s mix of “Thru the Haze” or Die’s mix of “BQE.” Excellent to finally see musically respectable jungle getting a proper domestic release. Nice One! <brad>

Si Begg

Commuter World
Caipirinha, US

From one of the most exciting forces in experimental techno comes an exciting long player inspired by thousands of people who commute from London’s Northwestern suburbs each day. Like most Caipirinha material of late, this is some challenging shit”]frantic and dense; quirky techno; abstract disco; noisy interludes. At the same time, this is seriously innovative, especially on tracks like “All Night Session” and “Living In Suburbia.” Check this out. <brad>

Various Artists

100% Pure Funk Volume Two
Desco Records, US

Well, I have no clue about this one”]no idea who the hell these people are, where the hell this label is from”]no information in the liner notes. So, without any preconceptions, this CD is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Stoned grooves, sitars, full-on brass sections, lazy breakbeats, James Brown & Fela Kuti cover tunes… Highlights include Nino Hardini and the Pop Riviera Group’s “Frisco Hills” and The Soul Providers “Carl’s BBQ.” Rock On. <brad>

Eighty Mile Beach

Inclement Weather
Om Records, US

Usually whenever I get an Om Records package in the mail, I get kinda excited in hopes that it’s something as good as the Naked Music or Terra Deva stuff. Eighty Mile Beach wasn’t exactly what I’d been hoping for while frantically opening the mailing envelope…However, one cannot deny the musical quality of this release. More for the techno-crossover Portishead Jazz Lounge crowd…this stands up quite well…until you get to the track “Hempen Homespun” which completely blows…skip over that one if you know whats good for you. Not bad…check the remix 12″s for even better results. <brad>

Hans Platzgumer & Divinités Irritées

Disko B, Germany

From the illustrious Disko B label comes a tasty blend of house, funk, and triphop known as Fingerfood. Electro and downtempo abound…Funky organ stabs meet timbales and a heavy backbeat swing…a quirky collection of seven cuts. Best cuts include the opening dancefloor booty-shaker known as “Discofox” and the almost Danny Tenaglia-esque, eleven minute long “Coup De Grace.” Very diverse and suprising music from das Rhineland. <brad>

Guido Zen

Healthy Fuel Navigation
PiknMix, UK

Lovely ambient and downtempo material courtesy of Italian producer Guido Zen. Lush pads and deep strings cruise alongside delayed synth stabs and carefully crafted broken beats for a result which is both beautiful and organic. While many experimental downtempo artists are venturing into realms which border on annoyance…Guido Zen sticks close to the chill and somewhat peaceful side. Best tracks include the opening “Thermal-Couple Lead” and the Hammond-ish “23 Giugno.” Give it a listen. <brad>

Irresistible Force

It’s Tomorrow Already
Ninja Tune, UK

Morris is back… Our favorite absent-minded Englishman with a silver jacket has returned his first album for Ninja Tune and a series of singles set to drop and conquer each and every chill lounge. This is strikingly more rhythmic than his previous work on ‘Global Chillage’ and ‘Flying High.’ The esoteric vocal samples are still here, so are the thick pads, but Morris has seemingly found the funk over the past years. The first single is ‘Nepalese Bliss’ which features the first mix EVER by the legendary Fila Brazilia as well as samba sampla Amon Tobin, DJ Food, and the Jimpster. Welcome back Morris”]cheers to one of the hardest working and most inspiring musical figures of the decade… we salute you! <brad>

Robert Gorl

Disko B, Germany

Bangin’ hard yet sensible techno courtesy of Robert Gorl and production partner Regis. Nine tracks of great DJ tools…music which would be perfect in a dark room at 2am on a Saturday night. However, this isn’t music that needs a full-on CD release. These are minimal go-nowhere tracks…tunes which are great in a Jeff Mills context but grate on your nerves while eating dinner. Find the 12″s you crazy techno cats… buy a CD like The Three Tenors for luncheons. <brad>


Solex vs. the Hitmeister

Along with live drums, guitar, piano, cello, sax and clarinet, Solex’s reverbed, haunting vocals will trance you. Slow and dreamy; Portisheadish. The vocals- very similar to the Breeders’ lighter songs. My favorite, Rolex by Solex, is more up beat with a groovy drum break, a muted hard 909 kick, distorted vocals, and a dash of cello. Hailing from Amsterdam, Solex is Elizabeth Esselink. <elaine>


Zero Hour
Street Beat

Street Beat has come a long way since their Miami Bass compilations that were labeled drum and bass. With Megashira, when it says file under drum and bass, they mean it! ‘Mental Strength’, a jazzy tune with breaks taken from Photek’s ‘Consciousness’, lightly layers on a melodic trumpet and slides into the next track, ‘Sumo Style’. Flowing chimes surround hard edged breaks with upright bass filling in the cracks. ‘Falling Down’ brings vocals on the scene, and Monik does a beautiful job of it. Two remixes of “Microcosmos” tear it up.
You may have picked up that tune on INFRAcom’s Counter Bass 3000 compilation which came out last year on vinyl.) From jazzy hardstep to dark and techy, this disk will satisfy a broad range of drum and bass appetites. <elaine>


Brace Yourself
Astralwerks, US

Genius. Pure genius. This CD reminds me a bit of “I Care Because You Do” by Aphex Twin. Ranging from fast breaks a la Squarepusher and Animals On Wheels, to trip hop, to ambient, this is definitely an eclectic disc. Good music to clean your house to, or wake up to, or go to bed to. “Brace Yourself
Remix)” is music to make you smile, as is “Losers March.” Other standouts include “Abmoit,” which sounds like a movie score, and the “Brace Yourself” reprise, which sounds little like the remix. This is one CD that you do not want to miss. A complete emotional experience. <dica>


Drum N Basics
Platinum, US

A beautiful drum & bass CD here, which sounds heavily influenced by LTJ Bukem and the Good Looking/Looking Good sound. Almost all the selections are very laid back, with a couple of short interludes sporadically injected between songs. Near the middle of the CD, there are a couple of harder numbers which still stay on the chill borderline. A couple of tracks stand out, including “hear that”]hear this” with its sitar sound, and “duke’s lament,” which is an absolutely outstanding jazzy piece that is reminiscent of Jamiroquai. With 15 songs that clock in at nearly 70 minutes, you get more beats for the buck. If you like your jungle chilled, then seek this one out. <dica>

Various Artists

Classic Rave
Moonshine, US

“In every style of music, certain records become the yardstick against which all others are measured.” Moonshine has done a superb job of compiling nothing but the best of the best from the early rave scene. Every song brings a full-out smile, and most songs should carry a lot of memories for the old-schoolers. With Moby’s “Go,” 808 State’s “Pacific State 808,” Human Resource’s “Dominator,” Derrick May’s “Strings Of Life” and tracks by Acen, Channel X, SL2, Baby D, and more, you just can’t go wrong. Every single song is a winner, and the organization works nicely as well. This is THE compilation of compilations of old-school techno and breakbeat. Consume. <dica>

Various Artists

Increase the Beats
Thrive, US

Following the release of their jungle compilation “Law of the Land” comes a collection of slower breaks that spans the range of the genre. “Increase the Beats”- Big Beats Across America has some of the phattest tracks that are guaranteed to make your body move: from the head-bobbing hip hop sounds of Cyclops 4000 and the legendary old skool producer/artist Kurtis Mantronik, to the west coast flava of Uberzone and the roughneck beats of Hard Hop Heathen. Be it electro, hard hop, or swing beat”]yeah, swing beat, this is one compilation that you can’t afford to miss. <j.flux>

Various Artists

Next Step Compilation
Shadow, US

From Shadow Records comes a well thought-out compilation of drum & bass for your head from such labels as Ninja Tune, Pussyfoot, and Recordings of Substance. This is music to get lost to, with deep grooves and hypnotic rhythms. Most of the artists are unheard of, although there are a few recognizable names such as Kid Loops, DJ Food
the Squarepusher remix), and James Hardaway. In fact, Mr. Hardaway’s “Going Downtown” is probably the highlight of this disc for me, with its jazzy melodies. The other standouts are London Elektricity’s “Song in the Key Of Knife,” a number that gets a bit heavier and funkier, and Icarus’ “Tirol Op Klompen,” a really strange mish-mash of beats reminiscent of Aphex Twin. Definitely a good listen, and well worth hunting down. <dica>

Various Artists

Hellspawn Compilation
Earache, US

OI! Extreme metal meets extreme techno! This is something that’s been building in the hardcore scene for a while now, and finally somebody did something about it, and put out a comp. Props to Earache for releasing it. With tracks by Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Godflesh, Ultraviolence, Misery Loves Company, and remixes by Berzeker, Panacea, Delta 9, Freak, Shitspitter, and others… this is no easy listen. Hard as nails, and fukn awesome! All of the remixers have done great things with the tracks… standouts are both Berzerker remixes of Morbid Angel tracks, the Panacea remix of Dubwar, and the Freak remix of Brutal Truth. You know the deal. Sick ass hardcore, and none of that whiny wussy shit. Pick this up or die. <dica>

James Hardaway

Easy Is A Four Letter Word
Shadow, US

Pure bliss from a name that I didn’t recognize before, but will definitely be keeping an eye out for in the future. Jazzy jungle, with live saxes, flutes, and double bass. Great for home listening, or for driving at 4 am, when no one’s on the interstate and you can just groove down the highway. This sounds very little like a bunch of machines, and something like real jazz with breakbeats. Very melodic, chock full of funk, and one to pick up on sight. <dica>


Hemisphere EP
Quantum Loop, US

I was expecting drum & bass, as the advertising sticker on the front was for the remix by DJ UFO from the Phunkateck Crew
out of California). However, I was pleasantly surprised by six tracks of chunky house with some very strange noises layered over it. “Spaces” is probably the strangest track on here, with some hard hitting distorted bass and very eerie synths and whistle sounds. “Jakk on Trak” completely messes with your mind, and has to be heard to be believed. “Go direct!” shifts towards more of a techno workout while still utilizing odd rhythm and some interesting melodies. And as for the UFO remix? I dug it, but it was more of a home listen… not something that I’d like to hear played out. There was definitely something unique about it, but it didn’t really grab me. Overall though, the CD is definitely one for your mind, and quite enjoyable. <dica>


