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THE UNDERGROUND IS...The web is a weird place.  Most of you are probably aware of the plethora of porno sites (if not try:, but you may not be aware that you can also find just about anything else you’re looking for.   It’s even possible to sell your soul to Satan online (… Any sort of depravity you could possibly desire or imagine is out there… somewhere, and a lot of it is free.  Some people have gone to the trouble of adding password protection to their sites, but rest assured that if it is worth seeing then someone has hacked it and that information is somewhere.  Keep looking.

We’ll start our journey with the simply bizarre web of sites called ‘Death Patrol’ (  Don’t try to understand them, just browse and be amused.  A personal favorite is the “Bots Of Death” page, but “Bad Hair Pony” and “That’s Bob Dole’s Banana” are also pretty cool.  Keep in mind that the Death Patrol sites are ‘guaranteed to crash any browser’ and are thus the sort of thing you check out at your own risk.  I became aware of Death Patrol during a visit to the SPAZ page (  SPAZ is a group out of San Francisco who throw weird parties and put up an interesting little page that includes links to the FBI and SHAG (  Once again, this posse is tied in with Death Patrol had I’ve had to reload my browser more than a couple of times.  SHAG also boasts a pretty good selection of Shockwave programs, so if you’ve got that then you can have DAYS of fun.

While some of the above sites supply their own tunes, not all sites are that friendly.  Those looking for some music to accompany their surfing should snap up a copy of RealAudio (  Once RealAudio is in place you can browse the Intellinet catalog and check out the Transmissions radio broadcasts (, you can explore the odd world of the Evolution Control Committee (, you can even listen to unreleased tracks by Somatic Responses (

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg.  Even some smaller, independent labels are getting into the action Crapshoot ( and Widerstand ( are just two examples of indies that have tracks online.

Now that you’re sorted for tunes we can move on to some of the more bizarre sites out there.  An amusing place to start is “I Love Sex With Corpses” (, here you can read about motives for necrophilia or even listen to a weird little .wav purporting to be someone having carnal relations with a corpse.  I don’t believe it for a second.  If you really want to hear the sounds of necrophilia you’ll probably have to search out a copy of the Cold Meat album by Vagina Dentata Organ, but that’s a whole different adventure than they one we’re having today.  If you, like Vagina Dentata Organ, like your shit raw (literally) and are looking for the sort of place that takes their perversions seriously then stop in at Redright (, the fistfucker’s home page.  With their motto of ‘double wide, elbow deep’ Redright intend to open your eyes as wide as they open their bottoms.  The scat section is my personal favorite, but investigate for yourselves.

If, on the other hand (fist or arm), you want your sickness without the sex then Nat J (  might be just the person you’re looking for.  A collection of vile photos of people who have been dismembered, maimed (or worse) awaits you.  A lot of these images also appear on the Murman site ( but the descriptions make Nat J’s page a little easier to wade through.  However, for the connoisseur out there Murman is the place to go as it has an impressive list of links for you to browse at your discretion.

Until next time this is Fishead saying:  “Remember kids it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye so don’t go blind, OK?”

(Ed. Fishead prides himself in the fact that this article is exactly 666 words long.  He also prides himself in other things- but we’re not that kind of magazine.)