Scott Brown

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Scott BrownHallo all!! DJ Phil here again. Here’s one of my first interviews (sort of).  Not too many people realize that Scotland is Rockin’ and this Scottish lad, Scott Brown, is the shit (I mean it in a good way).  Not too many of you hardcore heads might know the name Scott Brown, but let me tell you… he’s tha bomb.  His music can sound like UK happyhardcore just like his recent offerings on the most excellent labels, Evolution & Twisted Vinyl or he can produce some slamming gabber tracks like his recent singles on hardcore labels such as Mokum & Inferno. Scott Brown’s toons are pure hardcore party toons- either in the happy hardcore style or the gabber style.  You ask me what my favorite Scott Brown toon is and I’ll have to say Now is the Time. It’s a classic… Scott also did the very first Dwarf record under the name the Scotchman as well using the name Annihilator for some of his tracks on Mokum. I wont even go into the names he uses on the Scottish labels like Screwdriver, Evolution & Evolution Gold, Jolly Roger and Jolly Roger Lite. Scott also has material on the British happy hardcore label, Happy Trax. As you can see he’s not a DJ, but also one busy producer…  Anyway, here’s some questions I asked Mr. Brown via the internet:

0. What the hell is your DJ name. What the hell is your real name (make one up if ya want)?
Scott Brown & Scott Brown (strangely enough)

1. What the hell music do you play, and why do you play it.
Happy Hardcore in the UK and Gabber / Techno anywhere else. I play these styles as that’s what I write mostly and am well known for it!

3. Where are you from.
Glasgow (That’s in Scottland, duh!)

6. Just in case people are unclear… what is your gender and how old do you want people to think you are…
I am 6’2” blonde male and I’m 24 years old!!

1. What the hell were listening to in 1988? 1991? 1984?
1988 – New Order, 808 state, A guy called Gerald
1991 – Various Hard Techno (esp R&S, Joey Beltram, Frank de Wulf)

2. Do you own a turntable? Reel to reel? An Atari 2600?? A Beta video recorder?
I have 2 sets of Technics Sl1210’s, no, Yes (fave game Vanguard & space invaders), and YES there’s still a fully working Beta video at my mum’s place!

3. How many rekkids do you get every 24 days? Wher do you get your toons?
Far, Far too many. I get sent a lot of stuff, but I also get records from 23rd Precinct in Glasgow or anywhere I can buy them!

5. What time do you like spinning at a party? Why that time?
1.00 am as it’s normally the highlight of the night. It also leaves plenty of drinking time afterwards (hey, I am Scottish!).

7. What’s yor top tunes of the moment?
Most stuff on the Italian label ‘D-Boy’

8. Who killed Notorious B.I.G?
Somebody who didn’t like him

6. Do you scratch when you mix? What other silly tricks do you like to do when you spin?
I can scratch but not much. I use a CDJ 500 CD deck quite a lot, which acts like a third deck. I find it easy to use and I can press my own Cd’s to play straight from DAT!!

9. When you do a mix tape, do you cheat? (Samplers, edits, computers, etc…)
No. I use a Hard drive when I mix compilations, but never on a Vinyl Dj mix tape.

10. Does power usually go out when you spin?
It happened once in Switzerland and it was a terrible experience.

11. Other than practicing by yourself, what is the least amount of people you’ve ever spun for?
A handful of people in my local pub, just as I was starting out!!

12. Do people usually ask you to play something different when you spin? If so, what do they ask you to play?
People always want me to play the shittiest, cheesiest nonsense that I’ve never heard so I couldn’t tell you what it is!

13. Who’s the shit now in your type of music. Is Dave Clarke?
Nobody really? Perhaps any Dutch Dj who’s sold out to the charts(there’s alot of them). (Note: I don’t think Scott gets some of the US slang… that’s okay, I’d probably get lost hearing somebody with a think Scittish accent…or Brooklyn)

14. Other than parties, what else do you do for fun?
Nintendo 64, Football (soccer),Pool and I speak a bit of German!!

15. How long have you been spinning? Did Ron Hardy influence you? Barry White?
A mere 4 years. Who the fuck is Ron Hardy?!!?!?

16. Is Derrick May all that to you? How about Richie Hawtin?
I used to love the Derrick May stuff, but it’s so far apart from what I do now. Richie Hawtin I like, but he’s never been an influence in any direct way.

17. If you could, would you like to have Josh Wink’s dreds? How about Goldies teeth?
No way ,these guys are ugly. But I’ll have Goldie’s Gold anyday!!!

19. Are you all that?
Huh? (See what I mean… Scott is all that and a bag o’ chips)

20. What would be a good Wednesday night for you?
Not having to learn German (I do this every Wednesday)

21. Who hasn’t influenced you.

23. Add your own comments….
Scotland’s a beautiful place but the weather is shit!

22. What do you think about the bullshit media hyping up “electronic” music?
I’m not too sure, it’s something that hasn’t happened too much in Scotland.

24. Supposing some  promoter or person wanting a demo tape of you… how can they get a hold of you?
By email, fax or post:

Scott Brown,
Po Box 1402, Cumbernauld, Glasgow G67 2JJ, Scotland, Uk.
Fax +44 (0) 1236 457 419

I s’pose now Mr. Brown thinks I’m a nut… but that’s okay because he puts out some really good toons.  Really!!  Well, this is DJ Phil saying, Get down suckabitch!!  My article should be in here… somewhere in this fuckin’ magazine!!  Who knows what unlucky will get these questions…