Blue Room

Blue Room never ceases to amaze me by putting out such a variety music. On the less beaten path lies this cd. Packed full of breakbeats
not the typical electronica crap) these tracks release a passive aggressive energy that makes for a comfortable listen for any mood. The hardest thing to pin down with each listen is how complimentary everything sounds while using some of the strangest noises. Any one who is tired of the same music recycled over and over should check this out for a nice ride. <drew>

Sun Kings

Soul Sleeping
Blue Room

for some experimental new age industrial ambient better known as ‘exneaginam’, the sunkings album is worth a listen. I can’t describe it really but it is interesting. I’m not sure what substances were taken for the making of this exneaginam but they must of been pure cause this stuff is weird. i’m mean that in a good weird. <drew>


Blue Room

Psychedelic trance in top form makes this release a diamond in the rough. No boring Goa shit, just aggressive pulsating tracks that push you and your speakers to the test. Sort of like Platypus but not progressive. The only thing that sucks about this is that most other psy just doesn’t measure up. <drew>

Various Artists

Starchild Records

Starchild hits it big with a compilation CD of pure psy trance to the extreme. You can count on these goa tracks to be non stop energy. All the tracks
one though nine) define the current movement of psy-trance. Tight, gulping euro kickdrums and constant warping and layering of psychedelic sounds. The artistic ideas of Miki Litvak are portrayed in almost every track expressing his ideas of what the psy trance movement should be made of in this day and age. Along with several other artists these European trance gurus explore another dimension in the trance world. Everything from ambient lines hovering over head to video game sound effects, Trip Out definitely makes my top twenty list of psy trance compilations to date. The variety of the tracks is its only weak spot. Similar sounds are found in all the tracks and the same kick drum too. Tempos all run around 145 and the structure of the songs are very parallel. If you are in to this sound, however, then you have nothing to lose because the style is consistent through out the whole CD. If you are a trance head look for other Starchild releases coming out in a record store near you. <josh jones>


Ben Long


This is the second release on Bandulu member Ben Long’s new label. The first 12″ was slammin and this one is no different. 4 tracks of loopy analog mayhem with the addition of a wicked locked groove for you techno tricksters. My favorite track is the inside cut on side A. Overdriven bass and crunched 909 percussion, perfect for doubles. Another highlight is a tweaky new school acid (no 303) cut which would rock any dancefloor. But yourself 2 copies of this one. <merrick>

C&G Sounthsystem

Dual EP

Marco Carolla and Gaetano Parisio (Gaetek) team up for the 3rd release on Italy’s Conform label. This one is similar to their collaboration on Primate a while back, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from these two. Hard and compressed techno, repetitious and made for cutting up. Go for the A side where you’ll find two very useable tracks, one slow builder with layered 909 percussion and a metallic synth loop. The second cut is a relentless hard techno track, very repetitive with filtered synth and loud crunched drums. <merrick>

Cari Lekebusch


This is a very interesting record. There are three tracks which all sound very similar, heavy use of delay and a noticeable influence from Jamaican dancehall and dub
one track even has a vocal from some old reggae record) overtop pounding bass kicks and compressed percussion. The production is superb which has come to be expected from Lekebusch. The Jamaican samples aren’t for everybody, but there’s no denying that this is a unique record. Give it a listen. <merrick>

Circle Sun

Construct Rhythm

Andreas Kramer is at it again on Germany’s Construct Rhythm. This time he enlists the help of Toni Rios for a 3 tracker of driving, slightly trancey percussive techno. This certainly isn’t the best Construct Rhythm to come out, but it is effective on the dancefloor, and a big system will give it an entirely different element, highlighting the excellent production and low bass. Keep an eye on this label, and dig for some of the earlier releases for some of the best techno of ‘97 and early ‘98. <merrick>

Claude Young

The Darker Places
DJAX Up Beats

This Detroit native (now living in Europe) has been busy and this EP is the best reflection of his recent output in my opinion. 4 tracks of quality techno. Go straight for A2. It’s a dark tribal number with layered percussion over reverbed washing synths. The hypnotic breakdown slowly removes everything until you’re left with a lone tribal drum before kicking in massive! Flip for two more tracks of innovative techno that only
Claude can deliver. <merrick>

Various Artists


This is the 4th release on Primate’s sublabel devoted to the more abstract repetitive sounds. No artist is credited here, but the tracks sound like a cross between Regis, Function (Dave Sumner from NYC) and Umek. Metallic locked groove techno trax. This isn’t something you want to listen to for very long. Made strictly as a dj tool, these loops will get very repetitive unless they are fucked with. Buy 2 copies and go wild! <merrick>

Jack Mackrel

Anchor EP

Houston native Andrei Morant (keep an eye out for this guy, he’s wicked on the decks) appears here on Planet Rhythms sublabel, Template. 3 tracks of stripped down 909 heavy techno. The highlight is the A side. Simple arrangement which in this case proves to be very effective on the dancefloor. Looped rhythm track which is filtered in and out overtop a pounding kick and rhythmic synth pattern. The flip side is nothing special, but buy on sight for the A side–peak hour techno at its best, check it out. <merrick>

Joel Mull

Code Red 05
Code Red

Another Stockholm resident who has been very busy lately, releasing on labels such as Primeval, Lask, Loop and his own Inside label. This is an excellent 4 tracker with typical Drum Code/Code Red style percussion and production. You can thank Nilz at the Exchange for the excellent mastering job which gives this record its bang on the dancefloor. Three of the tracks remain drummy and stripped down with effects and lots of compression. The highlight for me though, is the inside cut on side B. Techhouse with washing synths and light melancholy melodies over tough percussion, very trancey and perfect for the late night set. <merrick>

Mannequin Lung

The Art of Travel LP
Plug Research

Wow! This is an excellent album. LA based Plug Research scores again. Forward thinking techno as only this label can deliver. You’re not going to find any dancefloor stormers here, but all the tracks are examples of thoughtful programming, creative sampling and careful minimalism. I bought this on vinyl and I will play it out any chance I get, but it would be perfect for any setting. The car, at home, in a dark bar etc. Check it out for a taste of the future of techno. <merrick>

Max Duley

Watch Out As We Now Drift

3rd release on Oliver Ho’s Meta label. This is some seriously forward thinking, head fuck music. 3 of the tracks are so twisted and dark that I’d be afraid to play them to all but the most open minded audiences. Morphing vocal samples over spacey, reverbed, shuffling drum tracks and eerie synths. The best track is A2, hypnotic looped percussion and distant synths with a heavy kick and dark feel. Props to Max Duley for taking a chance and doing something different. <merrick>

Pueno Latino

Coming Back

This EP is another product of Cari Lekebusch and Alexi Delano’s collaboration while in NYC. It is also another one of my favorite records at the moment. You know what to expect if you’ve heard anything from these two in the past. Sick production that would make any artist envious. Deepest bass rumblings and brightest sounds that stand out in the mix. This one combines a techhouse element with pounding drums to produce a very interesting sound that would fit perfectly with any hard techno set while still grooving along nicely with house. A must have. <merrick>


The Arousal

This is the first release off Columbus’ Residual records, and label owner Titonton Duvante presents it to the world in fine form. 4 tracks of fresh sounds and innovative drum programming. These tracks range from jackin’ minimal techno ala Subhead or Cristian Vogel to a blend of tweaky synths and soft pads over funky rhythm tracks. Lots of bleeps, interesting fills, and abrupt changes that keep the listener guessing. This is one record that gives me hope for techno. <merrick>


I Crawled To Her EP

This is the second release off the mysterious Instillation label. Reducer is rumored to be Inigo Kennedy
Zet, Expire), and for those who are familiar with his other output you will be very pleasantly surprised by this. The best word to describe this record is HARD. This is techno with balls, overdriven to the max with pounding kick drums, distorted synths and earth shaking basslines. Simple yet effective arrangement that will wake up any dancefloor. For all you hard-heads out there, this is a must have. <merrick>

Richard Bartz


Kurbel label owner Richard Bartz turns to world reknowned Kanzleramt for one of his best 12″s to date. 4 tracks of superb techno. Thoughtful arrangement with layered percussion, subtle synths and effects. To be honest, I would play every track on this record, and that’s something I can RARELY say. The production leaves a bit to be desired, however. The tracks are pressed at 45 which makes them lose a bit of their edge, but on a big system, who’s gonna notice? I can’t say enough about this record. Get it! <merrick>

Joel Mull

Koket EP

This is one of my favorite techno records of ‘98. It has the same crisp, quality production as the other releases on Primevil and like them, it sounds incredible over a large system. Side A is a wharehouse stomper with ominous organs and a heavy bassline. B2 follows in the same vein, but it is B1 that really catches my attension and holds it. Dark ominous synths, intricate percussion, and organ(ey) lifts that complicate themselves without loosing that smooth minimal groove. This track keeps me plugged into my headphones giggling like a schoolgirl. 9/10 <garrett>

Adrei Morant

Force E.P.
Planet Rythym,UK

I was record shopping at Temple in NYC when I noticed four guys crowded around a turntable passing the headphones around like a pipe. When I walked over to see what record had them so impressed the kid currently controlling the phones looked at me with a comically serious look on his face and whispered “This records’ special….Yo.” It is. While the logo side
if played too much) can get on my nerves, the info side has two quality tracks that should fit into any techno set. The first cut, a crunchy percussive number is the one that will blow up the dancefloor if played over a large sytem. It is the next cut that nails it. With a rolling bassline and some crisp, high pitched synth sounds, this one will keep any crowd off their lazy crackhead asses. 7.5/10 <garrett>

Atilla Jahanvash

Luxus 004
Luxus , UK

If you like your techno dark and hard I strongly recommend this record. If you have a good system the bass on this track will blow almost anything else in your weak collection out of the water. Some sharp windy sounds make a nice contrast with the afforementioned gritty bassline and add to the overall evil aroma. The other side isn’t nearly as interesting but it is well worth the ten dollar bill you just stole out of your grandma’s purse. 7.5/10 <garrett>

