Psychedelics! Astral Voyages! and YOU!

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If you don’t get it, it may be more than you care to know.  If you do get it, and want to be amused, read on.
**You’ve Been Warned**

Part 1. Abridged List of Facts

-the Illuminati (or those who see with the “third eye”) are the only real power on the planet;
-there are UFO’s and  “extraterrestrials”, and they aren’t being covered up, just denied;
-you are 99.6723008% likely to have held one or more past lifetimes;
-death isn’t any worse than going under on nitrous oxide;
-money is irrelevant;
-all religions are false images of the One Omnipotent God (IAO) they all know exists;
-you are probably telepathic;
-you don’t know crap, and you never will know crap, really.


Oh, jeez; did I go too far?  I don’t think so, if anything above was anything like a surprise, you wouldn’t want to stumble into the title subjects in all their glory.

First off, there are more dimensions than we have access to “normally”, i.e. by the five senses.  Your mind has more dimensions, but you have to train it to shut the hell up long enough for you to do something.  All I can say is don’t think anything, don’t focus on anything, except maybe that you take long, deep, steady breaths, and that you relax your body so it doesn’t distract you.  Psychedelics are kind of a cheat, they warp everything so bad you don’t have any thoughts on this intense experience, and you are open to reception (or possession, but if you don’t think about it, it won’t happen more than once) of instruction from your, um, Contact, who will give you due instruction- hint, you haven’t found It if it tells you to run amok and destroy things; that’s a bad one, just send it back (“you have no authority” works nicely).  This Contact will give you your contact code (an audible pattern common in all voyages) that you should remember, as thinking of it is a failsafe way to “page” your Contact should you need It.  I could tell you what to do “outside”, but that’s your Contact’s job.

Second, there’s a reason for the drug war as it applies to psychedelics- the powers that be know that the Contacts make sure that what happens is what is supposed to, and it won’t affect those in contact.  Those who don’t get it and don’t want to can be influenced in very bad ways by having the doors flung wide open; they will believe anything they are told, but this is generally true of such persons anyhow- they think we freely elect the people who govern us, and that they are answerable to us, even though they are constantly being threatened and intimidated by the government’s authority over them.  That’s why I try to scare them off, they would take this exactly the wrong way.  I’m still against the war, as I’d rather they believe this than the crock of shit they swallow now, and hell, maybe their Contacts will find them first because they took a daring, forward step like dropping a tab or reading this…

Third, a change of the guard is occurring.  To put it simply, everything is being done really slipshod nowadays and this just can’t hold up forever, can it?  It involves rapid, highly manipulative use of technology to seize control of the problem portions, and fix them; functionally, that means seizing everything; that’s what CALICO Unlimited is about.  We fix what’s broke, and eventually that will include this world of ours.  We’re looking to the future, and the possibilities of applying the entire globe to the production of a unified society, in which the great succeed, and the rest can at least enjoy luxuries.  Our current resources allow all of us to live in affluence from only about 20 hours of work per adult 14-60; we can even do it in a way that doesn’t screw up our planet.  Everything is available to us, we need only take by systematic inclusion- your thing IS our thing, your goals ARE our goals, we HAVEN’T GOT SQUAT until YOU are completely satisfied, all we ask is that you do your own thing for us when you do it, trust me, we’ll do just fine; we’ll leave you alone to take care of things your own way, just recognize and support, we’re going to do everything- clone human tissue, retrieve trillions of dollars in asteroidal mineral wealth, save the rainforest, and bring the third world up to our living standard; and we figure it’ll take, oh, about one lifetime.  Just do it.

Paul Sullivan can be contacted at and/or 513.242.4343; he feels weird about referring to himself in the third person.  So does his clone.