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THE UNDERGROUND IS...It’s a tangled web we weave…  This issue marks the third installment of ‘World Wide Fishead.’  I had no idea this was going to turn into a regular feature when I wrote the first one last year… but it would appear that it has.

First off is my recent fave:  They’re anti-censorship, anti-government, hell, they’re anti-everything.  Read their on-line manifesto and buy their products (shirts, stickers, buttons and coffee mugs with dirty words for you to offend people with).  They’re currently on a campaign to give away 5 million free “FUCK WORK” stickers — which is, ironically, a lot of work.  A similar style of subversive nastiness can be found at:  – a page selling corrupted versions of those wonderful “I’m a Xian” fish stickers that you see plastered all over the rear ends of cars you pass on the freeway.  Get the horned Satan fish, the toothy Vampire fish or even the phallic Freud fish.  It’s your choice.

If you’re feeling guilty about buying stickers that say you hate everything then drop in at the Random Insult Generator (  You’ll be put in your place by the randomly assembled words of foul-mouthed punks who can’t spell.  Reload again and again until you’ve been insulted to your heart’s content.  So, you’re THAT bored, huh?  Bored enough to sit in front of a computer and have a web page repeatedly insult you?  Maybe you wish you had a couple of quarters so you could go waste some time at the arcade or maybe you wish you’d never sold your old collection of video games.  That’d bring back enough old memories to bust out Wonderboy, wouldn’t it??  Visit and you can relive all the good old days.  Just remember that the games are for evaluation purposes only and you’re supposed to delete them unless you own the cart or are buying it.  Still, you can purge your files and then grab a new batch of games tomorrow.

Or maybe video games aren’t your particular brand of nostalgia.  Maybe you prefer comic books.  Well, fuck the old stuff, the new breed can be found at:  Satisfy your craving with tales of nude nuns, redneck mutants and delusionally drunken hillbillies.  Crumb would be proud.

“When are you gonna talk about music, Fish??  Huh?  When are you gonna talk about music??”  Just hold on a minute.  That bit’s coming, but first I gotta ask for y’all to point your browsers at  Now before you get all excited let me say that this site has nothing to do with a certain low-brow porn rag.  However, it does have some very nice eye candy for you to check out.  You should be warned, however, that although Swanky houses a site that looks great on my browser it also has a tendency to crash things.  At any rate it’s nothing as frightening as the Death Patrol ring (guaranteed to crash any browser).  Swanky houses things like Swankyzine (a happy pop-culture styled mag, which includes some gem columns like Rotation) and Swankarmy (a links page to contributors, friends and pages that just plain looks nice).

And now, the music.

You want to go the happiest place on earth??  No, not that *happiest place on earth*   I’m talking about Negativworldwidewebland at  Have fun.  Have pancakes and Pepsi and don’t forget to write.  When you’re done there feel free to offset your manufactured happiness with a dose of the Man in Black  If you’re sound-enabled you’ll even get a welcome message from the man himself.  Nostalgic for Even Furthur?  Kim Nyx has done a really nice overhaul on the old DBN page, and there’s a heap of photos from the big bash to amuse you (  Too busy running around  to spend as much time as you wanted at the Free Radio booth at Even Furthur? Check in online at and get your dose of pirate broadcasts.

Dig into Ant-Zen’s homepage at and get in touch with some of the most innovative experimental music around.  Don’t forget to check their links section.  Also, check out of North America’s newest hardcore labels:  Deadly Systems ( offers up samples of their wares and also distribute some European labels that aren’t all that easy to track down on this continent.

As always, you can hunt me down at or feel free to slap me with email: And drop in regularly to the Massive site ( as the back issues are slowly making their way up.

Happy Surfing…..