Oliver Ho

Meta #2
Meta, UK

In my opinion Oliver Ho is one of the most creative techno producers out there today. I hate to say it, but this is one of my least favorite Ho tracks. Not that it isn’t deep and intricate and full of the thrumming bassline and subtle voices that we’ve come to expect from the man. Not that this record doesn’t put about 70% of the tired shit coming out lately to shame. It does. But this record recycles some common themes that we’ve seen Ho use before and con’t stand up to the originality of either Meta #1 or his work on Blue Print. 7/10 <garrett>



I swear these guys must freebase baby kittens like my old roomates did. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Their stuff is always original and weird to the point of eerieness. Cold, calculating techno. The kind of stuff the Terminator should have been listening to when he went after Sarah Connors on the motorcycle….and then, from out of nowhere, a strong booty track complete with some Detroitish bleeps and a distorted vocal loop that breaks down into a single vibrating tone. In other words, totally to the extreme and your face, mullet boy. 7/10 <garrett>

Mark Seven

What Evil Lurks EP

Don’t be fooled by the name, this record doesn’t have a trace of evil in it, and I should know since I am the living embodiment of pure evil
me and Micheal Myers). This is a good record if you like your techno more on the bouncy side. All of these track are perfect to go from house to techno, or vice versa. The second cut on the logo side
is my pick. It sounds like something Hyperactive has done before, sans bleeps. 6.5/10 <garrett>

Cari Lekebusch


The coolest thing about Cari is his incredible versitality. When you pick up one of his records you never know what it’s going to sound like. In the vein of his work with Alexi Delano on Svek, this record exposes the lighter side of Swedish techno. The first track is the one I keep hearing out. It has some guy singing about “stop Fighting” or some
shit, but it never gets cheesy. The next track is a remix of the first, a little darker and without the vocals. Side two sounds like psychotic surf music on Drano and actually uses a tweaked out guitar sound. This record goes well with some slower, minimal techno when you want to lighten things up a bit but still keep that ominous feel. 8/10 <garrett>

Joel Mull

Blue Shades

This man knows his music. The 1st side is a moody track that is pure heaven to listen to when you be cold lampin an shiz on yo’ porch on a Sunday morning sippin’ that King Cobra…….an shit. The other side gets you off the porch, dancin on the curb, shakin and twitchin kinda like you was smokin’. With a moving bassline that will absolutely flood a dance floor with percussion and a sparse synth line that starts echoing halfway through the track this one is definitely a keeper. Crazy wack funky. 8/10 <garrett>

Pressure Funk

Twisted Voices

This is a quality record, but I didn’t really take to it as much as some other stuff from SOMA. One side has some cool sounds, but doesnt change or progress so far as I can tell, it’s definitely a track that will require you to do some e.q. work to keep it interesting. The other side starts off nice, crisp, building, when it breaks down and comes back in it has this sound that reminds me of old school German techno. Not that it sounds cheesy, or obnoxiously evil like most old school German techno, but it’s definitely a sound I didn’t ever need to hear again. 6.5/10 <garrett>

Cari Lekebusch and Alexi Delano

Coming Back EP
Hybrid, UK

I didn’t like this record so much when I first got it. But after hearing a couple of people play it out on nice systems I decided to give it another chance. All three tracks are easily mixed and very playable, but they all progress into some sounds that struck me as cheesy the first time I heard them. When played on a loud system the sounds are not as obnoxious as I had first judged them to be. This is probably my least favorite release from Alexi and Cari, but it still puts most shit to shame. If you like this record check out their stuff on the Svek label. If you don’t, invest your money in West Coast acid breaks and stay the fuck off my lawn. 7/10 <garrett>


Bonzai, Belgium

The war against the machines is becoming dreary as the robots launch this monstrously masculine assault of vastly reverbed penetration against our loving, lost generation of ravers. Quite an exciting twist for the Bonzai label, as this fiendish German artist fuses the trademark arena-like hard trance with the minimalism of today’s hard techno. The tracks focus on percussion, looping and filtered pads and some dark vocal passages spoken through a bitchy effects processor. The ultimate weapon here is Distortion to Static, as it competes with the hardest of DJAX and hangs with the crunching acid of Danny Casseau (Argonic). <speedemon>

Thomas Schumacher

Wig Out Into
Spielzeug, Germany

The doctor of synthesizer epilepsies breaks out with his new label for all the greedy underground heads in our drug society. Mr. Schumacher performs state- of-the-art chemotherapy on your fatigue with 3 marvelous mindbenders, which deserve much recognition of his skills. The title track is a pulsing escape through a circuit board forest as you are pursued by a madman with a syringe full of trip formulas, therefore frying your grammar and deeply blurring your 20/20 vision to obscene proportions. Excellent techno accented by more variations of a bleep than you can pop a pill to. The reverse side contains 2 tracks of such experimental terror, you might consider spinning them if you want to send your crowd directly to the nuthouse out of pure sick DJ delight. <speedemon>

Chris Liebing

No Time to Waste
Primate, UK

Recent Mayday scorcher Chris Liebing performs major quadruple technological bypass on this top-notch English label. We are electronically educated that the Germans can throw down just as much tweak and loop as any Swedish, Croatian, or Italian producer out there, filling up our dj flight cases every week. These brutal minimal bumpers have enough synthetic juice to dissipate your DNA and turn your genetic pool into a pulsing jacuzzi. Be sure to observe the “Time for Laura” portion of this record for a look at how fun it is to molest a woman with hard audio stimulation. <speedemon>

Adam Beyer & Lenk

Drum Code No.1 Remix
Primate, UK

For those of you sleepers who missed the first release on Adam Beyer’s furiously undergound and layered Swedish techno/tech-house label, your time is now to resurrect. Although undergoing AB&L’s treatment of extremely infectious and drool-inducing grooves may cause disorder in dissociation, I’m confident that your body will enthusiastically accept its punishment and send rushes of climactic treble to your ears every time you hear the classic double-whistle (listen to the track if you’re lost in the sauce). If that wasn’t enough to damage your self-control, then Luke Slater will definitely take it from there with 2 Planetary Assault Systems remixes; 1 being a bass-heavy minimal cruncher with strobelight breakdowns, and the other being a therapy session of fear. <speedemon>


Re-load, Belgium

The tormenting trio from Gent are on an apocalyptic trip jam to give you sounds and songs from another galaxy. G-Force, Matt Spinner, and Carl Drake create a new language that only thumping frogs in Neptune currently understand. The syntax is laid down like pipelines quite well in 4 lessons: “Break ‘M Up” explains how through downtempo breakbeats and deep organ textures, one can learn the morphemes quite rapidly; “The Wedding” is a title in disguise, as it is merely an ambient planetary atmosphere, which reveals the floor moving beneath you; “Back Feed” is the strongest rhythm of communication this side of the sun, detailing numerous percussion events over a flanging hook and rolling on the surface by means of TR909 bassdrum tires; and finally “Mechanical Make-Up” uses a trademark Propionic breakbeat-stomp with a computer sneeze to complete transmission to your fuzzy little gray brain. <speedemon>

The Subjects

Beyond/Dark Matter
Re-load, Belgium

Just when you thought it was safe to go raving near the speakers, the gods of hard driving techno thrust forward a deep penetration of nasty pumps through your trusting woofers and tweeters. The 2 title tracks are re-released from a CD compilation by Re-load that Jeff Mills produced, but was never slapped on vinyl. Here they are, for your brutal masochistic enjoyment, you helpless piece of humanity. Grinding, distorted, illustrative, multi-layered, and far from happy and sunshine as only Mr. Mills could destroy you with. Think you’ve had enough? Spinning Atoms perform an ultraviolent clean attack on your blood rush levels with an aural trip around Jupiter in just over 6 minutes. Headcleaner lives up to its name and does a little murder magic on the Beyond track, and reverses all the low ends and gives us a brainwash in treble tactics and a fight between percussion instruments. <speedemon>

Cubic Inch

Reload, Belgium

You can never tell what the Liege guys a.k.a the 6th Sense Approach will produce next. Sammy Goosens and crew will knock your common sense off course with a deep experimental 3 tracker of psychedelic physics. Although this isn’t their best work, you must keep an open mind and let the laws of hypnotism take over as you will see things in a new light when the needle hits the end of the record. <speedemon>


What the Hell is So Funny?
Liquid Records, Germany

Here’s a fine piece of work created by a hybrid of a fine female Swiss DJ with the golden fingers of German label owner Torsten Stenzel. 3 experiments in cutting edge progressive groove technology that are sure to mesmerize and melt your myelin for greater effectiveness of your neural impulses. Man and woman unite to puzzle you with anagrams of hard house, disco house, and trance house with more smiles than you can shake a raver girl’s ass at. Top pick is “Indian Summer” which ignites the lighter of The Sandman, knocking you out with a healthy kickdrum, leaving you barely conscious but lucid enough to take in the savory melody that engulfs you in a mist of painlessness while you face the cold reality upon the song’s end. <speedemon>

Trax X

Warping LP
Reload, Belgium

Something wicked this way comes…and we all know who makes things bump loud in the rainy night. Of course, none other than DJ Danny Casseau (one of my favorite record review subjects). He provides a taste of bliss murder for every style, from drum n bass for basket cases to brutal raw techno for sadists; he covers every corner. Top chunks of meat in this cookout include “Phunky”, a downtempo progressive jellyfish smoothly gliding across the sphere of your imagination, teasing you with visions of three breasted sirens luring you with grapes of lust, and don’t forget the subliminal hook; and “Breakdowns” sounds like the music that would be broadcasting through alarm speakers across the city during a dirty bloodbath of robots in war, fighting over who gets to screw with Casseau’s head. Much respect is due to the illustrious musician and suspected criminal cyborg from the diamond-sharp posse known as Reload. <speedemon>

DJ Danny Casseau

Fear EP
Forcefield, Belgium

Don’t be scared, neurotic feet-thrashing speaker-chomping tablet tripping little PLUR children. He won’t rock your world too bad, just enough to make you see shaking green mushrooms doing backflips over grinning red woofers. Casseau really gets the kids into outer space with these 4 slices of black turntable pizza. Deep trancial offbeat stabs laid over a traditional Reload stomp create an atmosphere of rekindled sprits and lost humans finding a home in the chamber we call a rave. <speedemon>

