Sample City

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It’s wicked when you’re watching a movie or listening to some old 80’s record and you hear something that has been lifted for the drum & bass track of the moment.  Here are our favorite obscure samples from famous drum & bass tunes, and where they were taken from.

1.  RONI SIZE – Brut Force
This has got to be the craziest one.  The sample that goes, “It’s because I’m short I know….” is actually from the beginning of ”Daydream Believer” by -you guessed it- THE MONKEES!  Congrats to Danny Darkside for the first one to point this out to us.

2.  RAY KEITH – Sing Time
Another classic tune.  The beginning intro everyone knows samples Pink Floyd, but the strings and atmospheric noises come from a tune called “Ghosts” which was a top ten UK hit for New Romantic gurus Japan (the band) in 1981.  This was the group David Sylvian was in before going solo.

3.  RAY KEITH – Terrorist
OK, this isn’t a sample, but Ray Keith must once have been one of the biggest Japan fans in the world.  That famous piano intro is a 4/4 adaptation of the piano intro of Japan’s minor UK hit ballad “Night Porter” from 1980.  Ray could not sample it directly because the original was in waltz time, so he just replayed it.  This one you might not believe me on, you’ll have to check this one out yourself.

4.  REMARC – Ricky!
I love the samples in this “Scottie” rip-off because they sound so ridiculous. Where are they from?   Remember that scene in “Boyz n’ da Hood” when the high school football star gets gunned down?  Bingo.

5.  SHIMON – Predator
Well, this one is easy, but I just had to mention the “Predator” series because these two movies have been sampled to death (along with “Bladerunner”).  This track is the best use of the movie, though.  “She said the jungle… it just came alive and took him!”  Absolutely wicked.

6.  KEMET – The Box
This classic hardcore track has the scariest samples ever:  “What’s your pleasure, Mr. Cotton…” and the reply “The box…”   Horror fans will know these samples come from the movie “Hellraiser.”

7.  3D AND SNUGGLES – Clones
Everyone asks me where the samples are from.  It’s a conversation that takes place between Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum in “Jurassic Park.”  As an indication of how much 3D’s kids love the movie, we used yet another Jeff Goldblum sample in a track “Template” that we put out on Timestretch’s ADVANCE imprint.

8.  LTJ BUKEM – Horizons
The famous “Horizons” speech is from famed US poet Maya Angelou.  Other famous sampled speeches include Martin Luther King from Ray Keith’s “Religion” and Malcolm X from Trace’s “By Any Means Necessary.”

9.  BAY B KANE – Hello Darkness
Among all the cheezy darkside tunes that used samples with “dark” in it, this one tops them all, featuring a sample from Simon & Garfunkel’s hit tune “Sounds of Silence” saying the title of the track.  Coming in 2nd in terms of ridiculous “dark” samples has got to be DJ Hype’s rework of 2 Bad Mice’s “Underworld” which sampled Bill Cosby saying, “you walk into a room and it’s dark…”