Cronical Reform

Solid State
Reload, Belgium

Let me start by saying two words which define percussion sports: G Force. You can lock this guy up in a sensory deprivation tank for a day and he’ll come out with the most avant garde deep tech-house that not even promoters in Saturn have wigged out to. The titles alone should give you a morsel of thought as to how intelligent this artist designs his electronic blueprints. G Force’s “Radical Elements” is the Belgian answer for Sweden’s Adam Beyer. Let the crowd sweat to your needles emissions and see for yourself. <speedemon>


Reload, Belgium

Enter the dark neon studio in Gent two characters, named Kobbe and Tomazz. The synthesizers are flashing lights, the LED meters hitting hard into red with magnificent resonance, and the fog machine begins to erupt its volcanic ghostly foam across the room and smiles are cut into the resulting vinyl. If you think that sounds good enough, Zzino vs Accelerator drop by to add a bit of progressive luster and shine on their own remix of the title track. This hot piece of wax will chop nicely with spinsters of hard techno, progressive trance, and even dark hard trance. You simply can’t lose if you are truly underground. <speedemon>


Reload, Belgium

Steve Destailleur joins forces of Zzino vs Accelerator, Trax X, G Force, 6th Sense Approach and the rest of the assaulting techno armory to hammer your heredity and shave your short-term memory with a razor of renaissance. This eclectic EP showcases the many moods that Tevatron has to offer, from early morning bird ambience to peak hour percussion perseverance, this will have the anxious areolas of most girls erecting to catch the nearest wave of rhythm like a thirsty techno tongue licking it’s primal desire. <speedemon>


Overjoyed EP
Primate, UK

The rogues of Primate are getting meaner and tougher to battle, as one of England’s premier plate-presser of narcoleptic nerve narcotics continue to produce intense techno to ejaculate the most prosthetic cock as well as palpitate the masses. These guys emanate an unrelenting phallic monster vibe as the distortion is maximized and the scary hooks dissipate and arise out of a punchline that will put vibrators out of business and sexy girls stuck to their speakers in an aural fixation. Go directly to the A side for the rump wreckers, and start with “Arithmetic”, a cross between “My Sharona” and a magnificent acid bassline that sounds like someone or something is really taking a long bong hit. The second choice is “SJ-599″, oddly-named but nothing weird about the furious drive of 909 penetration, kind of like DJ Hyperactive’s “Chicago” on about 4 tabs of acid and a sneaky freaky alarm sound that will get under your skin, and lick your lunatic labia til kingdom come. <speedemon>

Samuel Onervas

Fugitive EP Remixes
Primate, UK

Picture yourself escaping an insane asylum, where they treat patients with giant globs of chunky minimal techno, and you’re being chased by psychotic doctors posing as ravers in JNCOs and baggy Adidas shirts. Of course resistance is futile since the building is psychedelically designed, however, you get many tastes of what the evil Samuel Onervas is up to, and you love every bit of it! For the rest of the world, it’s pressed on two pieces of vinyl, full loaded with versions of the masterplan by Thomas Krome (deep and experimental), Joel Mull (analogish and grinding), Melrob (extended remix of the original), and the magnificent prototype that set it off. Before you lift off into cukooland, get a gasp of “Helium”; a floorfilling scintillating fireworks display of synthesizers enjoying the 4th of July. <speedemon>


Hi Lite
X Trax, Holland

Fresh of the Dutch steamer, this floor-searing chunk of black wax will cause a bigger grin on your face than diving between a firm pair of toned female legs when you see what it will do to a giant crowd. Bekkou is the latest induction to the famed X Trax family and by the looks of it, has a lot more tampering to do with your body gyrations. The main course starts out with Misjah’s interpretation of the Japanese artist’s track “Hi-Lite”; shoving deep chunks of sterling quality beefy funk along with slices of trademark X Trax percussion, served in a basket of cut up reverbed vocal hooks. This one will mesh tightly with those works of Beyer and Liebing. Side B stands for Bekkou as homeboy answers the riddle of the Sphinx with 2 tech-house tracks to detonate your delusions. Although “Monkey Drive” and the original mix of “Hi- Lite” may see quite minimal at times, they are some grinding dj tools for those who like to perfect their deck wizardy. <speedemon>


Superstition, Germany

Sven Dohse from Hamburg proves to the planet that age doesn’t limit you from releasing godly creations on wax. 31-year old DJ and long time producer of the Superstition stable pulls out the blanket from under your wanker ass, so you’re left to stand and deliver to this smoking tech house jam that incorporates the trademark Hamburg rolling bassline with Angel Morales-sounding stabs and grinds to scream out to when your having thunderbolt orgasms. Reverse the platter for a Harthouse-structured thick n striking trance mix by Der Dritte Raum (The Third Room) that takes E to Y. <speedemon>


The Black Series 3.1
Black Series, Germany

Oliver Lieb. These 2 words can describe so much power and thoughts of thousands of ravers working their rump to a roast. Being one of my alltime favorite records, this aggressive pair of deep techno trancers will bring out the sex drive in anyone and anything. “Go Fishing” is the label-side monolith that has very similar bloodwork as Lenk’s Psycho Trax, yet venturing off into unchartered territory once the track starts building. If you can survive that one, then see if you can hang with “Freakz”, a malicious journey though the towering Inferno, where the tall pads keep pushing you along, the beat gets harder and more distorted and the fallen angels tease you and graze your existence with razors of adrenaline. <speedemon>


Black Series, Germany

Just the narcotic we need to feed our stimulant-thirsty crowds across the map! The reputable O. Lieb joins forces with J.W. Henze to offer the latest Black Series medication for your flight case. The two versions of Steroids perform their task of increasing your constructive metabolism by taking your pulse to the extreme by taking you from basic kicking minimalism to the vast fjords of German-layered digital electronics. if you know what Oliver has been up to recently, you know you and your children of the night are in for a marathon of a rave scene intervention. <speedemon>


Stealth Technology EP
Intense, Belgium

Big Time International export manager Jack Winkel knows what it takes to blow the decknicians and the floorfillers away, and it’s this new brother label of Reload called Intense. First up to bat your ass out of the stadium is the supreme club warrior Stan Franssen (many may know him by G-Force) with a sweaty workout of an EP. “Triangle Shape” and “Secret for 4 Years” both use the pumping futuristic techno club formula that keeps the Big Time family of labels a head above the rest for years. The equation that makes it all come together is the label-side cut “Invisible Force”, being a bass-driven thumper comparable to the chemicals in Black Nation Recordings and the programming of X Trax. As if you didn’t have enough to rub your opposing sex to, Mr. Franssen drops a really funky dark tech-houser that rides a breakbeat til your prostate drops out like a peach pit or your hot flashes consume your body in the lust for dance music. <speedemon>

Marco Bailey

TR-98 EP
Forcefield, Belgium

Marco plays polo with your meaty head by pulverizing your energy by means of 4 disturbing hard minimal techno cuts. After a long era of producing hard trance, I’m quite amazed at the outbreak of Bailey’s techno ejaculation that gets the hearts moving fast and hot. For those Swedish fans of the world, there is a track for you to suck on while it eats you out with sabre-toothed Belgian bass. Also included in this slammin suitcase for the summer is a scary electro-breakbeat cut, a heavy duty bird chirping bulldozer of a techno track, and a driving dirty warehouse track for the minimal jocks who know how to take the decks into sixth gear. <speedemon>

Toru Higuchi

A Step EP
Forcefield, Belgium

Toru Higuchi enters the magnetic Belgian forcefield with innovative strength and presents 4 portals to pick from. Now as you know by now, Forcefield isn’t known for track titles, so you are left with your own devices to make your own, but the end result is a sterling experiment in trainspotting. Higuchi uses inspirations from several known artists and forges them with his own elements. The A1 track has a Landstrummy type twang along with his own minimal Japanese bump; A2 has a piercing distorted string very much like the ones Sound Associates (Ben Tisdall & Daz Saund) used in Essence 1; and B1 has a Green Velvet-styled clap effect blended with a Dave Angel-like deep organ melody. The ultimate gem is the B2 hottie which orchestrates a Jan Pravda kind of ghastly noise with a massive reverbed drum and paralyzing bubble effects. <speedemon>

By Kely

The Bomb
Reload, Belgium

Kelli Hand has reached new heights with this Planet of Drums meets Detroit flangellation. Ms. Hand is expert at slicing your tangible brain like sushi by integrating such integers as gut-wrenching relentless stomp drum, tribal percussion, trippy pads that go up and down and inside your flesh, and a jazzy improv-styled piano riff on one mix that will have you going bonkers. The A- side mix does the rabbit in the hat for me as the mood is more minimal and challenging to the likes of Safety Session’s “Crescendo” on Drum Code. <speedemon>

Puente Latino

Journey to the Core
Primevil, UK

Don’t let the spanish name fool you for 3 split sloppy seconds. Cari Lekebusch with his trancelike trippy effects meets his Swedish labelmate and ultra-funky synth ninja Alexi Delano for a bouncy good time. Looks like these 2 had a stealth shadow session in the fog-ridden studio they locked themselves in New York City as this black plate serves us up another dish of what happened during their Big Apple collaboration. If you’ve heard the deep and vocoded Lekebusch mix of Cristian Vogel’s “Never too Late” then you know what Scandinavian sound swamp you’re dipping into. Tight as a virgin production with minimal tech-house textures filling the moist void you so desire. <speedemon>

Andreas Kraemer

The Form EP
Primate, UK

The magnficent, multi-faceted, and menacing Andreas Kramer (a.k.a DJ Jamo, Aquaplex, Junk Project, and A. Crash to name a few) punishes your clubshakers with a quad set of dark minimal techno dj tools to mash quite well with the angry productions of Umek, Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing, and just about anyone on Planet Rhythm. Demonic picks are A2 track, which is the German answer to Jeff Mills and the B1 track, which has a Swedish spice to it, yet has the distinct juicy flavor of a grilled drum machine bratwurst. <speedemon>


Local 101, US

This is the first release off of this brand new label showcasing the talents of native Brooklyn producers. It’s artists have produced material for such labels as Music Man, Direct Drive and Industrial Strength Trance. The debut brings two tracky styled cuts. The first, “Squares in Paradox”, has a hard thumping kick which is accented by electronic tones which spill in and out of the track. “Ink Spots” is more along the trancy side with bouncy rhythms and a rolling bassline. A very nice first release from Local 101″]hopefully a precursor of things to come. 8/10 <j-flux>


Local 101, US

According to the fact sheet, there are “no samples in these three pieces of music.” okay…but does that make it a good record? It does… two tracks of pure dancable techno, borderlining on experimental. Swirling basslines surround one of the tracks as chunky riffs weave in and out over a steady thumping beat. The other is driving and rough, yet dancefloor friendly. The remaining selection basically consists of warm, atmospheric tones”]perfect for relaxing. Local 101 does it again with another quality release. 8/10 <j-flux>


Technetium EP
Local 101, US

This is the fourth release off of this label and probably one of the best so far. Three cuts in all. There are two techno tracks: one leaning more towards the trancy side, but still manages to keep that hard edge. It contains an cool breakdown which keeps the driving bassline and is accented by vocal samples underneath. he other is more percussion-oriented, very similar to the classic Steve Stoll style. Rough and rugged and guaranteed to make you move. They also throw in a hip hop styled piece containing phat beats and topped with electronic overtones. Trance, techno, funky beats: they can do it all. 10/10 <j-flux>


Vuture Shoque Remixes
Casseopaya, Ger

Excellent remixes done by Gyromant, Casseopaya and Laidback Luke. Gyromant’s first remix is more on the fun, bouncy side while the electro mix is a lot more soulful and funky. Give the record a flip and find two more gems waiting to be discovered. Casseopaya provides another reworking, this time a more minimal interpretation with a stompy groove. Smoothed-out riffs and chunky chords are topped of with light vocal samples in this mix. And, of course, there’s the rough and rugged approach provided by Laidback Luke”]banging away like there’s no tomorrow. In my opinion, this is THEE mix of choice. Who else can slam your head into the speakers while still keeping the sound danceable? 10/10!!! Damnit! <j-flux>



Taking techno a little bit further, ABsense keeps the same basic formula and changes it up a bit, after all, that’s what the music is about, right? Tribal rhythms are thrown in to accent the minimalist sound. Harder than you might think. he rolling keys, sharp electronic squeals and rugged basslines all supplement the pounding thuds and driving rhythms that are included in this release. The tribal vibe showcases the entire overall sound. There is not one weak track on this entire release. Tribal techno never sounded so good. 100/10 <j-flux>

Angel Alanis

Chicago’s Revenge
Subspace, Holland

He’s been around for quite a while and is finally betting the recognition that he deserves. Chicago’s Angel Alanis is taking over. His tracks on this release are somewhat different han what you might be used to hearing. Four tough-as-nails cuts which appeal to both hardhouse and techno purists. “Over Easy” is a hard, driving track which contains a dj-friendly break, while “Pongo Mania” and “Chicago’s Revenge” pound away similar to releases on the Reload and Primate labels. Angel is definitely leading the way to the future sound of Chicago. /10 lt;draven>

Laidback Luke

Ruffcut, Holland

Now this is what techno is all about: rogression and innovation. Laidback Luke pumps so much energy into this release, keeping it both hard and funky. Four tracks of mass hysteria. Each one tougher than the next and yet never sounding alike. Distortion is high, the 909 is rough, loops and samples fly around fanatically throughout. “Chase”, “Freeze”, “Pure” and “Rumble””]Luke names his tracks simple and descriptive. Phenomenal release from the Laidback one. 0/10 lt;draven>

Luke Slater

Love (Loved)

Luke Slater released two different mixes of Love which is off the album “freak Funk.” The only way you can tell the difference between the two is that one of them has a radio edit and the other has the track “Class Action” on it. I bought the one without the radio edit if you can imagine that. The mix of “Love” is about as good as it gets. It starts out with solid drums and a voice sample, which is pretty much the same as the original mix, but then it breaks down into this flow of pretty, uplifting strings reminiscent of a Sasha track. It builds back up with some cool soft synth chords and and then the drums kick back in. Its Luke Slater, but its more trance than it is techno. “Class Action” on the flip side starts out with almost tribal sounding drums and some cool synth sounds. It just keeps building and building all thoughout the track. It’s got that unique Luke Slater compression/filter sound to it. Buy it and play it real loud! 7/10 <adam>

Dave Angel

Insights EP
Rotation Records, UK

Mastermind of Rotation Records and world renowned dj Dave Angel hits us with another techno-house masterpiece. This time Angel delves a little bit further into the techno world with “Insight.” The track starts out with some heavy percusion and works up to some nice reversed sounding synth chords, a crazy high pitched sound and a huge bassline that will give any sound system a workout. It has a real “Dave Clarke” feel to it. It’s contantly growing and exposing new melodies as it builds. A real hard-hitter. Side b however is not so good. “Richard Sent You” has got this “Sneak meets Dave Angel” feel to it. Its sort of good, but doesn’t quite cut it. Its got this big spongy gabber kickdrum and this totally cheesy carnival style bassline that just ruins the entire track. Although “Richard Sent You” blows, its completely worth it to buy it for “Insight.” 9/10 <adam>

Cari Lekebusch

Hybrid, UK

Reverted is a very good example of how Cari Lekebusch is a master at what he does. Side B offers complex and break-beat sounding drum patterns lined with groovy basslines, wacky reggae samples, and a barrage of guitar sounding chords. The second remix on this side is a little bit more fierce than the first. Its hard and tracky and a little characteristic of an Adam Beyer track with it’s relentless percusion and twisted synths. On the flip side we have the main mix which sounds a lot like the other two but yet it has its own unique flavor. There are these cool reggae guitar sounds which just sort of float over the whole track, while the drums keep on driving. Most people would refer to this 12″ as “banging techno,” but I hate those people so lets just call it hard edged, groovy techno. 9/10 <adam>

Frankie Bones

Dirty Job

The A side opens with Bones original mix, a tracky affair with repeating samples of a brit tramp telling you that it’s a dirty job, but some ones got to do it. Angel Alanis steps up and beefs up the kick drum and turns this thing into an Underground Construction styled pounder with the sample still in tact. The Atomic Babies take the honors on the flip and turn Bones pounder into a trancey tech house track, sounds great in the early morning hours. Paul Birken takes B2 and creates a minimal tweak fest that rounds this 12″ into a very solid release for BML. <dan>


Minimal Regime
Xplor Music, US

The P side is one solid track of funked up bassline bounce work sure to keep a crowd moving when you lay the funk on with the EQ. The X side offers “Descent Of the Phoenix”, with opens with a long lush chord intro before dropping into minimal acid workings. The second track here, “Short Fuse”, is the BOMB with a nice Dj intro and loopy effects that make way for straight up druggy minimal music that keeps heads nodding nwith its repitition. A solid Ep for this young label. <dan>

Gant Garrard

Dust Traxx, US

A side has a very catchy loopy voice sample track entitled “Here I Cum”…subtley dark at times with switches into almost disco swing patterns. Next up is “Let’s Do It”, sampling George Michael or something, disco strangeness. The flip heads for the techno side of Chicago with the minimal bleepiness of “Acid Arrival” and the speed house (I’m talking 175 Bpm shit) of the properly named “Skit So Manic”. A solid EP <dan>

Various Artists

High Octane Recordings Compilation
High Octane, US

Wow. An amazing compilation of straight up Chicago label. Part of the Dust Traxx family, this new label comes out wailing with 8 tracks of mono repeato techno loopiness. Tracks from the likes of Rush, Hyperactive, Robert Armani, Frankie Bones, Lester Fitzpatrick, Dietrich Schoenemann, Brian Zentz and Acetate give you maximum cold funk and pound while keeping any note of above groundness far away. Any techno loving DJ must have this. <dan>

Minimal Techno

Thomas Brinkman”]Ernst 1, 2, & 3
Formic Distribution[/aside]This guy did what he set out to do — really headfucker shit. Ernst, which translates to serious in English, is a three-record release by the very serious Koln producer Thomas Brinkman. Each track is jazzy within a purely miniaml; context, resulting in pure musical depth. Drum noises are surrounded by one or two tone noises at a time, complemented with chirpy bird noises and super high ting pings. Ernst is so articulate, it borderlines on anal. Yet, the release is not a conglomeration of factory noises, there is a certain funkiness to it. The first track is melodic, deceptive, as Brinkman delves deeper in following tracks, unexpectedly plunging up for twisted gulps of air. This art school rebelis a true craftsmen, and one thing for sure — he is no Eazy E. <tamara>

Acid Junkies

Unsequenced Extracts

4 unsequenced tracks put together by the likes of:Claude Young,Steve Rachmad, Thomas Heckmann stabbing us with some deep Acid Trance, and my favorite by F de Groodt with some serious vocoder Electro bass Techno guaranteed to have you poppin on the dancefloor. <hyp23>

Fred Ex

All the Time in the World

Here goes Mr.ex Psychic TV back again with some serious mind dosing analog assault. Fred Giannelli drops those deep plus 8 style textures that will leave new sinewaves traveling through your brain. I strongly recommend this will fuck with your head even sober! <hyp23>

Robert Goerl

Sex Drops
DiskoB #68

Robert Goerl teh creatur of the ‘80’s new wave band D.A.F. is back in the scene. This time though hooking up with Birmingham,Uk’s own Regis of Downwards. As a result making pure minimalsim charged with energy. With these two back to back could easily be labeled a “dreamteam of techno.” <hyp23>

Angel Alanis

Organic Moods
Thrust/BML, Brooklyn

This is one smooth deep mental piece on vynal out of Chicago. Sounding like a Planet Rhythm/Hybrid release, this producer shows that he’s got what it takes to make him a household name. My pick track has to be “Soundscapes” with its hidden building blocks of reverb that trigger hidden elements in your mind up against a hard pounding kick in your arse!!! <hyp23>

Marco Carola


Is there no stopping the plague of minimal techno? Seems like it has infected many artists across the globe, from England to Slovenia throughout Japan and Detroit, and finally Italy to name a few. And our mischievous techno hamster, Mr. Carola isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. 4 precisely sharpened tracks to graze your thick skull with scientific grace and organic slaughter. Although the fuzzy one doesn’t exercise any cutting edge noises, we are taken through various tunnels of reverberating sound, almost representing the feeling of an animal birth of 2001. <speedemon>


Disco Amendment

Jackin’ the House, US

From Ohio of all places comes this Sneak-Johnson-Chicago style two-tracker with maximum shakin’ appeal. Produced by the Dirty Loops crew with a mix from long-time Cincinnati DJ Bob-A-Dob, this twelve-inch would feel welcome amongst a box full of Chicago filter-jackin-disco cuts. Probably the best release I’ve seen from the Clubhead family of labels…keep up the quality and the funk! <brad>

Morgan Geist

Triadic Trial EP

This is Morgan’s second EP on Kickin’s Fragmented sublabel. More of MG’s signature style of off-kilter upbeat techno and house. My favorite track off the 12″ is an old-school influenced house track with vocoded vocal samples and a funky bassline. The second track on this side goes a bit deeper while still retaining the experimental edge and playful arrangement typical of Morgan Geist. Flip for a stripped down techno track with light synths and more 808 percussion. Top notch techno from New Jersey. <merrick>

Elektrochemie vs Huntemann

Bass Heavy/Strip

Superstition allstars Thomas Schumacher & Oliver Huntemann know what it takes to make a dancefloor sweat as well as the skin that shakes above it. “Bass Heavy” describes itself well as this progressive tech-house behaviour conditioner is exposed inside and out with 2 different mixes by both of these artists. Make sure you prepare for the complexity of “Strip” (again mixed by each of them) since this will deviate your average stack of happy candy ravers into a mutant battalion of wretched aerobic floorfillers. <speedemon>

John Tejada

The Scene’s Just Not What It Used To Be

John Tejada has been cranking out the hits lately on labels such as Multiplex, Generations, A13, Plug Research and his own Palette. This one is good, although not up to par with some of his other recent releases. Light Detroit influenced techno and techhouse with swirling melodies and melancholy chords. There is also a downtempo cut for you headz out there. Give this one a listen if you’re into the UK techhouse/ Detroit techno sound. <merrick>

Russ Gabriel

Orange Mecanique
Soul on Wax

This man knows how to craft his house music. Grooving tribal drums over top a bassline that drips of funk. Slowly evolving synth lines that grow into a jazzy monster, finally ending with Russ showing off his improvisation skills on the keys. Flip for a similar track, arranged in a way to get any booty shakin. If you like it deep and jazzy, this is one for you. <merrick>

Fred Everything


Second release on Philly based Earth. Fred Everything has been busy lately with releases on Fair Park and 20:20 Vission in addition to this one. Their side contains 2 tracks of deep funky house. Sample heavy with pianos and improvised keys. Nice upbeat stuff, but the highlight for me is the JT mix on the flip. The first mix is nothing special, but the second is a grooving tribal techhouse number which keeps the samples of the original and strips down the extras leaving a funky percussion track and bumpin bassline. <merrick>

Cari Lekebusch and Alexi Delano

Jimmy’s Techniq

This 12″ is the debut release on Jericho records out of the UK. Highlighting two of Stockholm’s top producers. I believe this was recorded during their recent visit to NYC during which they wrote some of the better records to come out in the past 2 months
see Pueno Latino). One track stands out on this one, Typical Lekebusch production, deeeeep bass kicks and driving percussion over tribal drums. Alexi adds his touch with a warm bassline that augments the rhythm track perfectly. Some melancholy synths and a light vocal sample round out the track. Flip for two equally well produced techhouse tracks, but you should track this one down for the A side alone. <merrick>

Various Artists

Trace Elements 3
21/22 Corp

This is the 3rd compilation from this well-respected Columbus label. It contains tracks from Dan Curtin, DAC Crowell, Nu-Era, Titonton & Morgan Geist as well as two locked grooves from Archetype. The highlight for me is the Dan Curtin track. Pumping techhouse at it’s finest with big bassline, upbeat chords and signature Dan Curtin melodies. All the tracks are good though, DAC Crowell presents a Detroit inspired track with light synths and melodies. Titonton and Morgan’s contribution is similar to other collaborations between the two, playful 808 drum programming, fills and soft pads. Nu-Era’s track is an interesting tune. Sampled saxophone and breakbeats over a 4/4 kick. The locked grooves round out this comp and make it the best in the series in my opinion. Chalk another one up for the midwest! <merrick>

DJ Garth & ETI

20 Minutes of Disco Glory Remixes

If you aren’t familiar with Grayhound yet, you’ll kick yourself for missing their first three when you hear this remix doublepack of Wicked Records 001. First up is Simon’s Come Unity Mix, a slightly progressive groove with a somewhat breaky feel. Next comes SF Wicked legend Jeno’s long anticipated first release in the form of a thoughtful, deep, and tripped out “Release It” mix. Pete Moss and Wamdue’s Deep C offer tight production and the original bassline on Pete’N’Deep’N’People’s Hilly Deepness mix on the flipside. Rocket (Garth and Eric James) opt for a different sound, throwing in a bouncy “Horny”esque bassline for Rocket’s Horny as F.U.N.K. mix, and take it a deeper for their Rough’N’Raw mix. Finally, Wicked’s Markie makes an appearance, going a bit darker route with his Defenders of the Faith mix… And if you missed it, the original is there also. Overall an incredible doublepack with a huge range of mixes, all interesting and different. Anyone who likes deep house and doesn’t purchase this has got to be either crazy or deaf. Buy on sight. <courtney>

Crosstown Traffic

Open Sesame/Seen
Grayhound, US

DJ Garth (Wicked, SF) and Rob Doten offer up 3 equally good tracks on this second release from Garth’s new label. The “Roots Jam Mix” of “Open Sesame” features a huge dub bassline, reggae samples, conga percussion, and a nice conga breakdown. Garth takes it much deeper with “G’s Talking Drum Mix””]a lush, melodic, signature Garth sounding groove. The often overlooked flip side, “Seen”, is a very tight trip hop/dub jam
yes, it goes on 33.3). Yet another impressive release for Garth who’s definitely making some of the best deep house out there these days. <courtney>

Wamdue Kids

King Of My Castle Remixes
Eruption, US

Roger S. does the first remix here, starting it off with filtered percussion and a light breakbeat intro, then moves into a discoey sound with a funky bassline, goes back to the break and filters action for a long breakdown, and moves it back to lighter, bouncier disco at the end once more. Very nice… Really gets around. My pick is the late morning, slow, deep, dark Bronx Dogs remix on the B side. This one is built around a simple but thick dark bassline and accentuated by light percussion that kicks in a bit harder after the breakdown for a nice effect. <courtney>

Primitive Urges

Volume 3
Primitive, UK

Intricate techy tribal house guaranteed to mix beautifully with almost anything at any tempo and keep the dancefloor moving. Highlight is the A-side with a hint of tribal chanting and huge bass. <courtney>

G Flame & Mr. G.

Who Knows?!
Metal Box, UK

The Advent goes undercover to produce this hard house quadruple pack that is impressively solid the whole way through. 12 tracks range from deep house to
the much higher energy title track which breaks down into a very plurry “come together” speech telling us that “We must… We MUST save our world!”, and
proceeds to kick back in in very full force. A little spendy for the 4-pack but almost worth it for that track alone. <courtney>

Tony Senghore

Come Down On Me EP
Anonym, UK

This guy has taken the trendy disco sound and given it a proper, thorough workover. “Get Down” on the A-side of this 2 tracker is disco, but it’s warped, dark, thick, and tripped out. The tune is full of a million different crazy noises and consequentially a tiny bit on the messy side, but it slams and the floor responds to it. Skip the B-side which is built around the same bassline but a bit choppy and disjointed. <courtney>

Various Artist

The Mozambique EP
Capricious, UK

This 3 track release is definitely all about “No Milk”- a deep, deep, deep, very late morning, very warm, very groovy tribal house track. If you’re into tribal, don’t sleep on this one. It’s one of the best of the year. <courtney>


Mijk van Dijk & Thomas Schumacher

Ride-In You
Superstition, Germany

There comes a time in an alien’s life when it must decide what form of musical amphetamine to order from it’s space station pharmacy. I recommend this “Delivery” by Superstition, manufactured and chemically tested on test raver and club subjects alike, both with outstanding altruistic results! One can only be so respectful of other’s dancing space until you cross the line with tracks like these. We’re talking about superbly structured percussion, driving groovy midtempo beats, surprise sexy moon vox, and a truckload of infectious basslines that are sure to drive most green men into the Red Light District for some guaranteed kickdrum-induced hormone communication. <speedemon>

Mark Seven

What Evil Lurks…?
Primevil, UK

Creativity on the rise, new sounds meet old, rules get broken, mind under matter, and most of all Mark Seven poses the Sphinx-like question to our overdriven minds. This ex-Spira Swedish bystander watches as you collide with sound and image to create a future floorfiller sensation with 4 space station downtempo movers that will spark any afterhours ignition with New Order type synth stabs and a taste of Spund Enforcer on the rebound. <speedemon>

Lemon 8

Basic Beat, Holland

Ahhhh…That dastardly devilish Harry Lemon is up to his usual antics again. Don’t let the basic title fool ya; this is really a throbbing tweaky shuffling Dutch house record if that gives you any indication of its potency. There’s a sample including the word HOUSE, but we are schooled by the sour one in the new direction of House music, a la Basic Beat. Your response is conditioned by three various approaches to the title track, each having its own attitude and thumping correlations to house music. <speedemon>


Instant Moments
Basic Beat, Holland

Last time I visited Pluto, there were these tribal minotaurs performing a funny, yet grim dance to this very cool music piece that sounded a bit like progressive house with a mean hook. They would do this dance just before they ate their naked voluptuous prey, and continued to groove their furry bodies as they devoured, kicking their hooves up with every fourth beat to the syncopation of this deep, clappy masterpiece. Sadly, as we all know on Earth, such divinities shall be destined to be underground classics unless the messiahs of the turntables deem it worthy to subject their masses of movement to the riveting culture of my outer space colleagues. <speedemon>

Jack Russell

Live Together
Basic Beat, Holland

Upon hearing Jack Russell’s versions of “Live Together”, you may get induced in a serious frenzy of deja vu as you are given the whole pie of what other tracks have bitten off of. The real prize here is the Lemon 8 mix, in which Harry Lemon represents Holland in incredible form. Bouncy, tweaky, extremely infectious, percussive, and all-around well programmed. Nothing short of Dutch studio wizardy for Mr. Lemon, as Basic Beat continues to provoke deep erotic gestures in my listeners that result in an ever-populating raving nation. <speedemon>

The Cause

The Cause EP
Primevil, UK

If you’ve ever experienced weightlessness, you’re either on ketamine or are a certified astronaut, but either way The Cause is equal opportunity in terms of providing an arena for you to bounce into obvlivion. All 4 trax are clinically proven to have nasty effects on the squeamish, while giving the strong a virtual ping-pong of elastic emotions and shades of light and dark. Quite mixable in character, this bottle of bubbly bump will get you quite hammered since Craig Walsh and Scott Braithwaite are professionals in the art of fermenting the floor with a Detroit meets UK hops combination. <speedemon>

Christian Smith

Tronic Phunc EP
Primevil, UK

Once you define Neuromancer, you’ll realize that you’re dealing with someone that knows how to affect your mind in positive and negative ways. This gloomy and fog-infested twosome will intervene thought, provoke centripetal crowd conception, and reinstall your hard drive of harmonics. Most of this warehouse fare sounds like Dave Angel candiflipping on blue banana acid tabs and innocent snow white crystals. Mr. Smith takes you several steps further into the darkness with the ultra mental cataclysm “Organistic”, which is destined to flagellate the moist particles of humanity for years to come. <speedemon>


Marc Green

You Don’t Know Him
Liquid Records, Germany

The resident shakemaster at the Liquid castle unleashes his most propelling engine yet. Green means get busy and move your ass off the curb as these tracks tickle your temperament and mash your manifestation in a club suffocation kind of way. “Bewall” is the hardest house matter i’ve witnessed from Marc to this day, with it’s smashing German formula for roasting a crowd to a sweaty crisp. See Janus’ other face for the title track, which remarkably mixes trance and new wave in the same pot, with some 909 crouton claps for all night penetration. <speedemon>

Constipated Monkeys

Subliminal, US

These three funky house cuts by Jose Nunez and Harry Romero will have the floor groovin’. n Cro-Magnon, they introduce the track with simple highs, progressively filter in the bouncy bassline along with the vocal samples until everything is released into a frenzy of funk. he vocal “what have I done?” is all too catchy and contageous. Equally impressive is “Erectus” which pumps a marching snare under looped samples which are cleverly filtered in and out. Excellent release. 10/10″]John Flux

Daft Punk

Revolution 909
Virgin, France

This is the latest release from the Homework album. It was somewhat predictable that this would have to be released as a single, and surprise! here it is. Three mixes to utilize. Two actually, plus an acapella of someone saying “revolution 909″ t varying speeds. Roger and Junior Sanchez lend their talents for the remix, which is slammin’ considering that there is not much more you can do to a track that does so well on its own. Still, they add a couple samples here and there, ework and accentuate the builds”]basically clean it up and take it to a higher level. Another great remix to add to their credentials. How about adding another remix/interpretation? 8/10 john flux

Jamie Myerson feat. Carol Tripp

Rescue Me
Ovum/Ruffhouse, US

Double vinyl which contains two jungle remixes and a downtempo mix. The house versions are what seem more appropriate for the vocals. If you like house that’s more swingy, check out Nitebreed’s Burnt Bubblegum Tree Dub. It’s catchy and should satisfy your craving. Nitebreed’s Pancreas mix is a bit deeper, but still just as catchy. If you like your tracks deeper and more soulful, flip the disk over and go directly to Angel’s mix. The track is basic: a simple organic bassline, smooth and sultry vocals, all over a solid 4/4. Perfect for those late night or afterhour sets. The Hot n’ Spicy dub offers much of the same, but could do without some of the sampled vocals. All in all, very melodic and satisfying. 9/10 for the house”]John Flux

Low Pass feat. Jennifer Folker

The Path is Clearing
Twisted, US

Twisted US has exploded during the past year. You can’t help but notice several of their releases on your local record store shelves. People such as Boris Dlugosch and Danny Tenaglia have lended their remixing talents on several of their releases and there will be more in the future. Twisted’s latest release is a sample of why they are so successful. Four mixes on this release. The original is the one that will draw your attention. Deep and chunky, the track creates a vibe on its own. Swirling undertones take you to another level as Folker delivers her smooth and soothing vocals. Basic and effective. The other mixes bring about a different twist to the track, which are effective while the housecore version serves basically as a dub for the original. /10 -John Flux

The Brand New Heavies

ffrr, France

Is there even a need for a review for this latest Brand New Heavies release? You know their track record, every other song that they put out is unbelievable, so why should they stop now? For instant gratification, go straight to Dan’s groove mix. The toe-tappin, swingy track immediately draws you in. The vocals just complete the package”]especially the hook: “need your hand to help me over, be your shoulder…be your shelter.” ou can’t create a more uplifting song than this. Harvey’s disco stomp mix offers a more funkdafried interpretation to the song while the flipside brings the laidback, downtempo versions. Just your typical Brand New Heavies release”]never disappointing… 10/10″]John Flux

DJ Funk

International House Records

Ghetto Techno overall. Mostly acid track stuff with ghetto claps and bumpin goin’ on here and there. Sorta old school soundin, nothin too crazy, just acid and beats, shtraight up. But then there’s the non-stop booty megasample track which could certainly get some play by just about anyone with the ghetto love in their blood. Gotta love tha funk. 7/10 (bEAN)

Dr. Hallu

Welcome 2 Halluwood
Plumphouse records, UK

Dr. Hallu is the latest release by techno god Thomas Chrome. This unlike his huge single “Burn” is more house than techno, but don’t let that scare you away because it’s good. Real good! There are three mixes of “Pack the Trunk,” and one mix of “Bring Da Sax.” This double is classic with it’s huge groovy basslines, punchy compressed drums, and those tight synth stabs that thomas chrome is notorious for. “Bring Da Sax” is pretty similiar to “Pack the Trunk,” but is a little bit more tech-housey and somewhat tracky. Chrome serves up his winning formula once again and hits us with some pumpy house tracks guaranteed to fill a floor near you. 8/10 <adam>


DJ E-Tones

Detergent for your Soul

This is DJ E-Tones second release on the Minneapolis based label Sounds. This time up he gives us three solid house groves. The main track “Detergent for your soul” is pretty jazzy with some cool subtle melodies and driving percussion to the likes of Mark Farina. On the flipside there are two more tracks entitled “Black Shampoo” and “More and More.” “Black Shampoo” is more on the disco-house side of things with some funky guitar licks, live sounding bass and some 70’s synth stabs. Although the first two tracks are pretty good, “More and More” is undoubtly the winner on this 12″. Deep, groovy, smooth house with a funky bassline, cascading piano work and a familiar vocal snippit all with a touch of nice reverb. 8/10 <adam>

DJ Jes

Contaminated, US

Quality Chicago track style techno with all the right bleeps and blips going on the a side to keep a drugged up freak moving. The flip has more of a moody feel to it, while still keeping energy levels high. First track on each side are the ones to check. <chip>

Beat Junkies

Rock Shit
Contaminated, US

A side starts with “R&R”, a slower clangy yet floaty track with soothing voice samples, “Raise Your Hands” is next, and drops the ghetto style with nice distorted shit ripping over “…who wanna fuck…” samples. B side opens with dirty techno, but the one to go for here is the swing styled funk of “Funk Organ”, a damn fine track and the best on this EP. <dick>


Energy 52

Cafe Del Mar/Ultimate Remix Collection
Bonzai Trance, Belgium

The clubshakers of progressive trance (Nalin & Kane) take on the grand order of embellishing some psychedelic creativity on one of the most epic trance tracks of all time, created by Kid Paul from the old school. Transformed, transmogrified, and transplanted to the soon-to-be-cracked dancefloors of delusion, Cafe Del Mar is served like a smoky pile of electronic beef, waiting to be savored in 4 flavors. The Nalin & Kane version will most likely appeal to the clubs who are partial to the likes of the Positiva and Triangle labels. The other remixers are unknown at the time (promo) so you’ll find that the remaining 3 interpretations take on several speeds and almost goalike translucence. Works elusively well with lots of fog and epileptic strobelight massacres. <speedemon>


The Real Anthem
Bonzai, Belgium

The masterminds behind Zombie Records cause an avalanche of parabolic emotions
with this attractive trancer. The powerful hard trance track lives up to its title, as it blends well with the likes of such skyfliers as Tool and Lunatic Asylum. If you let yourself dive into the track and swim inside the vinyl clouds, you’ll sense an overwhelming need to figure out exactly what the machines are up to, as they spring in with an occasional narration during the anthemic experience. Flip side is not as demanding and provides a comforting nest of nootropics for your comic strip personae to unwind and deflate. <speedemon>


Change Me
Tranceportation, Belgium

The two top gurus in the experimental German trance industry throw down an immense spiritual twister on us to mercilessly accept. Torsten Stenzel, head honcho of the sterling trance label Liquid, and Oliver “Spicelab” Lieb, world reknowned producer/sound astronaut, made sure that you got your hard-earned clams were well spent when they embarked on this quest quite different than their epic “Paraglide” track. Lots of driving energy, typical hypnotizing pad patterns, and nothing short of top multi-structured wizardry on all 3 mixes of this new sabotage mission for your parachuting personality. <speedemon>

Yves De Ruyter

The Rebel Remixes
Bonzai, Belgium

Seems as if Mr. De Ruyter keeps running circles around your head like the Roadrunner as he produces one explosion after the next. Light the wick of this fathoms-deep super-steep bass-heavy dynamite near a crowd, as the eruption of smiles and shakes begin to spread like Traci Lords across the room. The A-Side is your salvation to your sins as you submit to the rhythm angels of above, while the reverse points out some funky constellations in the vein of Tripoli Trax and Bush. Another Mayday-style hard ravey trance production from Belgium’s most relentless soul infliltrator. <speedemon>



Return of the Gold
Liquid Records, Germany

Behold the high priest of warehouse trance! Tool is a severely underrated producer, as well as superb mnemonic technician on the decks. I haven’t heard such a deep abyss-like hard trance track like “Futurology” since Jones & Stephenson’s “The First Rebirth”. It’s a smoky strobelight journey through a gigantic warehouse, with layers of levitation and splashes of Oliver Lieb- sounding strings, crafted to the likes of our superhuman handyman. Don’t let this slip through the cracks of your disturbed, trauma-stricken little mind or suffer the lack of eternal carnal bliss at your expense. <speedemon>

Chris Liberator and D.A.V.E the Drummer vs Chris Liberator and The Geezer

Renegades Of Acid Trance / Face The Speaker
Amnesia US

Full on acid delivered by Chris Liberator D.A.V.E the Drummer and the Geezer with production that is nothing less than what you’ve come to expect and perhaps a bit more. Renegades of Acid Trance bangs with builds that don’t stop. It’s got an anthem feel to it for that time of the night when you forget everything. Face the speaker starts out innocent like the calm before the storm but the wind soon picks up. Gut wrenching acid like you’ve never heard and pounding percussion throw this track into a category all by itself. Good luck finding this. <drew>

Joshua George

Locus of Control
Lift Records

It is about time that a new trance/techno label breaks the spectrum. Lift records hits strong with their first release by DJ Joshua George. Three quality tracks of trance and techno with good melodic breakdowns, subtle breakbeat loops, ethnic and angelic vocals, and solid acidic bass lines. The tracks all have the same structure, simple at the beginning dropping off into a atmospheric breakdown, building up, and shooting of into high gear. These releases are a good blend of break-trance and techno. A couple of the songs are more progressive style trance and then there is a pretty hypnotic, tribal techno track on the b-side. It helps when releases like this are made by DJ’s because they know how to make it DJ friendly. There are lots of random noises hovering in the background and funky acid lines put a nice icing on the cake. Any trance or techno junkie would definitely find this interesting. Look for its release in the fall. Grade B <josh jones>


Le Car

auto-motif ep
Ersatz Audio Detroit, USA

Le Car gets my motor running. This quirky two-man ensemble consistently makes quirky, head-bobbing tracks. Their new ep is no exception — it’s spaced-out eye-brow raising fun. Is it an Atari game or a voyeuristic melody? You never quite know, and that is the mastery of their work. The music has the familiarity of vintage blips, but the production of creative bleeps. All four of the tracks on this record are things I could listen to for subtle tones, but also on a dance-floor freak-out. And the Car Scenes, oh the Car Scenes at the end of each side — let’s just use the word deliciously twisted.– <tamara>

Riot City

Pop: 5
Formic Distribution Germany

This is really good electro shit. In fact, it is an electro dj tool — chock full with lock spaces. Some tracks sound very Detroit electro, including Platis Platis Dub Mix and Loop 1,2 and 3. Producers Klystron and Jenny are innovative. They have created a well-produced record with a clean, classic feel to it. Order this one up electro freaks. <tamara>

Various Artists

The Anti-Static EP

Heres a good 4 track compilation off the 2nd brooklyn based label. Taking you into the darkside of electro from Ohios 21/12 Cron to Electrecords German boys”Come Out” giving us a taste of future Electro. With the B sides Him+Her dropping the beats for some serious groovin music that could work in either an Electro or DiscoHouse set. Not to mention this is the coolest packaging ever, it comes in a record size zip lock bag made of what astronauts food would be in! Hypnotic 23

Mental Box

Spinyl Records

Its nice seeing good Electro coming out of California instead of those shity funky breaks we’ve come accustomed to. Nice bleepy sounding electro with a phat bridge that slows down and builds back up. I love this original mix of Machine-included remixes by John Tejada and Atom Heart. (Hypnotic 23)

Nature Records

Rome,Italy-Remix Dist.

This is the first in a new sound of Electro from Fabrizio & Marco D’Arcangelo. Its quite beautiful with a synth voice melody transformed on top of pretty arpegiated music box rhythms backed with a solid Electro beat. Includes 5 mixes, a must for those dancefloor moments to get everyone groovin-a soon to be Electro anthem in my crate. (Hypnotic 23)

Various Artists

The Dark Side of the Sword 1-3
Plasmek Records

My favorite of this series is #1 best compared to the “From Beyond” series from I.T. This one delivers the goods, I spin the white side starting with Andrea Benedetti’s “Sprawl”-smooth riding acid on top of Electro. Then into some really nice dark experimental minimal stuff from MAT-1010 with “Entereg”. Plus the black side includes tracks by Den Haag’s own I.F. and Passaranis 2099’s own bread of Futuristic Electro…<HYPNOTIC23>

D.J. Punk Roc

Airdog/Independiente Records- UK

The B side track “My Beatbox” is my pick with some good,tight and solid Electro beats. This track is produced by NY’s own Deejay Punk-Roc who’s presently receiving more credit in the U.K. than here in the U.S. A combination of some nice analog Miami sounds over a vocoded voice which I’m always a sucker for. The A side leans more on (the Hiphop funky breaks rap tip which I’ll skip. Presently available on import only. <HYPNOTIC 23>

Unagi Patrol / Microstudio

Carpet Bomb Records

It just seems that Squarepusher sound-a-likes just get really old after a while. Both of these artists on this records have taken it one step further by making things twice as goofy and setting up somewhat of a carnival atmosphere. Microstudio’s “Rural development projects” opens with a hyper breakbeat 909 pattern, then evolves into a bleeping, analog pad filled world. While along the whole way keeping the track alive with clever breaks peeping through the swirling, bleeping synths. Unagi Patrol’s “Unagi Patrol” and “Mr Greco” both have the jazz influenced, crazy break elements that we all love so much. Both are kind of laid back, and try to impress you with how goofy the breaks and loops are. I’ll probably stick with the first side. <lo-fi jim>


Electro Freaks Rehab Clinic
Breakin’ Records

Good production, sometimes clever song structure, and great for break dancin’ kids. But that pretty much where it stops. Don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy listening to Electro but all the songs don’t work as a full album. It kind of seems that someone bought a vocoder and feels obligated to use it excessively on every track. I just don’t really dig hearing someone telling a story (through a vocoder) about how they made this funky track for their friend. <lo-fi jim>

Various Artists

Warp 100

Warp’s 100th Release with 12 unreleased tracks on 3 records, showcasing the best acts on the label. The first record features Squarepusher/AFX’s “Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid”. It sounds more like Squarepusher than AFX, which makes you wonder if all that Richard James did was play the quiet pad in the background. No matter, it’s a great track. Another standout is Autechre’s “Stop Look Listen”, a quirky, somewhat dancey track, keeping the spark alive with timing changes and slow-downs. Follwed by Autechre is Plones “Plaything” a Casio “PSR” series keyboard demo gone bad. Mark Bell’s “A Salute To Those People Who Say Fuck You” is a noisy, hard techno track with a super swing. A not-so-musical synth line keeps a groove, but also drifts off at the end of every measure. “Umchunga Locks” is Mira Calix’s tribal banger, with a thrown in child’s voice. Jimi Tenor’s jazzy, saxaphone filled lounge house song “Wear My Bikini” has the vocal hook that has something to do with eating hot dogs. Anyone who knows Warp knows that they have been releasing some of the most innovative music in the past years, and this compilation proves that there’s a lot more to come. <lo-fi jim>


Aguilla 7-inch

Any thing that has come out on Skam proves to be quite different from what any other label is doing. This Bola 7-inch is no exception. Down tempo sometimes ambient is what the first track “Aguilla” is all about. Crunchy beats, calming warming analog pads, and a electric piano solo all wrapped up into on complete package. The flip side song “Trangle Cake” is a little harder, with chopped up distorted rock drums. This track comes across as an off time, insane slow breakbeat masterpiece. Swelling synths and a Jupiter-8 sounding pad give it that much more emotion and charm. The last short song “Curbstard” is a funky breakitdown kinda jam with yet another electric piano solo. If you find a copy of this record, buy it! If you find 2 copies buy them both, Craig desperately wants one. <lo-fi jim>

Bubbah’s Tum

Dirty Geat Mable Remixes

Remixes from the album “Spunk Jazz”.Three of the Four mixes that are just OK. The only one that really stands out is the Boards of Canada mix, which actually has a descent song structure that doesn’t bore the hell out of you. The Cabbagehead mix is pretty straight forward Hip-Hop loops with a few nothing to write home about synths. The Digi Dubs Malana Disk Mix has a sample of man babbling about family problems, that last throughout the whole song.
Again more boring beats that don’t change, when they really need to.
The Paddington Breaks Double Hoody Mix is a fast electro type track, nothing exciting here. If anything it’s well worth buying for the Boards of Canada remix. In fact, buy all of their remixes, and their albums as well. <lo-fi jim>


Mutant Sound System

I haven’t heard a track I didn’t like yet on this Ney York based label. Faceless gives us more “space-machine” beats. The “A” side offers a mix of A.P.B. called “Night Drive” which is a 90-ish BPM experimental trip hop excursion”]whatch out for UFO’s! There’s also “Dusty Empire” which dares to go even slower and clock in at 75 BPMs.. play this track next time you do an ambient lounge! The flip has the “Funky Hammond Mix”, the most up-tempo
at a whopping 102 BPMs!).
8/10) <sharee>


E.P. Taph
Reload Limited, Belgium

Seal Phuric is the undoubtedly the phuture of soundscape nightmares. This finite double pack of destruction takes it a lot further than its title depicts. If this is an epitaph, you can only imagine the brutal, sadistic, sinful, cunning, and dysfunctional personae the creature whose life these traxx revolved around. Half of these visions are incredibly eerie experimental ambient that would have the Mover looking over his shoulder, while the rest contain scattered and shredded up beats and beatdowns that just might crucify you while at the same time would be perfect music to the movie SEVEN, had it held an NC-17 rating. <speedemon>

Dr. Onionskin

Indian Man
Base 9, US

From breaks to strange house mixtures and into freaked out old school styled jungle, Dr. Onionskin does it all with six tracks of high quality electronic meanderings. The sound quality is quite high, design work is definitly on point…it’s all good. <rico>